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AP0378 Treasures of the Louvre $35.95
ISBN: 9780896600379 ISBN10: 0896600378.
Written by: M Laclotte.
Oversized, Hardcover, 279 pp.
Starting as a royal palace with a royal art collection, the Louvre has become one of the most renowned museums in the world. Opening with a brief, historical introduction by the museum director, this wonderful book contains nearly 400 reproductions of the museums most famous masterpieces. These are separated into seven chapters - Oriental Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities, painting, sculpture, decorative arts, and drawing - mimicking the departments of the museum. With the superb reproductions, this glorious volume provides a grand tour of the Louvres unparalleled collection, and highlights the extraordinary range of artistic traditions that have gradually found their place at this museum.
BN1469 Essential Impressionists $21.95
ISBN: 9780752551463 ISBN10: 0752551469.
Written by: A Cunningham.
Hardcover, 256pp.
The advent of the camera, tubes of ready-mixed paint, and a better understanding of the optical effects that colors had upon each other all contributed to the impromptu style of the Impressionist painters. Lavishly designed, this book closely examines 120 works and includes additional imagery to highlight comparisons and contrasts in their styles. Featured artists include Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Degas, Monet, Cézanne, and many others
BN173X Impressionism $12.95
ISBN: 9781564581730 ISBN10: 156458173X.
Written by: J Walton.
Oversized hardcover, color illustrations. 64 pp.
A briefer version of TECHNIQUES, focusing on only 9 artists: Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Caillebotte, Sisley, Pissarro, Morisot, and Cassatt.
CE3395 L'Impressionnisme $39.95
ISBN: 9782851083395 ISBN10: 2851083392.
Written by: J Clay.
Oversized Hardcover, 416 pp..
Its been over 100 years since the first exposition organized by the painters of the new school of impressionism and their art has only become more fascinating as time has passed. This beautifully compiled book covers the reasons for and results of the impressionist pictoral revolution. From Pissarro to Manet to Degas to Mondrian, more than 400 reproductions and photographs show the progression of the artists and their work, separated into 6 stylistically organized chapters. The narrative tracks this progression, pointing out details that may have otherwise escaped notice. This amazing book will make a spectacular gift.
DAE0588 Picasso: Masterworks from The Museum of Modern Art $24.95
ISBN: 9780870700583 ISBN10: 0870700588.
Written by: K Varnedoe.
P. Karmel. Hardcover, 152 pp.
The Museum of Modern Art is known for having the most spectacular collection of Picassos work. This artbook features 42 duotones and 38 full color reproductions of the development of Picassos art over the span of his life, from the Blue and Rose Periods, through Cubism, Neoclassicism, and Surrealism. Each work also features a commentary describing the pertinent themes. It gives the reader a true sense of the development of Picassos work.
DAE0887 Provence The tradition of craft and design $27.95
ISBN: 9781840910889 ISBN10: 1840910887.
Written by: Saint George.
Hardbound with dust cover. 144 pp.
Discover the beautiful traditions of arts and decorative crafts found in Provence which range from magnificent ceramic tiles, characteristic cotton prints to forged metalworks. The volume is divided in six sections: pigment, ceramics, fabric, furniture, metalworks and outdoors. Astonishing photography accompanied by text explaining the local traditions
DAE1096 Rodin and Michelangelo A study in Artistic Inspiration $19.95
ISBN: 9780876331095 ISBN10: 0876331096.
Softcover, 236 pp, 143 illustrations, 56 in color.
Featuring sculptures and drawings by two of historys greatest artists, this book examines the significant career of Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917) and his acknowledged influence by the renowned Italian renaissance artist Michelangelo (1475 - 1564). Essays by prominent scholars discuss Rodins early withdrawals from the idealized figures of traditional sculpture as well as his visit to Italy in 1876, where he encountered for the first time the full impact of Michelangelos work. Discussions of individual works are accompanied by full-color illustrations.
DM123 Le Musee de l'Ermitage $39.95
EDDL02 L'architecture Francaise des origines à nos jours $15.95
Written by: D Basdevant.
Art History.
Explore the rich variety of architectural styles in France from prehistoric times at their origins through the twentieth century. This volume offers a wealth of information about the history of architecture and the various architectural styles. The text is accompanied by more than 350 black & white illustrations. An alphabetical index of architects, including a concise biographies, is found at the end of the book
EDDL1202 La France Insolite $34.95
ISBN: 9782012421202 ISBN10: 2012421202.
