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 Literature for Classes  | Bilingual

SAQ4369 Modern Arabic Short Stories: A Bilingual Reader $21.95
ISBN: 9780863564369 ISBN10: 0863564364.
Written by: D L Newman, R Husni.
Softcover, 296pp..
The twelve stories collected here are by leading authors from Morocco to Iraq. In addition to works by writers already well known in the West such as 'Idwar alKharrat', 'Fuad alTakarli' and Nobel Prizewinning 'Naguib Mahfouz', key authors whose fame has as yet been restricted to the Middle East are also included. This bilingual reader is ideal for students of Arabic; the collection features stories in both English and Arabic, prefaced by a brief author biography plus notes on context and background. Each story is followed by a glossary and discussion of problematic language points.
 Literature for Classes  | Children  | Arabic Readers Club

These colorful children’s books are clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel. For beginning readers.
JA6040 Abtaa' Men Halazoun $10.95
Written by: A Schreiber.
Slower Than A Snail, Softcover.
JA6044 Ana Yaraka $10.95
Written by: J Marzollo.
I Am A Caterpillar.
JA6046 Assadiqatan Al-Fawdaiyyatan $10.95
Written by: B Bottner.
Two Messy Friends, SC.
JA6057 Akbar Samaka $10.95
Written by: S Kennan.
Biggest Fish, S/C.
JA6060 Arrijal Al-Omian Wal Feel $10.95
Written by: K Backstein.
Blind Men And The Elephant, Softcover.
JA6066 Istaikizy Ya Sara $10.95
Written by: R Munsch.
Get Out Of Bed.
  Literature for Classes  | Children  | Arabic Readers Club  | Grade K-2

These colorful children’s books are clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel. For beginning readers.
JA6049 Ana Tuffahah $10.95
Written by: J Marzollo.
I Am An Apple.
JA6061 Athour Wa Arabat Al-Itfaa' $10.95
Written by: T Johnston.
Bull and the Fire Truck, SC.
JA6062 Eid Mira $10.95
Written by: R Munsch.
Mira’s Birthday.
JA6064 Hayawanat Fi Khatar $10.95
Written by: F McNulty.
Endangered Animals, SC.
JA6065 Intather Litara $10.95
Written by: R Munsch.
Wait And See, Softcover.
JA6067 Jammoul, Farashat Al-Hokool $10.95
Written by: N Hamoud.
Field Butterfly.
JA7977 El Akh El Bilakhbat $10.95
ISBN: 97899536303599 ISBN10: 99536303569.
Softcover 32 pp, The Disturbing Brother.
The little brother makes a lot of noise and disturbs the big brother.
JA7988 Ferakh Fikol Meta $10.95
Softcover 32 pp, Chickens Everywhere.
From the egg to chick to hen or rooster, these chicken's will delight the child in their presence at unexpected (and expected) locations.
JA7994 Lem El Zibala $10.95
Written by: P Burgeois.
Softcover 32 pp, Garbage Collectors.
Story about the nice trash collectors, how they help, also how to collect trash and what happens to it.
  Literature for Classes  | Children  | Arabic Readers Club  | Grades 2-5

These colorful children’s books are clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel. For beginning readers.
JA6073 Jami' Al-Ahlam / The Dream Collector $10.95
ISBN: 97899539695344 ISBN10: 99539695314.
Written by: T Harrison.
Ages 7-9
  Literature for Classes  | Children  | Arabic Readers Club  | Grades 2-6

These colorful children’s books are clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel. For beginning readers.
JA6071 Hasharaton Fi Kul Makan / Insects Everywhere $10.95
Ages 7-9
  Literature for Classes  | Children  | Arabic Readers Club  | Grades 3-5

These colorful children’s books are clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel. For beginning readers.
JA6070 Afdal Moa'Ilimah Fil Aalam / Best Teacher In The World $10.95
Written by: A Khatab.
JA6072 Holm Rami / Rami’s Dream $10.95
Written by: J Lubeck.
JA7995 Ana El Shams/ I Am The Sun $10.95
ISBN: 9789953630236 ISBN10: 9953630232.
Written by: A Khatab.
SC, 32pp.
JA7997 Dhubabah Ala Al-Saqf / The Fly On The Ceiling $11.95
ISBN: 9789953631356 ISBN10: 9953631352.
Written by: S Kennan.
Age 7-9
JA7999 Al-sahir Al-kabir Houdini / The Great Houdini $10.95
ISBN: 9789953632209 ISBN10: 9953632200.
Written by: M Kulling.
SC, 48 pp..
8-10 years
JA8004 Madinat Al-Farah / City of Joy $10.95
ISBN: 9789953633787 ISBN10: 9953633789.
Written by: N Hammud.
SC, 39 pp..
  Literature for Classes  | Children  | Arabic Readers Club  | K-2

