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AME5001 A Bilingual Dictionary of School Terminology $19.95
ISBN: 9780932825001 ISBN10: 0932825001.
This dictionary will help provide clarity to educators. Includes sentences written in Spanish, includes vocabulary for all phases of the school environment including the school office, classroom, playground, cafeteria, and nurse's office.
AME5028 Spanish for the School Nurses Office $18.95
ISBN: 9780932825025 ISBN10: 0932825028.
Communicate with students and their parents with this helpful resource book regarding students health and safety. It will provide school nurses and other school personnel with the vocabulary needed to communicate with students and with their parents regarding all aspects of student health and safety.
AME5036 Reporting to Parents in English and Spanish $18.95
ISBN: 9780932825032 ISBN10: 0932825036.
50 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 format.
Communicate student progress and academic achievement to parents bilingually with help from this excellent resource. Perfect for registration of students, classroom instruction, communicating with parents, nurse's office procedures, etc. Ideal for report card comments (both in English and Spanish), notes to parents, parent conference, and telephone communications.
AME5044 School Letters in Englsh and Spanish $24.95
ISBN: 9780932825049 ISBN10: 0932825044.
Over 100 professionally translated letters and forms written for schools and school districts covering situations that require communication between the school and the home. The multiple use forms include field trip permission forms, a health report/referral or homework policies, plus many more. The letters are letters are written in both English and Spanish for you to revise as you need.
AME5052 School Terminology Handbook $16.95
ISBN: 9780932825056 ISBN10: 0932825052.
Arranged with the first half of the book containing over 50 categories of school terminology and the last half of the book is arranged with the same terminology arranged in alphabetical order so it is easier to locate information. This handbook (English-Spanish) provides school personnel with words and phrases needed for oral and written communication with students and their families.
AME5079 School Office Spanish $19.95
ISBN: 9780932825070 ISBN10: 0932825079.
Provides principals and school office staff with the words, phrases and sentences they need for successful communication with Spanish-speaking parents and students. This resource book will help school staff assist parents in registering students and responding to any questions they may have about the school program. Principals are able to communicate confidently with parents and students in areas covering discipline, school policy, positive reinforcement and many other situations.
TL346 180 Practice Tests For Spanish $34.95
Written by: George Giannetti.
Softcover, 154 pp., Beginning to advanced levels.
Improve skills, and increase proficiency, when you use these tests as inventory tools to help students discover their weaknesses. Truly a practical hands-on style of testing . Each test will take 3 to 15 minutes to complete depending on the length and complexity. Will relieve some of the teacher's workload because they require zero preparation.
 Pedagogical  | Bilingual

MFP101 Over 1,000 Conversation Starters For Any Language Course $31.95
ISBN: 9780966741810 ISBN10: 0966741811.
Written by: Sue Fenton.
Spiralbound, 156 pp.
Imagine a book you can keep on your desk that has over 1400 stimuli (serious, funny & wacky) you can use to get all students to communicate. Use them for warm-ups, review, special class activities, assignments, paired presentations, daily proficiency practice, and more. Included are: paired conversations, role plays, solo presentation ideas, and total class 'social' simulations that get everyone speaking and listening. Includes 650 role play situations.
MFP109 You Played A Song: Now What? $13.95
ISBN: 9780966741889 ISBN10: 0966741889.
Written by: Sue Fenton.
Saddle Stitched, 60 pp.
Full of multidimensional strategies , this book will teach you how to play songs differently each time, to manipulate song material,and to energize students. Before long, you will be looking at songs with much more confidence and insight, adding more songs to your curriculum, and creating your own ideas! Topics include: Uses for Songs, Starting a 'Song File', Creating a 'Play List' for your curriculum, Playing a song differently each time, Props, Mascots, Visuals & Murals, Movements, Paired Speaking, Imitative Writing, staging photos, Song Memories, and much more. Beginner-Advanced
 Pedagogical  | Culture

TD313X High School Internet Scavenger Hunt for Spanish Class Game Book $31.95
ISBN: 9781884473135 ISBN10: 188447313X.
Written by: T. Alsop.
Softcover, 109pp. B&W Illustrations..
Designed for Intermediate students and written entirely in Spanish, the forty internet games contained in this book will engage your students in cultural searches of the Spanish-speaking world on the internet while they compete to finish first and become 'el internauta del dia'. Each game is two pages long. Students research the questions and write the answers in English or Spanish and then choose from three mini cultural projects. A word puzzle section with answer key at the back of the book is available for review or assignment. A CD-Rom containing all puzzles is also included.


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