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AM471P Amsco College Dictionary Spanish/English-Ingles/Español $25.95
ISBN: 9781567654899 ISBN10: 1567654894.
Written by: E Williams.
Softcover, 720 pp (3rd ed.).
Designed for the speaker of either language, all entries include part of speech, verb conjugation, gender. English entries also show phonetic pronunciation for the Hispanic student. A table for Spanish pronunciation in this book, is included for the English speaker. With more than 95,000 entries, a table of Spanish irregular verbs, idioms and phrases, and 3,200 recent words from science, technology, computer science, medicine, economics and colloquial expressions, you will find this dictionary ideal for all educational endeavors
BA2818 Beginning Dictionary Spanish/English-Ingles Español $8.99
ISBN: 9780764139680 ISBN10: 0764139681.
Written by: G Lipton, O Munoz.
Softcover, 388 pp.
This beginners guide to Spanish and English in words and pictures was created to help children learn either language. More than 1,400 entries in each language, sample sentences, and 200 appealing illustrations complete with pronunciation and part of speech, create a dictionary ideal for elementary schools. The reference section contains regular and irregular Spanish verbs; days of the week, months, personal names, numbers, weights and measures, and parts of speech.
BA6017 French Visual Dictionary $14.99
ISBN: 9781438006017 ISBN10: 1438006012.
Softcover, 400pp..
Each book features approximately 15,000 words and concepts sorted into 13 clearly formatted and color-coded categories. Finding the right words for people, food, communication, education, leisure, and sports is so quick and easy, you'll never want to stop! Ideal for beginner and intermediate speakers.
HC4439 Collins Beginner's Spanish Dictionary 7th Edition $9.99
ISBN: 9780062394439 ISBN10: 0062394436.
Softcover, 688 pp..
Easy to read, easy to use, and easy to understand, this beginner's reference contains comprehensive entries that highlight key translations. All essential set expressions have clear, helpful examples that demonstrate how to best use the translation. Clear, concise instructions teach readers how to use the dictionary most efficiently with games, English verbs, Spanish verbs, numbers, dates, time, and English phonetics, and a full-color supplement.
HC500 Harper Collins Spanish/English-Ingles/Español Dictionary $29.99
ISBN: 9780060733803 ISBN10: 0060733802.
Hardcover, 2004 College Edition, 1098 pp.
This modern and current dictionary for students, teachers and libraries contains: extensive treatment of basic words; clear division of grammatical categories and meaning group; numerous semantic and usage indicators to pinpoint meanings and translations; thorough coverage of American English and American Spanish
HC8258 Collins Spanish/English Unabridged $55.00
ISBN: 9780062573186 ISBN10: 0062573187.
2256 pp.
This fully-updated edition offers a fresh and easy-to-read color layout that highlights idioms and key lexical structures in both Spanish and English. This dictionary gives you the edge in finding the best translation.
HC9515 Collins Concise English/Spanish-Español/Ingles Dictionary $19.99
ISBN: 9780061998645 ISBN10: 0061998648.
6th Edition, 396 pp., Softcover.
This completely revised dictionary using American English, contains over 70,000 entries and 100,000 translations. Designed for school, office and home use.
HM0652 Larousse Student Diccionario Spanish/English- Ingles/Español $10.95
ISBN: 9782035410146 ISBN10: 2035410142.
Softcover, 396 pp.
Added to its 55,000 word vocabulary and tables of conjugated verbs, the latest version of the dictionary by this extremely experienced publisher includes a color coded center section that contains such valuable information as the the format for business letters and the basics for telephone conversations, social introductions, numbering, dates, weights and measures. Aimed particularly at upper elementary to middle school students, it is useful for all.
HM2711 Diccionario Ingles $14.95
ISBN: 9780618142712 ISBN10: 0618142711.
Softcover, 544 pp.
English and Spanish definitions are presented side-by-side in a unique two-column format, with hundreds of sample sentences and numerous common idioms and phrases to show usage in context. This useful volume provides the foundation for more advanced English-language study.