Written by: Claude Arz.
Hardcover, 191 pp.
An incredible mixture of the unusual creations found in the world of French art. These are the styles that emerged and continued since 1970. Styles that are now considered primitive and sometimes irrational. Take a trip across France with the author and explore the museums and homes where these works are exhibited and sites when the art is part of nature. More than 200 color photographs of the works and the artists bring to life this unforgettable art
EDDL2264 Paris Imperial: La vie quotidienne sous le Seconde Empire $19.95
ISBN: 9782200372262 ISBN10: 2200372264.
Written by: H Maneglier.
Maneglier combines art, architecture, and history, as he chronicles the urban development of Paris under Hausmann during the Second Empire. From the landscaping of parks to the paving of boulevards, from the emergence of commercial fashion to the emergence of standardized hygiene, from innovations in gastronomy to innovations in technology, 19th century Paris was an epicenter of modernity, beauty, and excitement.
GF9170 Histoire de L'Art Moderne $39.95
ISBN: 9782080109170 ISBN10: 2080109170.
Art History - Hardcover, 416pp.
Written by a collection of top art historians and museum curators, this compilation of essays traces the major movements of the 20th century including Impressionism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art. Includes over 400 magnificent color reproductions of contemporary masterpieces.
OU4582 Van Gogh to Picasso: the Berggruen Collection at the National Gallery $19.95
ISBN: 9780947645823 ISBN10: 0947645829.
Written by: Richard Kendall.
Softcover, 209 pp.
This beautiful book marks not just an exhibition, but one of the most generous loans made to the National Gallery (England) in its entire history. Heinz Berggruens personal collection touches upon the Modern Old Masters: Van Gogh, Seurat, Cézanne and Braque, but then spans the entire career of Pablo Picasso, allowing the artist to be seen as the last of the Old Masters. Full-color pages and insightful texts add to the beauty of this marvelous artistic experience.
STK0287 Monet by Himself $29.95
ISBN: 9780760755617 ISBN10: 0760755612.
Written by: R Kendall.
This major volume on the life and work of Claude Monet is the first of its kind and presents a detailed collection of his personal letters to friends, family, and lovers alongside over 200 glossy color reproductions of his work. Oversized, colorful, and literally written by himself, this testament to France's favorite painter is a perfect coffee-table centerpiece, classroom tool, or addition to any library. Includes a short biography and explanatory introductions to each of the four main sections of the book.
STK0834 Miro Oeuvres 1916/1968 $14.95
ISBN: 9782865350834 ISBN10: 2865350835.
Written by: M Tapie.
Oversized, hardcover, 115pp..
Profusely illustrated in color and black and white, this catalog of works exposes you to some of Miro’s best known works. Three countries, and an infinity of shores his art explored fauvism, cubism, realism 'détailliste', dreamlike paints, collages, pictures poems, illustrated books, sculptures, ceramics. A progression of ninety years of ardent work and pure magic.
STK1973 Masterpieces: The best-loved Paintings from Americas Museums $29.95
ISBN: 9780684801971 ISBN10: 0684801973.
Written by: David Frankel.
162 pp, hardbound with dustjacket.
This volume focuses on thirty-three of Americas most popular painters such as Renoir, Picasso, Gauguin and Matisse. It contains more than 200 full-color photographs and each painting is accompanied by an informative text, presented in pullout formats, including annotations about the artist, the theme and technique of the painting, its provenance and some elementary and helpful facts about the museum in which the masterpiece is exhibited.
STK3780 DEGAS: The Masterworks $29.95
ISBN: 9780517053782 ISBN10: 0517053780.
Written by: P Bade.
This comprehensive critical study of the painter and his work is part biography, and part stylistic analysis. An oversized volume with over 48 full color plates, it is a beautiful testament to one of the Impressionist movement's celebrated artist.
STK4958 Impressionists in Winter: Effets de Neige $29.95
ISBN: 9780856674952 ISBN10: 0856674958.
Hardcover, 240 pp.
This oversized, jacketed volume examines the technical, stylistic, and thematic evolution of snowscapes and winter scenes in the paintings of France's greatest impressionists. With 63 paintings reproduced in full color plates and essays by numerous prominent impressionism historians, this collective work is a majestic addition to any library.
STK6716 The Impressionists $24.95
ISBN: 9780862838058 ISBN10: 0862838053.
