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 Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Grade 1

RTP8857 Moon Over the Mountain/Luna sobre la montaña $17.95
ISBN: 9781932748857 ISBN10: 1932748857.
Written by: Keith Polette.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
A fun-filled retelling of a traditional Asian tale in which a discontented stone-cutter is never satisfied with each wish that is granted him. In this variation, master storyteller Keith Polette creates a vivid Southwestern landscape in which to set the story.
RTP8895 A Seed Was Planted/Sembré una semilla $17.95
ISBN: 9781932748895 ISBN10: 193274889X.
Written by: Toulla Palazeti.
Hardcover, 32 pp.
The circle of giving brings about a new crop of trees and instills traditional values of sharing and caring.
RTP9249 Mr. Biggs in the City/El Sr. Grande en la ciudad $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299249 ISBN10: 1936299240.
Written by: Kevin Bloomfield.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Mr. Biggs climbs to the top of the tallest tree in all of the forest, and spots a city.
RTP9980 Mr. Biggs at the Circus/El Sr. Grande en el circo $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299980 ISBN10: 1936299984.
Written by: Kevin Bloomfield.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Mr. Biggs is a very curious Sasquatch who has huge feet and an even bigger heart. One day, as he hikes next to a creek, he finds a bright and colorful circus poster. He has never been to the circus before and it looks like fun. He sets off to discover all of the exiting adventures the circus has to offer.
  Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Grade 2

RTP0622 Soap, Soap, Soap/Jabón, Jabón, Jabón $17.95
ISBN: 9781934960622 ISBN10: 1934960624.
Written by: Elizabeth Dulemba.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Hugo's mama sends him to the store to buy soap. Hugo takes the long way there which gets him into loads of trouble and plenty of mud.
RTP0660 The Adventures of Marco Flamingo Under the Sea/Las aventuras submarinas de Marco Flamenco $17.95
ISBN: 9781934960660 ISBN10: 1934960667.
Written by: Sheila Jarkins.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Marco explores the open seas and finds himself in humorous situations and meets curious friends.
RTP0679 I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel/Quisiera ser fuerte como Manuel $17.95
ISBN: 9780977090679 ISBN10: 0977090671.
Written by: Kathryn Heling.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
How far will boys go to be like their best friend? Willie and Manuel grow to appreciate their own uniqueness.
RTP0693 If I Could/Si yo pudiera $17.95
ISBN: 9780977090693 ISBN10: 0977090698.
Written by: Nancy Sweetland.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
A boy dares to dream of all of the possibilities he could be.
RTP2007 The Adventures of Marco Flamingo in the Cave/Las aventuras de Marco Flamenco en la cueva $17.95
ISBN: 9780979446252 ISBN10: 0979446252.
Written by: Sheila Jarkins.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Marco a flamingo wants to travel North for the winter. Find out what happens when he experiences snow and cold for the first time
RTP6207 I Wish I Was Tall Like Willie/Quisiera ser tan alto como Willie $17.95
ISBN: 9780979446207 ISBN10: 0979446201.
Written by: Kathryn Heling.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
How far will boys go to be like their best friend?
RTP7398 Alien Invaders/Invasores extraterrestres $17.95
ISBN: 9780972497398 ISBN10: 0972497390.
Written by: Lynne Huggins-Cooper.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
A child compares the small garden creatures to what he knows of space invaders in this bilingual tale. A keyword vocabulary page at the back of the book offers words in both English and Spanish.
RTP7706 Postcards from Washington, D.C./Postales desde Washington, D.C. $17.95
ISBN: 9780979547706 ISBN10: 0979547709.
Written by: Laura Crawford.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Join Anna in her travels to Washington D.C.
RTP7720 Postcards from New York City/Postales de Nueva York $17.95
ISBN: 9780979547720 ISBN10: 0979547725.
Written by: Laura Crawford.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Anna goes to New York City. Join her on her adventures.
RTP7744 Postcards from Chicago/Postales desde Chicago $17.95
ISBN: 9780979547744 ISBN10: 0979547741.
Written by: Laura Crawford.
Hardcover, 32 pps.
Join Anna in her travels to cities in the US.
