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 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Art

CHI6380 Painting Paradise: The Art of Ting Shao Kuang $14.95
ISBN: 9780835126380 ISBN10: 0835126382.
Written by: Ann Barrott Wicks.
This beautifully illustrated book focuses on the artistic development and achievement of Ting Shao Kuang (Ding Shaoguang), a founder of the Yunnan School of painting and one of the most acclaimed contemporary Chinese artists today. Full-color illustrations throughout.
CHI8772 The Arts of China $39.95
ISBN: 9780520218772 ISBN10: 0520218779.
Written by: Michael Sullivan.
4th Edition, Softcover, 322pp..
For this fourth edition of The Arts of China (1999), Michael Sullivan has thoroughly revised and expanded his classic text on Chinese art from the Neolithic period through the 1990s, introducing not only artworks, but also the social, political, religious, and philosophical contexts in which they were created. Unmatched in its clarity, balance and sure grasp of the subject, whether for the classroom student or the casual reader, its remarkable range and elegant style make this book a wonderful way for anyone to begin learning about Chinese art.
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Cookbooks

CHI4075 Chinese Homestyle Cooking $19.95
ISBN: 9787119004075 ISBN10: 7119004077.
Written by: Jinhuai Wang.
Hardcover, 239 pp..
This book of family-style cooking includes recipes from North and South China.
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Culture