Written by: C Graber.
This gorgeous, oversized book is a breathtaking journey through the world of Impressionism. Each artist is treated separately within chapters classed by artistic sub-movement, that collectively chronicle the history of the Impressionist movement. With smooth, glossy pages, thorough biographies, and over 150 large color photographs, this beautiful collection is absolutely not to be missed.
TA2674 Picasso $39.95
ISBN: 9783822882672 ISBN10: 3822882674.
Written by: I Walther.
740 pp, Oversized Hardcover.
Covering his life from his childhood in Málaga to his later years in Mougins, this richly illustrated and comprehensive work depicts his range of paintings, drawings, lithographs, sculptures, and ceramics throughout his career. 962 full-color and 474 black and white illustrations accompany this detailed chronology of Picasso's life which also includes a bibliography, notes, and index.
  Art Culture Cookbooks  | Art  | Collection Celiv

Each of these fine art books discusses the artist's unique style and the influences behind his work. Color plates with accompanying commentaries and original sketches complete this excellent series, perfect for libraries, students, and all art history aficionados. Hardcover.
CE0029 Modigliani $19.95
ISBN: 9782865350025 ISBN10: 2865350029.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE105X Vlaminck $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351053 ISBN10: 286535105X.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1076 Tapies $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351077 ISBN10: 2865351076.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1319 Klee $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351312 ISBN10: 2865351319.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1329 Mondrian $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351329 ISBN10: 2865351327.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1343 Rembrandt $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351343 ISBN10: 2865351343.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1513 Kandinsky $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351510 ISBN10: 2865351513.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1726 Rubens $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351725 ISBN10: 2865351726.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1831 Titian $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351831 ISBN10: 2865351831.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE1939 Bruegel $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351930 ISBN10: 2865351939.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE2043 Braque $19.95
ISBN: 9782865352043 ISBN10: 2865352048.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE2323 Ecole Juive de Paris $19.95
ISBN: 9782865352326 ISBN10: 2865352323.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
CE9053 Leger $19.95
ISBN: 9782865351336 ISBN10: 2865351335.
Hardcover, 66-70pp., color illustrations..
  Art Culture Cookbooks  | Art  | Taschen Art Collection

Lush and vibrant color illustrations accompany detailed texts which depict the periods of an artist's life and his /her work. Personal quotations describing their thoughts also accompany the text. A chronological outline is included at the back of the book. Perfect for French classes and libraries!
TA224 Goya $19.95
ISBN: 9783822818220 ISBN10: 3822818224.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA478 Dali $19.95
ISBN: 9783822859476 ISBN10: 3822859478.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA494 Bruegel $19.95
ISBN: 9783822859490 ISBN10: 3822859494.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA650 Modigliani $19.95
ISBN: 9783822861653 ISBN10: 3822861650.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA669 Rembrandt $19.95
ISBN: 9783822861660 ISBN10: 3822861669.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA731 Picasso $19.95
ISBN: 9783822861738 ISBN10: 3822861731.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA758 Mondrian $19.95
ISBN: 9783822861752 ISBN10: 3822861758.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA766 Miro $19.95
ISBN: 9783822861769 ISBN10: 3822861766.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
TA790 Da Vinci $19.95
ISBN: 9783822861790 ISBN10: 3822861790.
Written by: Frank Zöllner.
All in French, Softcover, 95 pp.
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Cookbooks

CE3230 Sauces et Marinades $14.95
ISBN: 9782865353231 ISBN10: 2865353230.
Written by: N Diggins.
Sauces et Marinades-Hardcover. 96 Pp.
Here You Will Be Guided with Step-by-step Illustrations to Prepare Incredible Recipes. Each Cookbook Contains 50 Different Recipes, More than 300 Photographs, Professional Hints, and Easy-to-follow Instructions. Perfect for Your Personal Kitchen, or for Cooking Projects with Your Classes
CE3556 Cuisine Pour Rester Mince $34.95
ISBN: 9782237003559 ISBN10: 2237003556.
Written by: C Atkinson.
Hardcover, 300+ Photographs, 96 pp.
Within These Pages, You Will Find 50 Delicious Gourmet Recipes That Are Low-calorie and Healthy, an Amazing Concept! With Step-by-step Illustrations, You Will Yourself Preparing Soups, Appetizers, Main Dishes, and Desserts Whose Taste Will Belie the Fact That They Are Good for You
CE3564 Les Viandes $14.95
ISBN: 9782237003566 ISBN10: 2237003564.