HM7695 American Heritage Concise Dictionary Spanish/English-Ingles/Español AMZ $15.00
ISBN: 9780618117697 ISBN10: 0618117695.
Hardcover, 640 pp, 2nd Edition.
Compact, durable, and easy to scan, this concise dictionary contains over 70,000 entries and 120,000 meanings.
HM7704 American Heritage Spanish Dictionary Spanish/English $28.00
ISBN: 9780544103689 ISBN10: 0544103688.
Hardcover, 1152 pp.
Fully revised and updated for the 21st century, this dictionary features Latin American Spanish and American English with more than 80,000 entries and 2,500 new words, idioms, and phrases. This is an excellent resource for students, translators, libraries, and businesses
HM8013 Larousse Sp/Eng - Eng/Sp Pocket Dictionary $6.95
ISBN: 9782035410221 ISBN10: 2035410223.
Softcover, 396 pp.
Over 55,000 words and phrases with more than 80,000 translations are found in this pocket dictionary.
KF4123 Larousse Concise Spanish/English- Ingles/Español Dictionary $12.95
ISBN: 9782035420176 ISBN10: 2035420172.
Softcover, 1280 pp.
New edition: 90,000 references, 120,000 translations. A concise dictionary ideal for the student, traveler or business person, who needs an easy-to-use sophisticated dictionary. Indispensable coverage of grammatical construction, idioms and pronunciation, guide the reader in proper usage. This new edition includes abbreviations, acronyms, proper nouns, and technical and scientific terminology
KF4131 Larousse Concise Spanish/English- Ingles/Español Dictionary $22.95
ISBN: 9782035410108 ISBN10: 203541010X.
Hardcover, 1290 pp., 90,000 references, 120,000 translations.
A concise dictionary ideal for the student, traveler or business person, who needs an easy-to-use sophisticated dictionary. Indispensable coverage of grammatical construction, idioms and pronunciation, guide the reader in proper usage. This new edition includes abbreviations, acronyms, proper nouns, and technical and scientific terminology.
LA1210 Diccionario Pocket Español/Ingles -English/Spanish $6.95
ISBN: 9782035410221 ISBN10: 2035410223.
Paperback, 640 pp.
An easy to use pocket size dictionary containing 70,000 entries. A convenient publication from Larousse
LA1418 Larousse College Dictionary Spanish/English-Ingles/Español $28.95
ISBN: 9782035421418 ISBN10: 2035421411.
Hardcover, 710 pp.
Aimed at upper-intermediate and advanced users who need more than a pocket-size or concise dictionary can offer, this dictionary provides in-depth coverage of common vocabulary and broad range of business terminology. It includes 120,000 entries with more than 200,00 translations, thousands of illustrative examples and idiomatic expressions, 120 boxed entries on life and culture, a 64-page communication guide covering topics such as writing letters and emails, applying for jobs, writing advertisements, and more.
LA5801 Larousse Diccionario Concise Spanish/English - English/Spanish $55.95
ISBN: 9789706077110 ISBN10: 9706077111.
Hardcover, 1550 pp..
Created by Larousse for students and teachers of Spanish, this work is comprehensive, up to date, easy to use and reliable. Each entry is followed by: part of speech, meaning, abbreviations, acronyms, illustrative phrases, cultural equivalents, explanations when no translation exists and numerous other references. Perfect for schools and libraries.
LA6569 Larousse Gran Diccionario Spanish/English-Ingles/Español with CD/Rom $99.95
ISBN: 9788480168472 ISBN10: 8480168471.
Hardcover, 1696 pp.
A completely revised edition this large format book contains 225,000 entries. with 400,000 translations. Included are cultural pages, acronyms, abbreviations and proper nouns, phonetic transcription of English words, Americanisms and American variants of English, neologisms, colloquial and business terms, bilingual pronunciation guide, English and Spanish irregular verbs conjugation..
