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 Dictionaries  | Bilingual

CHI0427 Pocket Chinese Dictionary $12.95
ISBN: 9780835100427 ISBN10: 0835100421.
Written by: Cai Zhi Min.
Softcover, 572 pp., English, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese (W/Pinyin).
The first dictionary to list radicals as an entry, it can also be used as a textbook to learn Chinese characters. The book includes 1,700 of the most common Chinese characters which are fundamental for learning and using the Chinese language. Students can quickly look up an unfamiliar character, without knowing its pronunciation, radical or stroke number.
CHI2665 Chinese-English Pocket Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine $24.95
ISBN: 9787117052665 ISBN10: 711705266X.
Written by: Zhang Tingmo.
Hardcover, 527 pp..
A very thorough dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine terms, in Chinese, Pinyin and English. Includes a Chinese character index.
CHI3545 A New Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary $15.95
ISBN: 9787802003545 ISBN10: 7802003547.
Written by: Pan Xixiang.
Hardcover, 1110 pp..
The popular student dictionary reflects the most recent developments in English and Chinese. An ideal tool for study, the dictionary now provides authoritative coverage of over 64,000 words and phrases from every major field of reference, in addition to core general vocabulary. Simplified and traditional Chinese characters are used throughout the dictionary, and thousands of examples illustrate and expand on how and when a word can be used. This dictionary is an indispensable reference tool.
CHI3583 A New Learnerís Eng/Chin-Chi/Eng Dictionary $18.95
ISBN: 9787802003583978 ISBN10: 780200358X978.
Hardcover, 1104 pp..
The popular student dictionary reflects the most recent developments in English and Chinese. It provides coverage of over 97,400 words and phrases from every major field of reference, in addition to core general vocabulary. Simplified and orthodox Chinese characters are used throughout the dictionary, and thousands of examples illustrate and expand on how and when a word can be used. This dictionary is an indispensable reference tool.
CHI4631 Far East Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary $29.95
ISBN: 9789576124631 ISBN10: 9576124638.
Written by: Dr Teng Shou-hsin.
Softcover 850 pp.
This portable and easy to search pocket dictionary features entries transcribed in Pinyin and arranged alphabetically. It includes Taiwan and PRC usages, many new high-tech words and phrases, comparative tables of Hanyu Pinyin and Mandarin Phonetic Symbols and multiple searching methods by Pinyin, stroke order or radicals. Suitable for all levels.
CHI8315 Five Language Visual Dictionary $34.95
ISBN: 9787560038315 ISBN10: 756003831X.
Written by: Jia Wenpo, Che Yuping.
Hardbound 800pp..
The Five Language Visual Dictionary bursts with colors and photos of everyday life across every page. Each section, which can range from leisure and people to sports and work, has definitions in English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. Informative, colorful, and easy to read, this dictionary is the fun way to study a foreign language.
CHI8914 English-Chinese/Chinese-English Dictionary of Law $17.95
ISBN: 9787313028914 ISBN10: 7313028911.
Written by: Gaoda He.
Hardcover, 957 pp.
The English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary of Law is an advanced level Chinese dictionary of legal terms such as 'contract of record', isgnis judicium', etc. Written in simplified characters.
CHI9338 Concise English-Chinese / Chinese-English Dictionary $21.95
ISBN: 9787100059459 ISBN10: 7100059453.
Written by: Martin H Manser.
Softcover, 4th Ed., 676 pp..
Based on the highly acclaimed first edition, this pocket-sized third edition has been enlarged with 25% more pages. It features new vocabulary and thousands of additional words and phrases. Pinyin Romanization, simplified and traditional Chinese characters, and examples of the word?s usage accompany more than 20,000 word entries.
FEP6207 Far East Illustrated English-Chinese Dictionary $29.95
ISBN: 9789576123351 ISBN10: 9576123356.
Softcover, 435.
This illustrated dictionary has more than 4,000 commonly-used words and over 8,000 example sentences collected from daily conversations. Most importantly, the dictionary features 1,200 colorful illustrations which make learning vocabulary easier and much more fun. It is a good choice for both elementary school and junior high school students.
HC2002 Harper Collins Chinese Concise Dictionary Chinese / English $17.95
ISBN: 9780062185006 ISBN10: 0062185004.
The Harper Collins Chinese Concise Dictionary offers up-to-date coverage of contemporary Mandarin Chinese. Attractive layout and user friendly organization make it easy to find what you need quickly. Detailed language notes and pinyin romanization of Chinese words provide a wealth of useful information for the learner. The indispensable language in action supplement teaches how to speak and write in fluent natural Mandarin Chinese.
MW8590 Merriam Websters Chinese English Dictionary $6.50
ISBN: 9780877798590 ISBN10: 0877798591.
Softcover, 448 pp..
Current Chinese vocabulary as it is spoken in China and up-to-date English vocabulary that reflects American English. More than 20,000 entries and phrases and more than 25,000 translations. IPA pronunciations and abundant usage examples. Special sections include English Irregular Verbs, the structure and pronunciation of Chinese, and English Phonetics.
OX0822 Oxford Chinese Mini Dictionary $9.95
ISBN: 9780199692675 ISBN10: 019969267X.
Softcover, 656 pp..
The volume includes thousands of essential words, phrases, and translations; thousands of examples drawn from real life situations; and headwords in simplified Chinese script as well as in Roman letters to aid lookup and to show Mandarin pronunciation. This volume also includes an explanation of the different pronunciation tones in Mandarin Chinese and a guide to looking up Chinese characters. Whether studying, working, or traveling through China, this is an ideal dictionary.
OX8330 Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary $19.95
ISBN: 9780198005940 ISBN10: 0198005946.
Softcover, 1148pp. 4th Edition.
An essential reference for both English speakers learning Chinese and Chinese speakers learning English, this brand new edition of the Pocket Chinese Dictionary offers authoritative, up to the minute coverage, with over 88,000 words and phrases, and 130,000 translations, in a compact and practical format. The dictionary's clear layout makes it accessible and straightforward to use, and a detailed index system of radicals helps you find the entry you need quickly and easily. Chinese simplified characters, orthodox characters, and pinyin forms are given for each entry. Entries are ordered alphabetically according to their pinyin romanization, and coverage of Mandarin tones is included.
REA4548 REA's Chinese Dictionary $18.95
ISBN: 9780878914548 ISBN10: 0878914544.
Softcover, 848 pp..
Easy to use formate for quick access to words and expressions. Includes thousands of commonly used phrases and expressions translated in both English and Chinese. A detailed introduction includes a review of Romanization systems, sounds, regional differences, formation of sentences, as well as Chinese characters and writing. An appendix includes information useful to travelers, such as weights and measures. A complete unabridged dictionary that is ideal for school, home and office.
 Dictionaries  | Illustrated