Written by: L Fraser.
Hardcover, 96 pp.
Here You Will Be Guided with Step-by-step Illustrations to Prepare Incredible Recipes. Each Cookbook Contains 50 Different Recipes, More than 300 Photographs, Professional Hints, and Easy-to-follow Instructions. Perfect for Your Personal Kitchen, or for Cooking Projects with Your Classes
DAE0043 Culina Mediterranea $39.95
ISBN: 9783848000043 ISBN10: 3848000040.
Written by: D Rouche.
Hardcover, 800 pp..
In this comprehensive volume readers will find more than 350 classic and innovative recipes from Spain, France, and Italy, to Greece and Turkey, as well as Malta, Tunisia, and Morocco, all written in English. Every dish is presented by an experienced chef, native to the region, who divulges the best tips for preparing it, along with fascinating background information about the culinary tradition particular to the country. More than 3,000 color photographs illustrate the steps, the dishes and the region.
DAE1583 Revolutionary French Cooking $29.95
ISBN: 9781848991583 ISBN10: 1848991584.
Written by: D Galmiche.
Hardcover, 224pp..
In three sections the author will show you how to modernize traditional French cooking with recipes like Pineapple Tarte Tatin with Chilli and Lemongrass, Rabbit Terrine with Onions and Parsley, and Monkfish Wrapped in Pancetta with Carrot and Mandarin Purée. Over 100 simple recipes cover appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts, complete with clear instructions and color illustration, you will be very pleased with his cookbook.
DAE4249 Baking Chez Moi $29.95
ISBN: 9780547724249 ISBN10: 0547724241.
Written by: D. Greenspan.
HC, 496 pp., text in English.
French baking is more accessible than ever in this collection of elegantly simple recipes. Deliciously photographed, each recipe has straightforward instructions that will help home cooks tackle splendid desserts like cream puffs, apple custard squares and lemon-glazed madeleines.
DAE746X Dine with France's Master Chefs: Desserts $29.95
ISBN: 9783829027465 ISBN10: 382902746X.
Hardcover with dustjacket, 240 pp, full color illustrations.
You will explore the wealth of desserts in this selection of more than 100 recipes and 17 basic recipes gathered from the most celebrated French chefs. Six-hundred visually appealing and inspiring photographs together with step-by-step instructions demonstrate the most helpful hints and tricks of the fine art of cooking.
FL1468 Bocuse French Cooking: Classic Recipes and Techniques $34.95
ISBN: 9782080301468 ISBN10: 2080301462.
Written by: H Delorme.
Hardcover, 572pp., with DVD.
The book opens with a guide to the fundamentals of cooking: knife techniques, and cooking methods. Each method is explained in both text and photographs; and is organized in courses, 125 classic recipes from quiche Lorraine, to onion soup, to tarte Tatin. Each recipe is graded with a three-star rating so that home chefs can gauge its complexity. Over 700 color step by step photographs make this easier than you think. With an introduction by Paul Bocuse, this impressive volume is an essential guide for novice and established cooks alike.
HA2659 C'est trop bon ! Je craque... Les meilleures recettes plaisir Marmiton $22.95
ISBN: 9782809652659 ISBN10: 2809652651.
Written by: Marmiton.
Softcover, 144 pp..
Fromage, charcuterie, crème, chocolat... indulge in the best comfort foods that France has to offer. This cookbook features rich, decadent deserts and savory meals to satisfy your deepest cravings.
HA2802 Marmiton - Végétarien et gourmand ! $22.95
ISBN: 9782809652802 ISBN10: 2809652805.
Written by: Marmiton.
Softcover, 140 pp..
Vegetarians can be 'gourmand,' too! These vegetable-based recipes will delight cooks that want to prepare French classics without meat or fish. On the menu: avocado gratin with parmesean, veggie shepard's pie, sorrel quiche, chocolate mousse and more.
HA3770 Bretagne: Recettes testées à la maison $23.95
ISBN: 9782013963770 ISBN10: 2013963777.
Written by: N Beauvais.
Softcover, 192 pp..
Impress friends and family with these 78 made-from-scratch recipes from Brittany. With delicious seafood and buttery pastries, this book will guide you through the preparation of famous dishes like Buckwheat crepes, salted caramel, fish stew, kouign-amann and more.