LA9122 Larousse Diccionario Basico Spanish/English-Ingles/Español $9.95
ISBN: 9789702216179 ISBN10: 9702216176.
Softcover, 476pp.
More than 80,000 translations make this dictionary ideal for the beginning student of Spanish or English. Vocabulary most frequently used for both languages, large numbers of examples of usage, a pronunciation guide for both languages, abbreviations, geographic terms.
MGH9730 Cervantes-Walls Spanish and English Dictionay $19.00
ISBN: 9780844279732 ISBN10: 0844279730.
Softcover, 266 pp.
This popular dictionary is a compact, convenient reference for the language of the entire Spanish-speaking world. Also included are special grammar and pronunciation sections in English and Spanish with special emphasis on Latin American Spanish. A practical and complete dictionary of contemporary Spanish!
MW2925 Merriam Webster's Spanish English Visual Dictinary $24.95
ISBN: 9780877792925 ISBN10: 0877792925.
Includes more than 22,500 words and concepts in Spanish and English. 8,000 highly detailed, fullcolor illustrations, organized by subject in specialized fields from all aspects of life including astronomy, the earth, human beings, the animal kingdom, plants and gardening, house and do-it-yourself, arts and architecture, clothing, science and energy, sports and games, and much more Perfect for work, school, self-study, travel, or simple browsing
NAL0016 Velazquez World Wide Spanish/English Dictionary $12.95
ISBN: 9781594950018 ISBN10: 1594950016.
Written by: Nelson, R.J. Navarro, I.
A practical dictionary with 48,000 entries, also contains color coded headings, easy to read font, bold guide phrases, phonetic spellings, and scientific and technological terms, and covers regional Spanish variation. Idiomatic phrases, verb conjugation charts and a "Traveler's Conversation Guide" are included.
NT001 Vox New College Spanish/English-Ingles/Español Dictionary $37.00
ISBN: 9780071547888 ISBN10: 0071547886.
Hardcover, Thumb-indexed, 1,504 pp.
A complete Span-Eng/Eng-Span reference work for students at all levels, translators, educators, libraries and business people. 250,000+ headwords, phrases, examples, a 60 page section featuring more than 3500 Spanish and English idioms and expressions.
NT002 Vox Compact Spanish/English-Ingles/Español Dictionary $17.00
ISBN: 9780071499521 ISBN10: 0071499520.
Hardcover, 3rd Edition, 864 pp.
A concise and complete Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary. Perfect for students, libraries, homes and business offices with thorough definitions rich with examples. 3500+ Spanish and English idioms and expressions.
NT003 Vox Compact Spanish/English-Ingles/Español Dictionary $12.00
ISBN: 9780071499507 ISBN10: 0071499504.
Softcover, 3rd Edition, 864 pp.
A concise and complete Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary. Perfect for students, libraries, homes and business offices with thorough definitions rich with examples. 3500+ Spanish and English idioms and expressions
OC5365 Diccionario Smart Spanish/English - Ingles/Español with CD Rom $110.95
ISBN: 9788449415364 ISBN10: 8449415365.
Hardcover, 1,000 pp. CD-Rom. PC-Win.
With more than 75,000 entries and 220,000 definitions the dictionary provides a large source of contemporary, technical and colloquial vocabulary. The accompanying CD-Rom in Eng/Sp allows you to search the word alphabetically with immediate access to definitions and translations, as well as providing the Spanish speaker w/audio pronunciation of English words
OX3309 Compact Oxford Spanish Dictionary $21.95
ISBN: 9780199663309 ISBN10: 0199663300.
Softcover, 1088 pp., 90,000 words and phrases.
Over 90,000 Words and phrases, 120,000 translations of contemporary Spanish and English. More than a dictionary, this handy reference book also includes extensive sections on grammar, culture, and communication, giving you the tools you need to communicate effectively and understand cultural differences. This dictionary offers excellent coverage of both European and Latin American Spanish.