RTP8826 Runaway Radish/El rábano que escapó $17.95
ISBN: 9781932748826 ISBN10: 1932748822.
Written by: Janice Levy.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Don Pedro wants to win the annual carving contest but one feisty radish makes it tricky.
RTP8871 Beautiful Moon/Bella Luna $17.95
ISBN: 9781932748871 ISBN10: 1932748873.
Written by: Dawn Jeffers.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
With the help of a moonlit night, a little girl's fantasy becomes reality.
RTP8918 A Walk with Grandpa/Un paseo con abuelo $17.95
ISBN: 9781932748918 ISBN10: 1932748911.
Written by: Sharon Solomon.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Ella and her grandfather find a peaceful walk in the woods leads to so much more. They express just how much they mean to each other by a simple word game they play together.
RTP9003 Lobo and the Rabbit Stew $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299003 ISBN10: 1936299003.
Written by: Marcia Shwartz.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
The wolf wants rabbit stew and tries to tempt the small bunny from his burrow. The bunny outwits him and makes his mother proud.
RTP9201 The Adventures of Marco Flamingo in the Jungle/Las aventuras de Marco Flamenco en la jungla $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299201 ISBN10: 1936299208.
Written by: Sheila Jarkins.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
It is Marco's birthday and he receives an invitation from his friend, E. E. Elephant, to visit him in the jungle. Marco has quite a harrowing boat trip across the ocean, but arrives in the jungle safely.
  Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Grade 3

RTP0745 Nathan Saves Summer/Nathan rescata el verano $17.95
ISBN: 9781934960745 ISBN10: 1934960748.
Written by: Gerry Renert.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Join Nathan the hippopotamus whose lifelong dream is to become the lifeguard for a small pond and the neighboring animals who vacation there each summer.
RTP7305 Isabel and the Hungry Coyote/Isabel y el coyote hambriento $17.95
ISBN: 9780972497305 ISBN10: 0972497307.
Written by: Keith Polette.
Hardcove, 32 pps..
In this comic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood--but with a southwest twist--Isabel encounters a hungry coyote on her way to Grandmother's house and outwits him with her self-reliance and bravery.
RTP9041 A Sweater for Duncan/ Un Sueter para Duncan $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299041 ISBN10: 1936299046.
Written by: Margaret Gay Malone.
A little penguin is embarrassed by his fuzzy new coat and asks his mother to make him a sweater. He is happy to grow into a look that makes him feel handsome.
RTP9126 The Park Our Town Built/El parque que nuestro pueblo construyó $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299126 ISBN10: 1936299127.
Written by: Diane Gonzales Bertrand.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
The mayor wants a community park and safe playground for the children.
RTP9287 The Rain Forest Party/Fiesta en el Bosque Tropical $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299287 ISBN10: 1936299283.
Written by: Lorraine Dey.
Hardcover, 32 pps..
Hector Armando, a little Armadillo who wanted to find his special talent that he could share with his friends at the big rain forest party.
  Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Grades 1-3

RTP0776 Mr. Groundhog wants the day off/ El Señor Marmota quiere el dia libre $17.95
ISBN: 9781934960776 ISBN10: 1934960772.
Written by: Pat Stemper Vojta.
Mr. Groundhog tries to give his Groundhog Day duties away. He does not want to be blamed for six more weeks of winter anymore.
RTP0806 Grandma's Pear Tree/ El Peral de Abuela $17.95
ISBN: 9781934960806 ISBN10: 1934960802.
Written by: Suzanne Santillan.
Jessie's ball is stuck in Grandma's prized pear tree. Worried that Grandma will be mad Jessie tries to get the ball down by asking for help from busy relatives before Grandma sees the problem.
RTP8802 Bedtime Monster/ ¡A dormir, Pequeño Monstruo! $17.95
ISBN: 9781932748802 ISBN10: 1932748806.
Written by: Ayris Burnell.
A little boy doesn't want to go to bed. He whines and throws tantrums. He not only is acting like a monster, he turns into one.
  Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Grades 3 & up

APP5205 Sundays on Fourth Street/ Los Domingos en la Calle Cuatro $16.95
ISBN: 9781558855205 ISBN10: 1558855203.
Written by: Amy Costales.
A tribute to time spent with family.