HC8918 The French Kitchen Cookbook: Recipes and Lessons from Paris and Provence $35.00
ISBN: 9780062088918 ISBN10: 0062088912.
Written by: P Wells.
HC, 320 pp.
A home class for home cooks, The French Kitchen Cookbook showcases the best recipes from Patricia Wells' cooking school in Paris and Provence.
HM8823 Larousse on Pastry $45.00
ISBN: 9781118208823 ISBN10: 111820882X.
HC, 448 pp, text in English.
An indispensible reference, this illustrated guide to pastry gives straightforward directions for delicious French desserts. Ranging from simple, never-fail recipes to show-stoppers like Croquembouche, the book will help novice and experienced bakers alike. A bonus 'Workshop' section covers basics like pie crust, puff pastry, icing and more.
IBC2678 My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories $35.95
ISBN: 9781607742678 ISBN10: 1607742675.
Written by: D Lebovitz.
Hardcover, 352 pp..
There’s everything from simple appetizers like crisp, salted almond-olive “cookies” to salads with creamy garlic dressing and others flavored with fresh herbs, rich cheese spreads, and fresh vegetables I find in the outdoor market of Paris, in this delightful cookbook. Main courses range from caramel ribs to duck confit. Dessert recipes include éclairs filled with hazelnut praline cream, a chocolate terrine. The book is filled with stories about Paris, and its culture, and it’s filled with pictures from the streets, bistros, cafés, pastry shops, and bakeries in the city.
MB2087 Pâtisserie magique $25.95
ISBN: 9782501102087 ISBN10: 2501102088.
Written by: C Huet-Gomez.
Softcover, 192 pp..
These 80 delicious recipes come together so easily, it's almost magic! Make effortless rustic tarts, turnovers, pound cakes and more from simple-but-scrumptious ingredients. Color photographs and clear instructions accompany each recipe.
MB8612 Terrines $34.95
ISBN: 9782501058612 ISBN10: 2501058615.
Written by: S Reynaud, C Lascève.
Softcover, 191 pp.
Appetizer, entree or dessert; hot, warm or cold, the terrine has always held center court to the astute host’s table! One prepares it in advance, it always provides generous potions: a terrine cut in 6 portions can be perfectly cut into 10! Traditional or innovative, inexpensive or chic, once you have tested all the recipes of this book, let your imagination help you create your own unique terrines.
MB8650 Mon Livre De Recettes Pour Bebe $35.95
ISBN: 9782501058650 ISBN10: 2501058658.
Written by: J Carenco, J L Keraly, F Lucano.
Laminated cover, 191pp..
113 crafty recipes, small simple meals and special gourmet ones, from the first spoon (4 months and up) to the true meals of the almost big one (3 years). And to reassure the parents, always a worried when it is a matter of their baby gourmet, all the recipes were developed in collaboration with the pediatrician nutritionist John Lalau Keraly. Bon appetit bebe!
MZ1471 Let's Cook French $23.95
ISBN: 9781631591471 ISBN10: 1631591479.
A fun, interactive cookbook for families, this book covers classi French recips in an engaging dual-language format. With charming illustrations, eachrecipe has instructions in French and English which are easy enough for young cooks, but delicious for the whole family!
RH3407 Mastering the art of French Cooking $49.95
ISBN: 9780375413407 ISBN10: 0375413405.
Written by: J Child.
Harcover, 684 pp., 50th Anniverary Edition.
This is a classic cookbook, in its entirety: 524 recipes. 'Anyone can cook in the French manner anywhere,' wrote Mesdames Beck, Betholle, and Child, 'with the right instruction.' Here is the book that for more than forty years, has been teaching Americans how to cook.
SM127X New Great Dishes of the World $24.95
ISBN: 9780765191274 ISBN10: 076519127X.
Written by: Robert Carrier.
Hardcover, Full color, Photographs for every recipes, 256 pp.
Robert Carriers New Great Dishes of the World is hailed as a modern cookery classic. After 12 years in Marrakech, Paris, New York and Australia, Carrier is serving up the best of his recipes. He shares with us great breakfasts, lunches, brunches, dinners and deserts, classic recipes written with simplicity and illustrated with originality.
SM4402 The Secrets of Pistoulet $18.95
ISBN: 9781556704406 ISBN10: 1556704402.
Hardcover, 60 pp Book in slipcase.