PM933 Diccionario Porrua Inglés/Español-English/Spanish $12.95
ISBN: 9789700741895 ISBN10: 9700741893.
Softcover, 397 pp.
A Mexican dictionary which includes Spanish vocabulary generic to Mexico. More than 30,000 entries and basic idioms, proper geographical names, abbreviations, homophones and popular expressions are included. The phonetic spellings are marked with red lines, denoting the silent vowels, thus facilitating pronunciation for the student. A necessary dictionary for those reading Mexican novels, dealing with the Hispanic public.
WB1651 Merriam-Websters Dictionary Spanish/English-Ingles/Español $21.95
ISBN: 9780877792659 ISBN10: 0877792658.
Hardcover, 754 pp.
More than 100,000 translations and 80,000 entry words and phrases, indispensable to the Spanish student, are offered in this dictionary. It includes explanatory notes, Spanish grammar, conjugation of Spanish words and irregular verbs in English. Also included are pronunciation guides, Spanish and English abbreviations and numbers. It is an essential tool for the acquisition and proper use of the language.
WB6506 Merriam Websters Dictionary Spanish/English-Ingles/Español $6.99
ISBN: 9780877798248 ISBN10: 0877798249.
NEW EDITION! Softcover, 864 pp..
More than 100,000 translations and 80,000 entry words and phrases, indispensable to the Spanish student, are offered in this dictionary. It includes explanatory notes, Spanish grammar, conjugation of Spanish words and irregular verbs in English. Also included are pronunciation guides, Spanish and English abbreviations and numbers. It is an essential tool for the acquisition and proper use of the language.
 Dictionaries  | Business Dictionaries

BA8269 Mastering Spanish Business Vocabulary $18.99
ISBN: 9781438071558 ISBN10: 1438071558.
Written by: E Meliveo.
Softcover, 496 pp.
This small reference book is designed to expose you to 5,400 important Spanish business terms and their translations. Translators, business people, economists and writers will find this manual extremely helpful.
CGE2746 English-Spanish Real Estate Dictionary $32.95
ISBN: 9780324222746 ISBN10: 0324222742.
Written by: Nora Gutierrez Olmos.
Softcover, 384 pp..
This up to date, bilingual dictionary is a must have for practicing real estate agents, licenses and consumers as it provides nearly 2,000 terms in BOTH English and Spanish covering all the essential areas for real estate. Comprehensive coverage, easy to find definitions, simple explanations, terminology used on licensing examinations, and numerous illustrations make this a handy reference tool.
 Dictionaries  | Colloquial & Etymological

GR201 Breve Diccionario Etimologico De La Lengua Castellana $79.95
ISBN: 9788424913328 ISBN10: 8424913329.
Written by: J Corominas.
Hardcover, 610 pp., in Spanish.
This excellent dictionary is an abridged version of the original four volume work. It will inform the reader clearly and concisely, of the essential points of Spanish etymology
SER404 Diccionario Fraseologico / Phraseological Dictionary $39.50
ISBN: 9788476281406 ISBN10: 8476281404.
Hardcover. 384 pp.
A new contemporary indispensable idiomatic dictionary, with more than 10,000 phrases! A reference work ideal for students, teachers, writers, translators, interpreters and afficionados.
 Dictionaries  | Interpreter's Tools

ACE012 The Interpreter's RX $99.95
ISBN: 9781880594117 ISBN10: 1880594110.
Softcover, plus a set of 3 audio CDs in an album.
A long-awaited Spanish-English medical interpreter training package. Provides training in sight translation, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation in a medical context. It includes illustrations, word lists by specialty, and a fully bidirectional medical glossary of over 2000 terms
 Dictionaries  | Medical Dictionaries

BA9284 Spanish for Health Care Professionals Book Only $14.99
ISBN: 9780764139284 ISBN10: 0764139282.
Written by: William C Harvey.
Softcover, 320 pp..