APP5212 Baseball on Mars/ Beisbol en Marte $16.95
ISBN: 9781558855212 ISBN10: 1558855211.
Written by: Rivera, Hoppey.
A boy and father bond over a game of catch on the Red Planet.
APP5304 Rene has two last names/ Rene tiene dos apellidos $16.95
ISBN: 9781558855304 ISBN10: 1558855300.
Written by: Rene Colato Lainez.
A bilingual picture book about a boy's clever efforts to help his classmates understand his Hispanic cultural traditions.
APP5311 Grandpa used to live alone/ Abuelo vivia solo $16.95
ISBN: 9781558855311 ISBN10: 1558855319.
Written by: Amy Costales.
Grandpa used to live alone in a quiet pink house. When his granddaughter was born, everything changed: Mama and I moved in.
APP5861 The Runaway Piggy/ El Cochinito Fugitivo $16.95
ISBN: 9781558855861 ISBN10: 1558855866.
Written by: James Luna.
This bilingual picture book re-tells a familiar story with a Latino twist.
APP5878 Grandma's Chocolate/ El Chocolate de Abuelita $16.95
ISBN: 9781558855878 ISBN10: 1558855874.
Written by: Maria Price.
A young girl enjoys her Mexican grandmothers chocolate gifts and stories about her indigenous ancestors.
APP6899 Pepita and the Bully/ Pepita y la Pelionera $16.95
ISBN: 9781558856899 ISBN10: 1558856897.
Written by: Ofelia Dumas Lachtman.
Feisty Pepita has to deal with a mean-spirited girl named Babette, who makes fun of Pepitas name, her braids, and even her dog, Lobo.
APP7438 Animal Jamboree/La Fiesta de los Animales $9.95
ISBN: 9781558857438 ISBN10: 1558857435.
Written by: Judith Ortiz Cofer.
Paperback, 96 pp..
Once upon a time, a lion and a lioness lived in a forest at the edge of a field. They think they are better than all their neighbors, even though the other animals horses, burros, cats, cows and even a goat are not starving like the lions.
APP7445 Dancing with the Devil/Bailando con el Diablo $9.95
ISBN: 9781558857445 ISBN10: 1558857443.
Written by: René Saldaña.
Paperback, 176 pp..
Bilingual collection of supernatural tales featuring characters like La Llorona and the Devil has been updated with contemporary settings, issues, and conflicts, and is sure to appeal to young adults.
APP7636 The Patchwork Garden/Pedacitos de Huerto $16.95
ISBN: 9781558857636 ISBN10: 155885763X.
Written by: Diana De Anda.
Hardcover, 32pp..
A young girl and her grandmother concoct a plan to use vacant patches in the neighborhood to grow their very own vegetables.
APP7643 Sing, Froggie, Sing/Canta, Rana, Canta $16.95
ISBN: 9781558857643 ISBN10: 1558857648.
Written by: Carolyn Flores.
Hardcover, 32pp..
Based on a traditional folksong that has been sung by parents and children in Spanish-speaking countries for generations.
  Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Grades 3-4

RTP9324 The Little Weed Flower/ La Florecita de la Maleza $17.95
ISBN: 9781936299324 ISBN10: 1936299321.
Written by: Vicky Whipple.
Little Weed Flower is growing in a weed patch, but secretly longs to be in the beautiful garden tended by the loving gardener.
  Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Grades K-3

APP4451 No time for Monsters/ No hay tiempo para Monstruos $16.95
ISBN: 9781558854451 ISBN10: 1558854452.
Written by: Spelile Rivas.
Each time Mama asks Roberto to help around the house, he claims to be afraid that a monster will take him away.
APP5328 The Party for Papá Luis/ La fiesta para Papá Luis $16.95
ISBN: 9781558855328 ISBN10: 1558855327.
Written by: Diane Gonzales Bertrand.
A cumulative tale in which Papa Luis's family and friends make preparations for his birthday fiesta, complete with pinata, cake, and a clown.
APP6882 I kick the Ball/ Pateo el Balon $16.95
ISBN: 9781558856882 ISBN10: 1558856889.
Written by: Gwendolyn Zepeda.
Young Tonito dreams of being a soccer player, though life, school, chores, and family often get in the way of his passion.
