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 Civilization History Geography  | Civilization

MZ1494 The Great Wall Revisited: From the Jade Gate to Old Dragon's Head $39.95
ISBN: 9780674031494 ISBN10: 0674031490.
Written by: William Lindesay.
Hardcover 292 pp.,.
A journey along the Great Wall in the past and present, this landmark volume offers an extraordinary portrait of perhaps the world’s most famous structure. The author of this elegant, lavishly illustrated book, selected 72 of the most striking comparisons, juxtaposing his new photographs with the older images to illustrate the changes inflicted by man and nature.
 Civilization History Geography  | Geography

CHI6484 Common Knowledge about Chinese Geography $19.95
ISBN: 9787040207200 ISBN10: 7040207206.
Softcover 234 pp.
A handy and informative reference to various types of natural landscapes, including the major cities in China this book. Filled with stunning photographs and well-designed maps and charts, this book makes a wonderful resource for the library, as well as the classroom.
 Civilization History Geography  | History

CHI6036 China's Museum $26.95
ISBN: 9787508506036 ISBN10: 7508506030.
Written by: Li, Luo Xianyao, Zhewen.
Softcover, 201 pp..
This book provides a guide to China's rich and varied museum collections, illustrated with rare images from the collections themselves. A great number of exquisite objects and artifacts have been preserved on China's vast territory, many of which are now displayed as museum exhibits. These cultural relics provide a crucial supplement to documentary sources, enriching our understanding of China's long history. The sixty-one museums selected for this book include both famous collections that are featured in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, and others that are less familiar to Western eyes. China's Museums will inspire future visitors and those with an interest in Chinese history.
CHI6477 Common Knowledge about Chinese History $21.95
ISBN: 9787040207170 ISBN10: 7040207176.
Softcover 218 pp.
Chinese History presents an easy-to-read record of imperial China, from the little-known Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties (2070-771 BC), to the Qing dynasty (AD 1644-1911). It will help students comprehend and interpret China's history in its proper context, and also includes vivid illustrations, and questions and answers.
DAE1506 China $39.95
ISBN: 9781608871506 ISBN10: 1608871509.
Written by: Anthony, Brodie Paul.
Hardcover, Oversized, 396pp.,.
With hundreds of vivid color photographs, many of them sweeping across two full pages (20 x 12 inches), this book is an arresting visual tour of modern China, tracing the route of Mao's Long March to underscore how vastly the country has changed in 75 years. Portrayed as a prosperous amalgam of Western styles and Chinese tradition, heavy industry and farmer's markets, spotless urban villas and sunlit Tibetan valleys—and with smiling faces and children everywhere—China puts her best foot forward here.


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