This book, for English speaking doctors, nurses, and hospital personnel, begins with advice on listening and pronouncing the Spanish phrases needed for doctor-patient conversations. Also covered are Spanish/English phrases dealing with check-out, pregnancy, broken bones, pediatric care, heart and lung diseases, drug problems and more. Also features a glossary and a study review section. The two 90-minute cassettes contain the dialogues to help the learners practice their speaking skill and improve their listening comprehension.
LBC448 Spanish- English / English-Spanish Medical Dictionary $49.95
ISBN: 9781608311293 ISBN10: 1608311295.
Written by: O H Mcelroy, L L Grabb.
More than 20,000 entries include medical and technology - related words and translations with clear and concise definitions. It incorporates new terms, illustrations, and charts to make concepts and structures easier to understand
MGH1861 Medical Dictionary $39.00
ISBN: 9780071829113 ISBN10: 0071829113.
Written by: G Rogers.
4th edition, Softcover, 368 pp.
In its 4th Edition, this dictionary spanning the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, radiology and code status, contains over 20,000 entries, including technical and common terms, phrases, colloquialisms, and slang, with special emphasis on the Spanish of Latin America. 5,000 new entries & sample dialogs break the barrier with the Spanish speaking population.
MGH6805 Medical Dictionary English-Spanish/Spanish-English $35.00
ISBN: 9780071431866 ISBN10: 0071431861.
Written by: G T Rogers.
Softcover, 3rd Edition.
More than 17,000 entries of commonly used medical, technical, common, and slang terms in both English and Spanish are offered in this dictionary. It features frequent example sentences and sample dialogues, including a complete history and physical exam. A helpful reference for all health care professionals.
SGS5048 El Español Por Profesiones: Servicios De Salud $30.95
ISBN: 9788471435040 ISBN10: 8471435047.
Written by: B Aguirre.
Softcover, 187 pp.
This work covers both the written and oral communication skills necessary for health and medical personnel. The text includes authentic documents, questions and exercises, an answer key, a list of abbreviations and a multilingual glossary of the most used words in Spanish, English, French and German
UTP146X Manual For (relatively) Painless Medical Spanish $21.95
ISBN: 9780292751460 ISBN10: 029275146X.
Written by: A Manilow, M D Rajkovic.
Softcover, 249 pp.
Twelve lessons presented in a systematic and entertaining fashion, cover the most common medical situations. Each lesson contains a bilingual interview with vocabulary and grammar specific to that situation. An English/Spanish appendix contains a guide to medical history retrieval and physical examination terminology. Excellent guide!
 Dictionaries  | Monolingual

ECS777 Diccionario De La Lengua Española $199.95
ISBN: 9788467041897 ISBN10: 8467041897.
Real Academia Española, Hardcover.
Every definition contained in this ONE volume has been seen and approved by the Real Academia Española. The collaboration of representatives of Latin American nations resulted in a dictionary containing many Americanisms now accepted in the Spanish language. This new edition has been updated and the text has been revised.
GR430 Diccionario De Uso Del Español 2 Vol $299.95
ISBN: 9788424928865 ISBN10: 8424928865.
Written by: María Moliner.
2 Volumes, 185 x 265mm.
Published after fifteen years of careful research carried out by the author, this is a dictionary which is complete and vivid, and which includes the latest trends in the use of the Spanish language. It is both a grammatical encyclopedia, which will answer nearly any question you might have about the correct use of the language, and a thorough dictionary of synonyms.
GR646 Diccionario de Uso del Español Edicion Abreviada $89.95
ISBN: 9788424935757 ISBN10: 8424935756.
Written by: Maria Moliner.
40,000 entries and 115,000 definitions.
Published after 15 years of careful research carried out by the author, this dictionary is complete and includes the latest trends in the use of the Spanish language. It is both a grammatical encyclopedia, which will answer nearly any question you might have about the correct use of the language, and a thorough dictionary of synonyms.
LA0173 Pequeño Larousse Ilustrado En Color $39.99
ISBN: 9786072109261 ISBN10: 6072109268.