A unique book that is a combination of a storybook and a cookbook. Pistoulet, a French farmhouse, a place of magic and mystery where Mademoiselle J. discovers ancient recipes that heal the troubled guests. Includes fold-out letters, cards, recipes in pockets, and other surprises that are a part of the Pistoulet magic
SS3283 At Home in Provence (Cookbook) $24.95
ISBN: 9780684863283 ISBN10: 0684863286.
Written by: P Wells.
Softcover, 368 pp., photo illustrations.
Enjoy the flavorful, sumptuous cooking of northern Provence with these 171 recipes from popular author Patricia Wells. After years of living in a Provence farmhouse, Wells shares her knowledge of French cooking.
SS8976 French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook $18.00
ISBN: 9781439148976 ISBN10: 143914897X.
Softcover, 304 pp.
The bet-selling author of French Women Don't Get Fat offers a long awaited collection of delicious, healthy recipes and advice on eating well without gaining weight. Organized around Mireille's three favorite pastimes: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These recipes emphasize pure flavors, balanced ingredients, and easy cooking methods.
STK3607 Pierre Franey Cooks with His Friends $19.95
ISBN: 9781885183606 ISBN10: 1885183607.
Written by: P Franey.
Hardbound with dustjacket, color illustrations, 213 pp.
Well renowned Chef Pierre Franey, introduces you to classic and innovative, healthy recipes from world famous chefs such as: Bocuse, Guerard, Girardet, Wynants and more. Prepare Black Sea Bass with potato crust, Pork Tenderloin with Prosciutto, Lamb Curry Casserole, Passion Fruit Souffle, Chocolate sorbet. Color photographs of the dishes, the restaurants and the regions expose a delicious part of French life!
TXB0410 Chez Moi $14.95
ISBN: 9781581820416 ISBN10: 1581820410.
Written by: E Magee.
Softcover, 176 pp.
Taken from some of the most highly acclaimed restaurants and cafes around the world, each recipe has been slightly modified to reduce fat content, calories, and cholesterol, while maintaining its original cultural and regional flair. Recipes are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and range from exotic dishes such as Curried Chicken Spring Rolls and Peruvian Causa to Almond Joy Cheesecake.
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Culture

AC1596 Histoire du Cinema Francais $24.95
ISBN: 9782200271596 ISBN10: 220027159X.
Written by: JP Jeancolas.
Softcover, 128 pp..
This is a brief guide to important French film directors ranging from Méliès, Pialat to Garrel and from L'Herbier to Bresson and Goddard, and movements, starting with the silent film 1896 through 1994. You will also find a detailed bibliography of publications on the history of the film.
DAE1219 Changing Paris: a Tour along the Seine $19.95
ISBN: 9781892041210 ISBN10: 1892041219.
Written by: P Trager.
117pp., hardcover.
Take a stroll along the Seine with internationally-acclaimed photographer Philip Trager, who beautifully captures the juxtaposition of ancient statues and modern urban landscape in classical black-and-white. Visit the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France François Mitterand, Opéra Bastille, and many others. Insightful essays explore the architectural and historical and significance of the structures
DAE1551 City Fashion Paris $14.95
ISBN: 9783833161551 ISBN10: 3833161558.
Written by: C Bierhals.
Softcover, 216 pp.
Explore Paris' famous fashion scene with this illustrated guide to 36 leading design labels in the city. Up-and-coming designers are featured, with guides to their work, inspirations and favorite spots in the city. With text in both French and English, the book covers jewelry, shoes, dresses and more. You'll even discover the exciting new world of 'Green Fashion,' as you explore the many facets of this thriving fashion metropolis.
DAE3249 The Spirit of Montmartre: Cabarets, Humor, and the Avant-garde 1875-1905 $19.95
ISBN: 9780813523248 ISBN10: 0813523249.
Written by: P Cate.
253 pp., Softcover.
Explore the artistic and intellectual environment of Montmartre, which spawned the original avant-garde groups of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters, as well as important writers and composers, including Mallarmé, Zola, Huysmans, Debussy, and Satie. Playful illustrations and theatre posters accompany this droll look at the artists' life in Montmartre
HA4631 Etes-vous Un Vrai Francais? $44.95
ISBN: 9782246406914 ISBN10: 2246406919.
Written by: M Mashino.
Softcover, 250 pp.