APP6905 The Land of Lost Things/ El Pais de las cosas Perdidas $16.95
ISBN: 9781558856905 ISBN10: 1558856900.
Written by: Dina Bursztyn.
A boy's search for a lost pencil turns into an imaginative quest.
APP6981 ¡A Bailar!/ Let's Dance! $16.95
ISBN: 9781558856981 ISBN10: 1558856986.
Written by: Judith Ortiz Cofer.
A charming, animated picture book about salsa music and dance.
APP6998 Adelita y las Primas Verduritas/ Adelita and the Veggie Cousins $16.95
ISBN: 9781558856998 ISBN10: 1558856994.
Written by: Diane Gonzales Bertrand.
An appetizing bilingual picture book about making new friends! Introduces kids to new vegetables and the idea that many share characteristics and belong to the same family.
APP7001 Clara y la Curandera/ Clara and the Curandera $16.95
ISBN: 9781558857001 ISBN10: 1558857001.
Written by: Monica Brown.
A young girl learns an important lesson about sharing and helping others in this engaging bilingual picture book for children.
LEC6874 Caperucita Roja/Little Riding Hood $11.99
ISBN: 9788444146874 ISBN10: 8444146870.
Book and CD.
LEC6881 Los Tres Cerditos/The Three Little Pigs $11.99
ISBN: 9788444146881 ISBN10: 8444146889.
Book And CD.
LEC6898 El Patito Feo/The Ugly Duckling $11.99
ISBN: 9788444146898 ISBN10: 8444146897.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC6904 La Sirenita/The Little Mermaid $11.99
ISBN: 9788444146904 ISBN10: 8444146900.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC6911 El Enano Saltarin/Rumpelstiltskin $11.99
ISBN: 9788444146911 ISBN10: 8444146919.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC6928 La Bella y La Bestia/Beauty and The Beast $11.99
ISBN: 9788444146928 ISBN10: 8444146927.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC8168 La Gallinita de Los Huevos de Oro/The Hen and the Golden Eggs $11.99
ISBN: 9788444148168 ISBN10: 8444148164.
Hardcover and CD.
LEC8175 Chicken Little El Cielo Se Esta Cayendo/Chicken Little The Sky Is Falling $11.99
ISBN: 9788444148175 ISBN10: 8444148172.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC8182 Blancanieves/Snow White $11.99
ISBN: 9788444148182 ISBN10: 8444148180.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC8199 La Princesa y El Guisante/The Princess and the Pea $11.99
ISBN: 9788444148199 ISBN10: 8444148199.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC8205 El Soldadito De Plomo/The Brave Tin Soldier $11.99
ISBN: 9788444148205 ISBN10: 8444148202.
Hardcover with CD.
LEC8212 Juan y las Habichelas Magicas/Jack and the Beanstalk $11.99
ISBN: 9788444148212 ISBN10: 8444148210.
Hardcover with CD.
SBB0122 Too Many Pears!/¡Demasiadas peras! $16.95
ISBN: 9781595720122 ISBN10: 159572012X.
Written by: Jackie French.
Hardcover, 32pp..
Pamela the cow loves pears, and will do just about anything to get them.
SBB0375 My Big Brother / Mi Hermano mayor $7.95
ISBN: 9781595720375 ISBN10: 1595720375.
Written by: Miriam Cohen.
Softcover, 32pp..
The narrator in this story idolizes his older brother. But when big brother leaves for the army, the young boy must fill his brother's shoes by looking after their family. A very timely story.
SBB1518 First Grade Takes A Test / El examen de primer grado $6.95
ISBN: 9781595721518 ISBN10: 1595721517.
Written by: Miriam Cohen.
Softcover, 32pp..
When the lady from the principal's office brings a test for the first grade class, they find that none of the offered answers are exactly right and they have trouble with the test.
SBB3475 Buenas Noches, pequena nutria / Good Night, Little Sea Otter $6.95
ISBN: 9781595723475 ISBN10: 1595723471.
Written by: Janet Halfmann.
Softcover, 24pp., illustrated by Wish Williams..
Little ones will soon settle down for bedtime. Little sea otter snuggles with his Mama in a cozy bed of sea kelp, and calls good night to all his ocean friends.