Written by: R Garcia-Pelayo.
Hardcover, 1888 pp.
The Spanish equivalent of the Petit Larousse, this dictionary is carefully brought up-to-date and takes into account the latest changes of vocabulary and facts in Spain and Latin America. Students and teachers of Spanish can now own one of the most well known and respected dictionaries.
LA0222 Larousse Duadas e Incorreccioines del Idioma $9.95
ISBN: 9789706070227 ISBN10: 9706070222.
Written by: F Corripio.
Softcover. 569 pp.
This many faceted dictionary contains the answers to the questions you have about correct usage of contemporary Spanish. Information concerning proper spelling of all words approved by the Real Academia , a listing of proper names, historical, geographical and grammatical explanations, are all found in this reference work. An efficient way to surpass the difficulties encountered in proper usage.
LA105A Diccionario Basico de la Lengua Española $13.95
ISBN: 9786072102910 ISBN10: 6072102913.
Softcover, 668pp., An abridged Spanish dictionary.
16 pp in full color, 40,000 entries, 115,000 definitions, 860 illustrations- Grammar Compendium. This dictionary contains 40,000 lexical entries, which include words that have recently appeared in the language. There is an excellent reference guide that helps users improve vocabulary acquisition.
LA106 Larousse Diccionario Escolar $11.95
ISBN: 9789702214205 ISBN10: 9702214203.
Softcover, 528 pp., School Dictionary.
School Dictionary, black & white, 35,000 entries, 100,000 definitions, 340 illustrations. This comprehensive dictionary was especially developed for the elementary school level. It contains the most common vocabulary in easy to understand language.
LA1942 Larousse Enciclopedico Conciso Ilustrado $29.95
ISBN: 9789702209348 ISBN10: 970220934X.
Hardcover, 1312 pp.
More than 60,000 entries and 130,000 definitions, 3,000 color and B&W illustrations, and 150 historical and geographical maps are the factors that make this dictionary such a necessary addition to any reference center. Proper names are included in the alphabetical sequence to facilitate location, and appendices contain the phonetic alphabet, accent patterns, formation of plurals, placement and use of adjectives, conjugation, tables, prefixes and suffixes, a listing of abbreviations. A full color atlas completes the enormous amount of information you will be able to access within this work.
LA4252 Larousse Diccionario De La Lengua Española Esencial $6.95
ISBN: 9789702209959 ISBN10: 9702209951.
Softcover, 725 pp.
More than 30,000 entries and 54,000 definitions, a verb conjugation chart, a suffix chart, a listing of abbreviations, can all be found in this truly essential pocket dictionary.
LA5002 Larousse Usual Diccionario Enciclopedico $19.95
ISBN: 9789706073594 ISBN10: 9706073590.
Softcover, 880 pp., 7,000 articles, 144,000 definitions.
120 black and white maps and an appendix grammar. An up-to-date complete and concise dictionary which contains technical terminology. An abbreviated version of the Pequeno Larousse Illustrado.
MGH0667 Vox Diccionario de Primaria de la Lengua Española dictionary $24.00
ISBN: 9780658000669 ISBN10: 0658000667.
Softcover, 981 pp.
A comprehensive illustrated dictionary with 11,700 entries and 21,600 definitions was specifically designed to make core Spanish readily accessible. Entries are carefully illustrated with example sentences, usage notes, gender and parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms. Sidebars, informative charts, and diagrams throughout the text facilitate comprehension. An ideal Spanish dictionary for beginners from age 8 through adult.
NOR1170 Diccionario Escolar Ilustrado Plus De Norma $10.95
ISBN: 9789580441175 ISBN10: 9580441170.
Vinyl cover, 501 pp.
This dictionary exposes your beginning students to 25,000 entries with more than 80,000 exceptions and 500 illustrations, which include anatomical, biological, zoological & botanical color charts. A perfect 1st dictionary.