The author of this work has written many provocative essays concerning France and French people. This book answers many questions about the true identity of French people, using interviews with citizens from many of the cultures that make up France today
LA1991 Dictionnaire Mondial Des Films $61.00
ISBN: 9782035750495 ISBN10: 2035750490.
Written by: Jean-Claude Lamy, Bernard Rapp.
Hardcover, 1480 pp..
Cinema enthusiasts will be thrilled by this illustrated dictionary, containing entries on more than 11,000 international films, complete with 500 black & white and color illustrations. For each film, this volume offers a complete record of the French film title, the original title, genre, director, the main actors, opening date, length, country of production, as well as a summary of the screenplay for the most important films or reviews by film critics. Fifteen additional documents are dedicated to the film noir, adventure films, science fiction and more.
ML2609 Le Cinema Les Essentiels Milan $14.95
ISBN: 9782745911698 ISBN10: 2745911694.
Written by: D Auzel.
Softcover, 64 pp.
This handy, pocket-sized reference covers cinematic history from the origin of the silent movies into the modern era. The French Avant-Garde and New Wave movements are discussed, along with German Expressionism and American Westerns. An index of the films cited, as well as a glossary and a list of important dates, are included
MV5017 La Legende De La Coupe De Monde 1930-1998 $45.95
ISBN: 9782830706604 ISBN10: 2830706609.
Written by: Thierry Roland.
224 pp, hardcover, color illustrations.
One of the biggest sport events in the world, the World Cup for soccer is presented in this book by Thierry Roland, an expert on the subject. He traces the peaks of this sport event such as the Hungarian team win in 1954, the 13 goals of Justin Fontaine in Sweden and the final won by England in 1966, by a controversial goal. The book also includes portraits of important players, medal winners and reports of the World Cup games
MZ187 Chateaux de Loire: Le Val des Rois (DVD) $29.95
ISBN: 3384442051187 ISBN10: 4442051186.
Written by: P Brouwers.
DVD, 2004, 75 min.
Favored region of the Gods: That's how La Fontaine defined the Loire Valley, a land of poets and novelists but also the pleasures of the table. Pierre Brouwers reveals the beauty of the castles that dot the Loire valley, while you discover the past and present of the heart of France. DVD includes 57 chapters and 23 minutes of bonus footage.
SE6374 Evidences Invisibles: Americains et Francais Au Quotidien $49.95
ISBN: 9782020133005 ISBN10: 2020133008.
Written by: R Carroll.
Softcover, 183 pp..
Cultural misunderstandings between the French and the Americans are often difficult to resolve. This book shows, through the analysis of common situations, how to obtain a consciousness of the difference and learn to explore alternative actions. An excellent and long awaited work which helps the reader avoid the possible gaffes and faux pas which create difficulties in friendships or business relations
SO5073 Ecouter et comprendre La France au quotidien $45.95
ISBN: 9782706115073 ISBN10: 2706115076.
Written by: Roselyne Roesch, Rosalba Rolle-Harold.
Softcover, 127pp., with audio CD.
SO8193 La France Au Quotidien $37.95
ISBN: 9782706117381 ISBN10: 2706117389.
Written by: R Roesch.
Softcover, 112pp R. Rolle-Harold.
Vibrant photographs illustrate this informative book on daily life in France, including sections which explain the basics of family life, education, recreational pursuits, work, and much more. Each section contains comprehension questions, proverbs, poems, and background notes. A great reference for Francophiles, this book also aids students in preparing for the DELF examination and is perfect for your civilization classes.
STK9166 Mon Afrique: Photographs of Sub-Saharan Africa $39.95
ISBN: 9780893819163 ISBN10: 0893819166.
Written by: P Maitre.
Hardcover, 159pp.
Luxuriantly vibrant photographs transport you to an Africa of varying topographies, including: lush emerald forests, golden deserts, violet and quietly majestic mountain peaks. This moving visual landscape portrays the varities of life in Africa: a newborn baby's first breaths in the midst of war, the laughing young students running in the rain with banana leaves, the courage of a young man's escape through electrical wire. A stunning collection of photgraphs and narrative that depict the beauty and harshness of life in Africa
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Fashion Beauty Health

ISBN: 9780743264136 ISBN10: 0743264134.