These colorful children’s books are clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel. For beginning readers.
JA6037 Rabdik in Arnab / Sporty Rabbits $10.95
Written by: A Khatab.
JA6050 La Ya’ni LA / No Means NO! $10.95
Written by: Teddy Slater.
Softcover, 32pp..
JA6051 Ma Alazz Al-ka’ak / Mmm’ Cookies $10.95
Written by: R Munsch.
JA6053 Moghamarat Zat Asha’ar Azahabi / Mystery of Goldilocks $10.95
Written by: R Munsch.
JA7970 Sudail’s Cart and The Doll $10.95
ISBN: 9789953632018 ISBN10: 9953632014.
JA7991 Ribbon Rescue $10.95
ISBN: 9789953969077 ISBN10: 9953969078.
Written by: Munsch.
 Literature for Classes  | Classics

JA7569 1001 Nights- Story of the King $8.95
Softcover 158 pp.
Alf Layla Wa-Layla-Story of the King . Written with Tashkeel, good for the older child to adult.
RH1554 Night & Horses & the Desert: An Anthology of Classical Arabic Literature $17.00
ISBN: 9780385721554 ISBN10: 0385721552.
Written by: R Irwin.
Softcover, 480pp.,.
Spanning the fifth to sixteenth centuries and societies that range from Afghanistan to Spain, this anthology is a testament to the astonishing grandeur and variety of classical Arabic literature. Here are excerpts from dozens of works–both renowned (The Qur’an, The Thousand and One Nights) and esoteric (Ibn Washshiyya’s “Book of Poisons”; a 10th-century poem in praise of asparagus).
 Literature for Classes  | Dual Language Classics

These classic books are with dual language with English and Arabic facing pages.
JA14349 A Tale of Two Cities $29.95
ISBN: 9789953425337 ISBN10: 9953425337.
Written by: Charles Dickens.
Softcover, 279 pp..
JA14372 Gulliver's Travels $18.95
ISBN: 9789953425085 ISBN10: 9953425086.
Written by: J Swift.
Softcover, 81 pp..
JA15944 Alice In Wonderland $22.95
ISBN: 9789953754710 ISBN10: 9953754713.
Written by: Lewis Carroll.
Softcover, 253 pp..
JA6098 Oliver Twist $24.95
Written by: Charles Dickens.
Softcover, 422 pp..
JA6645 A Woman Of No Importance $19.95
Written by: Oscar Wilde.
Softcover, 220 pp..
JA6652 David Copperfield $20.95
Written by: Charles Dickens.
Softcover, 395 pp..
JA6666 Robinson Crusoe $16.95
Written by: D Defoe.
Softcover, 109 pp..
JA6917 Frankenstein $18.95
Written by: Mary Shelley.
Softcover, 167 pp..
JA7048 A Farewell to Arms $34.95
ISBN: 9789953633282 ISBN10: 9953633282.
Written by: Ernest Hemingway.
Softcover, 685 pp.
 Literature for Classes  | Graded Readers

JA10601 Ali Baba & Other Stories $15.95
ISBN: 9789953340494 ISBN10: 9953340498.
Written by: Muhammad Ali Qutb.
Hardcover 79 pp.
  Literature for Classes  | Graded Readers  | Arabic Readers Club  | Grades 3-5

These colorful children’s books are clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel. For beginning readers.
JA6077 Namiat Fi Hadiqat Assanaye / Ants In The Park $10.95
Written by: A Khatab.
Ages 7-9
JA6078 Thalathat Asdiqaa' 'Azkiaa' - Three Smart Friends $10.95
From the Reader's Club Series, clearly written in Arabic with tashkeel, very colorful and interesting.
  Literature for Classes  | Graded Readers  | Classic Stories  | Intermediate

These intermediate level classic literary translations are written in easy to read Arabic with tashkeel. Included are questions to verify reading comprehension
JA10825 Treasure Island $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436494 ISBN10: 9953436495.
Written by: Robert Louis Stevenson.
SC, 128 pp..
JA10828 Robin Hood $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436463 ISBN10: 9953436460.
Written by: M WEST.
SC, 112 pp..
JA10829 Robinson Crusoe $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436197 ISBN10: 9953436193.
Written by: Robert Louis Stevenson.
SC, 112 pp..
JA10830 Taras Bulba $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436517 ISBN10: 9953436517.
Written by: N Gogol.
SC, 112 pp..
JA10831 Gone With the Wind $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436425 ISBN10: 9953436428.
Written by: M Mitchell.
SC, 112 pp..
JA10832 Jane Eyre $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436487 ISBN10: 9953436487.
Written by: Emily Bronte.
SC, 112 pp..
JA10833 The Good Earth $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436180 ISBN10: 9953436185.
Written by: P Buck.
sc, 144 pp..
JA10834 David Copperfield $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436456 ISBN10: 9953436452.
Written by: Dickens.
SC, 112 pp..
JA10835 The Mother $19.95
ISBN: 9789953436470 ISBN10: 9953436479.
Written by: M Gorki.
SC, 192 pp..
  Literature for Classes  | Graded Readers  | Grades 5 & Up