NOR2002 Diccionario Escolar Illustrado Basico De Norma $8.95
ISBN: 9789580442004 ISBN10: 9580442002.
This dictionary exposes your beginning students to 25,000 entries with more than 80,000 exceptions and 500 illustrations, which include anatomical, biological, zoological & botanical color charts. A perfect 1st dictionary.
NT012 Vox Diccionario Escolar De La Lengua Española $25.00
ISBN: 9780071772235 ISBN10: 0071772235.
2nd Edition, Softcover, 1056 pp.
Now completely updated with entries related to technology, the Internet, the Euro, and more, this is the most complete dictionary for native speakers and students prepared to work with a monolingual reference source. Included are more than 19,000 entries and 38,000 definitions, 32 pages of illustrated entries tied to school subjects like technology, math, sciences, art, etc. and more than 2,000 key Spanish grammar points and verb conjugations.
NT9900 Vox Modern Spanish & English Dictionary $24.00
ISBN: 9780844279909 ISBN10: 0844279900.
Hardcover, 971 pp.
More than 190,000 headwords, phrases, and examples are featured in this modern and comprehensive dictionary. Other features include complete grammar reviews, a 45-page section on more than 3,500 of the most frequently used Spanish and English idioms and expressions, appendices on business correspondence, maps, and much more.
VX0576 Diccionario Secundaria y Bachillerato Lengua Española $42.95
ISBN: 9788483320570 ISBN10: 8483320576.
Hardcover, 1,446 pp.
More than 27,400 entries, 56,800 usage examples, 12,600 exception with synonyms and antonyms, 3,300 grammatical notes, conjugation tables and charts on accentuation, spelling, plurals and punctuation, make this an invaluable dictionary. The definitions are clear with examples, synonyms and antonyms, idiomatic usage and derivations of the words. Perfect for all your middle and high school students.
 Dictionaries  | Slang/Colloquial

BA6198 Dictionary of Spanish Slang and Colloquial Expressions $12.99
ISBN: 9780764139291 ISBN10: 0764139290.
Written by: M Mahler.
Softcover, 480 pp., More than 4,000 entries, 2nd edition.
A handbook of Spanish idiomatic words and phrases translated to English, which will provide convenient and fascinating coverage of the pitfalls and difficulties inherent in the colloquial language. Covered in this valuable reference source are common words with no exact equivalent in English, false friends, spoken language, levels of meaning and special polite formalities. Very helpful and easy to use!
 Dictionaries  | Spanish Legal Dictionaries

BA3651 Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel with Audio CDs $24.99
ISBN: 9780764193651 ISBN10: 0764193651.
Written by: M S Harvey, C William.
Softcover, 416pp..
An effective approach to fundamental conversational Spanish, which provides help for English-speaking police officers, court officers, public safety workers, parole officers, and other law-related personnel who work among Hispanics but who have little or no command of spoken Spanish. It will also prove helpful to firefighters, and social workers whose duties take them into Spanish-speaking communities. This set includes pronunciation tips, English translations, dialogs, English-Spanish and Spanish-English glossaries, and illustrations.
GST8304 Diccionario Juridico Ing/Esp-Esp/Ing $73.95
ISBN: 9788480888301 ISBN10: 848088830X.
Written by: A Ramirez.
Softcover, 483 pp.
Perfect for lawyers, translators and other persons with a need for Judicial vocabulary in English or Spanish. The author has law degrees from both Univ. Católica Andrés Bello and Duke University and is therefore able to explain concepts as well as translate vocabulary. More than 25,000 entries cover areas including finances , commerce,, stocks, and how they are affected by law. An extensive reference manual, this book will facilitate your work.
MGH5293 McGraw Hill's Spanish and English Legal Dictionary $45.00
ISBN: 9780071415293 ISBN10: 0071415297.
Written by: Henry Saint Dahl.
Hardcover, 512 pp.