MGH5907 McGraw-Hill's Chinese Illustrated Dictionary $23.95
ISBN: 9780071615907 ISBN10: 0071615903.
Written by: Live ABC.
Softcover, 156pp..
Inside you will find color drawings that illustrate a word or phrase covering practical topics such as around the house, transportation, food, people, education, and more. You can learn the language chapter by chapter, browse the topic you want, or look up a word in the index. You will add 1,500 words and terms to your Chinese vocabulary,learn how to pronounce Chinese words with help from native speakers of Chinese, and recognize commonly used words by their Chinese characters or pinyin representation.
 Dictionaries  | Monolingual

CHI5201 Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary $44.95
ISBN: 9789576125201 ISBN10: 9576125200.
Written by: Dr Teng.
Softcover, 802 pp..
The Ministry of Education's 1997 list of 3,000 essential characters has been adapted into this reference containing more than 14,000 phrases and idioms. An enlarged typeface and two color printing is used to enhance readability. Features include each character in traditional and simplified form, its Pinyin and Zuyin Fuhao, stroke order, English definition, and character frequency. The 3000 characters are arranged according to their spelling in the Hanyu Pinyin phonetic system. For greater ease of use and flexibility, there are five indexes: Pinyin, Zhuyin, radical, stroke number and frequency. Learning all 3,000 characters in this dictionary will enable students to recognize 99 percent of the characters published in most Chinese media.
CHI5669 Dictionary of New Terms and Phrases of Contemporary China $31.95
ISBN: 9787800055669 ISBN10: 7800055663.
Written by: Li Zhenjie.
Softcover, 594 pp..
The 7,400 entries in this dictionary are new words, phrases, expressions, and popular terms that have appeared in the last 50 years, most in the 80s and 90s. Political terms, cultural and military affairs, scientific terms, and other areas are represented with examples of usage. Recommended as a reference to contemporary terms often not found in regular dictionaries.
CHI9314 Xinhua Zidian (Revised) $9.95
ISBN: 9787100039314 ISBN10: 7100039312.
The popular Xinhua Dictionary contains more than 10,000 commonly used Chinese characters and 3,500 phrases. Arranged by pinyin, the dictionary provides accurate explanations, proper examples, illustrations and nine appendices. It is concise in form yet abundant in content. A radical table to find the characters is also included.
FEP9210 Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary & CD-ROM $79.95
ISBN: 4718159729210 ISBN10: 8159729219.
The 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary refers to the Ministry of Education's 1997 list of 3,000 essential Chinese characters. Characters are first arranged according to their spelling in the Hanyu Pinyin phonetic system. Characters that have the same pronunciation are arranged in ascending order according to the number of strokes used to write them. To help students learn and practice characters, a stroke-by-stroke diagram accompanies each one. Also contained in each entry are the traditional and simplified forms of each character, Hanyu Pinyin and Zhuyin Fuhao (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols) phonetic systems, radicals, stroke numbers, phrases, idioms, and English definitions. For greater ease of use and flexibility, five indices are included in the dictionary: Pinyin, Zhuyin, radical, stroke number, and frequency.
MGH9249 McGraw-Hill's Chinese Dictionary and Guide to 20,000 Essential Words $39.95
ISBN: 9780071629249 ISBN10: 0071629246.
Hardcover, 688 pp..
This revolutionary dictionary is the first truly accessible Chinese dictionary for English speakers. It offers easy look-up of 2,000 of the most commonly used characters, a guide to 20,000 words in Chinese, Chinese phonetics, Chinese radicals and strokes and so much more.
 Dictionaries  | Slang/Colloquial

CHI5645 New Slang of China $16.95
ISBN: 9787800055645 ISBN10: 7800055647.
Written by: Li Shujuan, Yan Ligang.
Softcover, 357 pp..
With over 1,300 entries of the most popular and widely used current slang, this new dictionary is essential for everyday communication in China. Many newly created words of foreign origin, old words with new definitions, and colloquialisms are included. These new words reflect the many changes in China, and in their frank, often satirical tone bring out the true nature of the common people who use them.


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