  Juvenile & Young Adult  | Dual Language  | Pre K - K

SBB0184 Backpack Baby / El bebé de la mochila $6.95
ISBN: 9781595720184 ISBN10: 1595720189.
Written by: Miriam Cohen.
Board Book, 12pp..
Backpack Baby shares a secret with his neighbors - he has a new sibling!
SBB0191 Mine!/Solo Mio! $6.95
ISBN: 9781595720191 ISBN10: 1595720197.
Written by: Miriam Cohen.
Board Book 12pp..
Backpack Baby proclaims 'Mine' as he shows off his possessions, but his favorite is 'Daddy!'
SBB0481 Kitten's Adventure / Las aventuras del gatito $7.00
ISBN: 9781595720481 ISBN10: 1595720480.
Written by: Michele Coxon.
Softcover, 32pp..
A lively kitten explores the farmyard and discovers many of the animals.
SBB1402 Animals To Count /¿Cuántos animales hay? $5.99
ISBN: 9781595721402 ISBN10: 1595721401.
Written by: Brian Wildsmith.
Board Book, 16pp..
Wildsmith's exuberantly colored animals will have children counting in no time!
SBB1419 Opposites / Opuestos $5.99
ISBN: 9781595721419 ISBN10: 159572141X.
Written by: Brian Wildsmith.
Board Book, 16pp..
The concepts of 'big and little,' 'high and low,' and many more opposites are brilliantly illustrated in this board book.
SBB1594 Animal Colors / Los colores de los animales $5.99
ISBN: 9781595721594 ISBN10: 1595721592.
Written by: Brian Wildsmith.
Board Book, 16pp..
Wildsmith teaches colors through the vibrantly illustrated animals on the pages of this popular color book.
SBB1600 Farm Animals / Los animales de la granja $5.99
ISBN: 9781595721600 ISBN10: 1595721606.
Written by: Brian Wildsmith.
Board Book, 16pp..
Children can imitate the sounds that each animal makes as they learn the names of animals on the farm.
SBB1792 What's In My Toybox? / ¿Qué hay en mi caja de juguetes? $7.25
ISBN: 9781595721792 ISBN10: 1595721797.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 16pp..
Children will learn to name the shapes of favorite toys hidden in the toybox.
SBB1815 What's In My Garden? / ¿Qué hay en mi jardin? $7.25
ISBN: 9781595721815 ISBN10: 1595721819.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 16pp..
Children can name the vegetables and their colors as they pull them from the garden and gather them in their basket.
SBB1983 Read To Me /Vamos a leer $7.95
ISBN: 9781595721983 ISBN10: 1595721983.
Written by: Judi Moreillon.
Board Book 18pp..
This book will help encourage adults to discover the joy of sharing books, stories, and songs with young children.
SBB1990 Carry Me / Llévame $7.95
Board Book, 20pp..
Whether they are tucked in a blanket, peeking out of a basket, or wrapped in a parent's arms, babies worldwide are carried in unique ways.
SBB2010 Families / Las Familias $7.95
Board Book, 20pp..
Playful images of favorite friendly animals hop and splash, tweet and purr.
SBB2034 Eating The Rainbow / ¡Qué sabroso arco iris! $7.95
ISBN: 9781595722034 ISBN10: 1595722033.
Board Book, 20pp..
Children will learn the names and colors of healthy, delectable foods from the large, bright photographs in this board book.
SBB2706 Hip, Hop / Salta, conejito $6.95
ISBN: 9781595722706 ISBN10: 159572270X.
Written by: Catherine Hnatov.
Board Book 12pp..
Playful images of favorite friendly animals hop and splash, tweet and purr.
SBB2720 What's Up, Baby? /¿ Qué hace el bebé? $6.95
ISBN: 9781595722720 ISBN10: 1595722726.
Written by: Kathleen Rizzi.
Board Book 16pp..
Learn what happens in a babies world; from eating to washing, and dressing up. The fun never stops for babies and toddlers.
SBB2768 ¡Ñam, Ñam!/Yum, Yum $6.95
ISBN: 9781595722768 ISBN10: 1595722769.
Written by: Catherine Hnatov.