A great dictionary that defines hundreds of core terms in business law, civil and criminal law, constitutional law, family law, labor law, procedural law, liability, probate, property law, and international trade agreements. Explains terms with reference to statute and case law, enabling an understanding of the different legal systems. It includes more than 13,000 entries in Spanish and in English. One feature that distinguishes this dictionary from the competition is its extensive collection of encyclopedic entries, including citations of judgments, torts and contracts, as well as civil, penal and commercial codes from the United States, Spain, and Spanish speaking nations worldwide. It also features dozens of sample claims, invoices, and other legal documents.
 Dictionaries  | Spanish Technical Dictionaries

PA547 Diccionario Tecnico Español - Ingles $61.95
ISBN: 9788428313544 ISBN10: 8428313547.
Written by: Guy Malgorn.
Softcover, 569 pp..
These two dictionaries offer scientific and technical terminology related to machinery, tools, minery, engines of internal combustion, electricity, naval construction, metalurgy, public and commercial projects, etc. It not only offers the meanings but it also analyzes the other applicable manners in which the word can be used. It is greatly recommended for translators, technicians and specialists that need a source of terms in English or Spanish.
PA5604 Diccionario De Arquitectura, Construccion Y Obras Publicas Esp-Ing/Ing-Esp $74.95
ISBN: 9788428315609 ISBN10: 8428315604.
536 pp., 4,500 definitions, 1,300 illustrations and photographs.
This dictionary, covers all the topics in the title, and in the title, and also define the terminology of those professions closely associated with arquitecture and construction. Included are the words needed to define electricity, metalurgy, carpentry, masonry and other professions and their materials, undeniably a part of architecture and construction.
PL5075 Diccionario De Terminos Español-inglés/inglés-español $89.95
ISBN: 9788434405073 ISBN10: 8434405075.
Written by: B Alcaraz Varo, E Hughes.
Hardcover, 1,245 pp., Economicos, Financieros, y commericales.
The vocabulary used in the economic world is interchangeable and used in three main areas: finance, economics and commerce. These different languages are used within each field and therefore are all included in this dictionary to facilitate access to all appropriate terminology. This is an up-to-date, and easy-to-use source of information.
 Dictionaries  | Synonyms and Antonyms

BA952 Spanish Thesaurus for Children/ Libro De Sinonimos Y Antonimos $9.99
ISBN: 9780764147661 ISBN10: 0764147668.
Written by: Joan Greisman.
2000 entries, in Spanish.
This is a book of Spanish words, with synonyms, and definitions that are presented on a level suitable for Spanish-speaking children, as well as for elementary school children being introduced to Spanish.
ECS9198 Espasa Dicionario De Sinonimos Y Antonimos $109.95
ISBN: 9788467007510 ISBN10: 8467007516.
1 Volume, Hardcover, 1,320 pp.
This new dictionary of synonyms and antonyms is an excellent tool for all people interested in enriching their vocabulary. It contains an inexhaustible list of words with every possible synonym and antonym, which will enable the seeker to find the precise and correct meaning of each idea.
LA2954 Larousse Sinonimos y Antonimos e Ideas Afines $8.95
ISBN: 9789702200277 ISBN10: 970220027X.
507 pp. Softcover.
A concise, practical dictionary for all students. Numbering 25,000 entries, this book lists the most common synonyms and antonyms used in the Spanish language. With the key words noted in bold print, this dictionary grants the user an easy access to his search.
OC5349 Diccionario Oceano de Sinonimos y Antonimos & CD-Rom $105.95
ISBN: 9788449424038 ISBN10: 8449424038.
Hardbound, 1,000 pp. With CD-Rom PC-Win.
This dictionary provides the reader with a full array of synonyms, antonyms, citations and proverbs. More than 25,000 entries result in over 380,000 synonyms and antonyms, 12,000 technical/scientific definitions and 10,000 multilingual entries. This rich source of contemporary vocabulary has an accompanying CD-Rom which contains the full text. Words can be partially entered and hyperlinks bring you to related topics or initiate a search.


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