CAM6742 Chinese Food $21.95
ISBN: 9780521186742 ISBN10: 0521186749.
Written by: Lui Junru.
This illustrated gastronomic tour traces the development of the unique food and drink culture found in China. From ancient to modern times, the Chinese have celebrated an epicurean lifestyle, believing that food is not just meant to fill the stomach, but that an abundance of food denotes good fortune and that knowing what, and how, to eat is crucial to health. Lui Junru explores the traditions surrounding cooking and eating in China, distinctive regional variations, the development of advanced culinary techniques and new dining trends.
CHI0036 Legends of Ten Chinese Traditional Festivals $9.95
ISBN: 9787801380036 ISBN10: 7801380037.
Written by: Zhan Tong.
Softcover 60 pp.
Journey through this illustrated story book about ten traditional Chinese holidays including Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Through vivid stories and illustrations, young readers will get a glimpse of Chinese folk customs.
CHI1522 American Born Chinese $17.95
ISBN: 9781596431522 ISBN10: 1596431520.
Written by: Gene Yang.
Softcover 240 pp.
CHI1638 Food in Chinese Culture $16.95
ISBN: 9780982181638 ISBN10: 0982181639.
Written by: N N, A A.
Paperback, 126 pp..
This book features over two dozen short readings in simplified Chinese characters on a particular aspect of food in China: dishes, customs, history, etc. This book opens up new windows of opportunity for those looking to expand their knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Each chapter features Chinese simplified characters, pinyin Romanization with tone marks, English translation, and key vocabulary with additional exercises.
CHI3862 Popular Chinese Proverbs $17.95
ISBN: 9789812293862 ISBN10: 9812293868.
Written by: Geraldine Chay.
144pp Softcover.
The many proverbs and idioms in the Chinese language give it much of its color and richness. Drawn from a wealth of sources, these ancient sayings offer a fascinating insight into the Chinese culture. Using illustrations and explanations of the metaphors and history behind them, their origins and meanings are presented in an easy-to-understand format.
CHI3985 Inspirations from Confucius $15.95
ISBN: 9789812293985 ISBN10: 9812293981.
Written by: Chen Wangheng.
Softcover 218 pp.
More than 100 choice quotations in Chinese, pinyin and English with accompanying cartoons, are classified under eight broad themes taken from the Analect., in this excellent book. Included are feature sections on Confucius' life, achievements and influence. Depicted in vivid illustrations this handy reference is perfect for students and teachers.
CHI4009 A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture $26.95
ISBN: 9787802004009 ISBN10: 7802004004.
Written by: Zhang Yajun.
Softcover, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin & English, 256 pp..
An excellent supplementary reader on important aspects of traditional culture: characters, colors, numbers, animals, plants, food, festivals, etc. Chinese text is followed by English translation, vocabulary, notes, examples of use and questions. Intermediate to advanced.
CHI4812 Mooncakes and Hungry Ghosts: Festivals of China $16.95
ISBN: 9780835124812 ISBN10: 0835124819.
Written by: Carol Stepanchuk.
Softcover 156 pp.
Elegant photographs and colorful illustrations, explore the food, costumes, customs, religious significance, song-and-dance performances and symbolism that are important aspects of Chinese festivals. The reader will be introduced to the beauty, drama and flair of China's most popular celebrations, including the Lunar New Year, Quingming, Dragon Boat and Mid-Autumn. Written in an informal, accessible style, Mooncakes & Hungry Ghosts includes poems and literary excerpts from both ancient and modern Chinese writers and is a must for library collections.
CHI7149 Common Knowledge about Chinese Culture $19.95
ISBN: 9787040207149 ISBN10: 7040207141.
Softcoever, 286 pp..
When considering China, it is impossible to separate the culture, geography and history from one another. This is a riveting collection of the major features of Chinese culture including its ethnic groups, folk customs, traditional virtues, technology, language, architecture, art and literature.
CHI9934 Chinese Astrology: a general guide to the animal cycles $16.95
ISBN: 9789813029934 ISBN10: 9813029935.
Written by: Sherman Tai.
Softcover 218 pp.
Why is the Dragon year so popular for having children? Are people born in the year of the pig naturally lazy? Read this guide with an open mind and then decide how accurate the Chinese art of divination is. You just might find yourself charting a course of action based on certain ?animal? tendencies for the next 12 years
LRP0446 Chinese Etiquette and Culture $9.95
ISBN: 9781592650446 ISBN10: 1592650449.
Written by: Cathy Zhou.
125 pp Softcover.
Travelers to China, businesspeople, and anyone involved in cross-cultural relations will be interested in this pocket reference for all aspects of Chinese table manners, etiquette, and cultural traditions.
MCC7049 Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book $8.95
ISBN: 9781932457049 ISBN10: 1932457046.
Written by: Hingman Chang.
Softcover 32 pp.
Celebrating Chinese New Year is a fun-filled craft, activity and resource book. In addition to basic facts and history of the Chinese New Year, your students will learn to make a dragon parade, a paper lantern, and red lucky envelopes following simple directions and examples in this activity book. They will also have fun discovering the meanings of their Chinese Zodiac signs. This classroom tested copy-ready activity book is an excellent resource for elementary to middle school teachers.
  Art Culture Cookbooks  | Culture  | The Origins of Chinese Culture Series

Designed for children 9 years and older, and filled with fun dialogs and stories, these paperback comic books from Singapore make learning about China fun. The titles are very popular with schools and libraries.
CHI2681 Origins of Chinese Martial Arts $11.95
ISBN: 9789812292681 ISBN10: 9812292683.
Written by: Jack Cheong.
Softcover 150 pp.
CHI3695 Origins of Chinese Tea and Wine $11.95
ISBN: 9789812293695 ISBN10: 9812293698.
Written by: Fu Chunjiang.
Softcover 160 pp.
CHI3763 Origins of Chinese Science and Technology $11.95
ISBN: 9789812293763 ISBN10: 9812293760.
Written by: Fu Chunjiang.
Softcover 148 pp.
CHI3787 Origins of Chinese Festivals $11.95
ISBN: 9789812293787 ISBN10: 9812293787.
Written by: Fu Chunjiang.
Softcover 228 pp.
CHI3848 Origins of Chinese People and Customs $11.95
ISBN: 9789812293848 ISBN10: 9812293841.
Written by: Li Xiaoxiang.
Softcover 150 pp.
CHI4074 Origins of Chinese Culture $11.95
ISBN: 9789812294074 ISBN10: 9812294074.
Written by: Fu Chunjiang.
Softcover 208 pp.


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