Board Book, 12pp..
Friendly animals munch on favorite foods in bold black and white illustrations that feature color highlights and introduce babies and toddlers to color words!
SBB2874 Mi libro de las caras/My Face Book $6.95
ISBN: 9781595722874 ISBN10: 1595722874.
Board Book, 12pp..
Babies love looking at other babies and these charming baby faces...smiling, frowning, and being silly or serious are sure to captivate and delight toddlers and babies of all ages. Parents and caretakers will enjoy sharing their baby's reactions to the book as they begin this visual journey of self-discovery! Self-expression has never been more adorable!
SBB2899 Mis primeras palabras en casa/My First Words at Home $7.95
Board Book 20pp..
Over 100 words for baby to discover in this exciting romp around the house.
SBB3482 Are You My Baby?/ Eres tu mi Bebe? $6.95
ISBN: 9781595723482 ISBN10: 159572348X.
Written by: Kathleen Rizzi.
Board Book, 24pp..
Which baby is duck’s baby? Or dog’s baby? Or cat’s baby? Lift each flap and you will see!
SBB5114 Piggy In My Pocket / El cochinito en mi bolsillo $6.95
ISBN: 9781932065114 ISBN10: 1932065113.
Written by: Hui-Mei Pan.
Board Book 20pp..
Search for a lost toy in each pocket of this interactive book.
SBB5121 What's In Grandma's Grocery Bag? / ¿ Qué hay en la lbolsa de abuelita? $7.25
ISBN: 9781932065121 ISBN10: 1932065121.
Written by: Hui-Mei Pan.
Board Book 16pp..
Pull the tabs in Grandma's grocery bag and find fruits and vegetables in many colors.
SBB5541 Where's The Kitten? / ¿Dónde está el gatito? $6.95
ISBN: 9781932065541 ISBN10: 1932065547.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 12pp..
Where is the kitten hiding? Lift the flap and find out!
SBB5558 Where's The Puppy? / ¿Dónde está el perrito? $6.95
ISBN: 9781932065558 ISBN10: 1932065555.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 12pp..
Where's the puppy? Lift the flap to find out!
SBB5565 Where's The Baby? /¿Dónde está el bebé? $6.95
ISBN: 9781932065565 ISBN10: 1932065563.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 12pp..
Here are the baby's things. But where's the baby?
SBB5572 What Happens Next? / Y ahora, ¿qué pasará? $6.95
ISBN: 9781932065572 ISBN10: 1932065571.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 12pp..
Here's the baby's bath. Here's the baby. Lift the flap to see what happens next!
SBB5589 How many? / ¿Cuántos hay? $6.95
ISBN: 9781932065589 ISBN10: 193206558X.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 12pp..
How many animals can you see? Lift the flap and count!
SBB5596 Where Does It Go? /¿Dónde va? $6.95
ISBN: 9781932065596 ISBN10: 1932065598.
Written by: Cheryl Christian.
Board Book 12pp..
Where does it go? Guess! Shoes on feet? Hat on head? Lift the flap and find out if you're right!
 Juvenile & Young Adult  | Explorar el Vicismo / Exploring Citizenship

Interest & Reading Level: 1-3 Being a good and involved citizen involves a number of essential behaviors that readers will learn about in this important series. Students are prompted to think about relevant issues and how they would and should behave in a specific situation.
CSP4582 Honestidad / Honesty $26.65
ISBN: 9781432944582 ISBN10: 1432944584.
CSP4599 Compartir / Sharing $26.65
ISBN: 9781432944599 ISBN10: 1432944592.
CSP4605 Jugar Limpio / Fair Play $26.65
ISBN: 9781432944605 ISBN10: 1432944606.
CSP4612 Liderazgo / Leadership $26.65
ISBN: 9781432944612 ISBN10: 1432944614.
CSP4629 Comportamiento Responsable / Responsibly $26.65
ISBN: 9781432944629 ISBN10: 1432944622.
CSP4636 Buenas Relaciones / Good Relationships $26.65
ISBN: 9781432944636 ISBN10: 1432944630.
CSP4643 Tomar Decisiones / Making Choices $26.65
ISBN: 9781432944643 ISBN10: 1432944649.


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