ABP1109 Mamlakit Kensuke/Kensuke's Kingdom (Only 1 copy left) $12.00
ISBN: 9789776171107 ISBN10: 9776171109.
Written by: M Morpurgo.
Softcover, 192pp..
Michael could hear the wind above him in the sails. He remembers thinking, 'This is silly, you haven't got your safety harness on, you haven't got your lifejacket on. You shouldn't be doing this'. He was in the cold of the sea before he could open his mouth to scream. Washed up on an island in the Pacific, Michael struggles to survive on his own. With no food and no water, he curls up to die. When he wakes up, there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit, and a bowl of fresh water. He is not alone
  Literature for Classes  | Graded Readers  | Intermediate

JA10600 Scheherazade & Other Stories $15.95
ISBN: 9789953340456 ISBN10: 9953340455.
Written by: Muhammad Ali Qutb.
Hardcover 79 pp.
 Literature for Classes  | Literature

CAM6578 An Introduction to Arabic Literature $45.00
ISBN: 9780521776578 ISBN10: 0521776570.
Written by: Roger Allen.
Softcover, 286 pp. In English.
Roger Allen provides a comprehensive introductory survey of literary texts in Arabic, from their unknown beginnings in the fifth century AD to the present day. It also contains works from Islam's sacred text, the Qur'an, and popular literature including The Arabian Nights and a wealth of poetry, narrative prose, drama and criticism. With extensive quotations translated to English, a chronology and a guide to further reading, this revised and abridged version of Allen's acclaimed study, The Arabic Literary Heritage, provides an invaluable student introduction to a major non-Western literary tradition.
MGH4026 Easy Arabic Reader $20.00
ISBN: 9780071754026 ISBN10: 0071754024.
Written by: M Gaafar, J Wightwick.
Softcover, 224 pp..
Learn about the history, daily life and popular culture of the Arab world with the Easy Arabic Reader. The readings will increase in difficulty to match your growing reading skills and include comprehension questions. Online audio pages will help with developing your listening skills.
 Literature for Classes  | Poetry

UNP1584 Desert Tracings : Six Classic Arabian Odes $15.95
ISBN: 9780819511584 ISBN10: 0819511587.
Written by: M Sells.
Softcover, 87pp..
According to legend, the Bedouin tribes of pre-Islamic Arabia held poetry competitions during annual fairs near Mecca. The wining poems called Mu’allaqát, or Hanging Odes, were embroidered in gold on banners and suspended from the walls of Arabia’s most sacred shrine, Ka’ba. Desert Tracings is a translation of six classical sixth to eighth century odes.
 Literature for Classes  | Reader

TUT3003 Arabic Stories for Language Learners: Traditional Middle Eastern Tales In Arabic and English $19.95
ISBN: 9780804843003 ISBN10: 0804843007.
Written by: H. Brosh.
Softcover, 256 pp., with Audio CD.
Sixty six stories brings Arab culture to life. This book gives readers an introduction to the wisdom and humor of these ancient desert-dwelling peoples. The audio CD in Arabic and English helps students of Arabic improve their pronunciation and inflection, and immerses non-students into the uniquely Arabic storytelling style.
 Literature for Classes  | Young Adult Classics Translated to Arabic

Thes following titles are the Arabic translation of the well known classics, perfect for your teen and adult student.
MFR2965 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory $21.99
ISBN: 9789953312965 ISBN10: 9953312966.
Written by: R. Dahl.
Softcover, 232 pp..
NOO4746 Uncle Tom’s Cabin $10.99
ISBN: 9789953634746 ISBN10: 9953634742.
Written by: H.B. Stowe.
Softcover, 192 pp.,.
كوخ العم توم
NOO4753 Robinson Crusoe $10.99
ISBN: 9789953634753 ISBN10: 9953634750.
Written by: D. Defoe.
Softcover, 160 pp..
NOO6405 The Hunchback of Notre Dame $12.95
ISBN: 9789953636405 ISBN10: 9953636400.
Softcover, 160 pp..
A translation of the classic story.
NOO6979 Lord Of The Flies $10.99
ISBN: 9789533636979 ISBN10: 9533636971.
Written by: W Golding.
Softcover, 160 pp..
NOO7013 The Secret Garden $10.99
ISBN: 9789953637013 ISBN10: 9953637016.
Written by: FH Burnett.
Softcover, 160 pp..
NOO7020 Island Of The Blue Dolphins $12.95
ISBN: 9789953637020 ISBN10: 9953637024.
Written by: D. Defoe.
Softcover, 240 pp..
NOO7044 Red Badge Of Courage $10.99
ISBN: 9789953637044 ISBN10: 9953637040.
Written by: S. Crane.
Softcover, 128 pp..
وشاح الشجاعة الأحمر


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