Louis XIV, became the supreme authority of France chic, a position from which France has never retired. His vanity, and opulent court led to growth in the manufacturing of fine clothing and shoes, and the invention of shops in which to buy them, and to celebrity cuisine, cafes and Champagne. "King Louis was enthralled by glitter, which increased the diamond trade; and the first night streetlights (hence the 'City of Lights'). Louis also abhorred mud (so streets were paved with cobblestones) and disliked getting wet (thus umbrellas were invented)." An interesting and entertaining recounting of the develoment of France during the 17th century.
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Illustrated

CHE1957 Notre Dame de Paris $59.95
ISBN: 9782812301957 ISBN10: 2812301953.
Written by: Claude Gauvard.
With photpgraphy by Joël Laiter, hardcover, 224pp..
This book contains enthralling photographs of the architecture and sculpture works of this renowned cathedral and describes the laborious construction that took several centuries to complete.
DAE7964 To Live in France $24.95
ISBN: 9780500017968 ISBN10: 0500017964.
Written by: J Bentley.
Photography by M. Busselle, Hardcover, 224 pp.
This fascinating and exquisite journey through rural France will make you long to be there. The 260 full color photographs allow viewers to experience the infinite beauty of the fields of Provence, the villages of Dordogne, the mountains of Savoy, the chateaux of the Loire, the Mediterranean coast, and much more. The book celebrates a traditional culture and the simple pleasures found there
EDDL2001 Paris Quartier D'histoire $29.95
Written by: N d'Archimbaud.
'Paris is a maelstrom where all things get lost.' Once again Hugo was right. Paris with its layers of history, great politics, organization, and a melange of energies is a place that cannot be ignored. This oversized album filled with color photographs and illustrations, as well as an easy to read narrative, will share with you the stories behind the city. Divided into four sections, the book will take you on a photographic and political tour of the islands, the Left Bank, and the Right Bank, 'quartier par quartier'. You will find this book to be both intellectually & visually enjoyable.
EDDL3144 Le Paris De J.P Sartre et De S. De Beauvoir $29.95
ISBN: 9782842773144 ISBN10: 2842773144.
Written by: J L Moreau.
J-P Sartre and S. de Beauvoir will forever be associated with St. Germain-des-Pres and the existentialist period they experienced in France. Within the pages of this fascinating book, filled with color and black and white photos, you will visit the Paris of this tumultuous time, the time of Sartre and de Beauvoir. From Montparnasse to the Quartier Latin, to Saint-Germain-des-pres you will be fascinated by all the developments that occurred during that disquieting period in literature and time.
EDDL4412 Tour Eiffel Bilingual Edition $39.95
ISBN: 9782856204412 ISBN10: 2856204414.
Written by: Winnie Denker, Bertrand Lemoine.
Hardcover, Bilingual Edition Français-Anglais, 200 pp.,.
The Eiffel Tower is the most recognizable landmark in Paris, and ‘La Tour Eiffel' presents a multifaceted view of this famous structure. Color photographs showcase the Eiffel Tower from unique and varying angles, the monument as a whole as well as intimate details of its construction and design. The grand layout of the book complements this universal symbol of Paris and will provide you with a fresh and individual experience of the Eiffel Tower.
EDDL4477 Versailles $39.95
ISBN: 9782842774479 ISBN10: 2842774477.
Written by: Solnon, Cessole, Valloire.
Hardcover, 295pp..
Explore the luxurious rooms and grounds of Versailles through this book imbued with sumptuous photographs, and ancient texts brought to life. Learn about the history, architecture, gardens, and museums of this worldrenown estate.
EDDL5380 Centre Val de Loire $29.95
ISBN: 9782010185380 ISBN10: 2010185382.
Written by: P de Montclos.
Hardcover, 711 pp.
More than 1,000 monuments, including churches, cathedrals, and castles of central France are presented in this illustrated and detailed tourist guide. The towns are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference with accompanying texts describing their monuments, architecture, and history.
EDDL6301 Souvenirs de Vacances en France $29.95
ISBN: 9782850186301 ISBN10: 2850186309.
Written by: D Gaulme.
Soft Cover in Slipcase, 192pp.
It was 1936 and the French were heading out on their first paid summer vacation, since then this incredible journey has repeated itself every year bringing unforgettable memories. The preparation, the beaches, the naps in the sun, the petanques games and the village feasts. Read this book and discover the portrait of a festive France, carefree in the mountains, countryside and beaches through more than 200 photographs taken by Doisneau, Ronis Gysemberd and more
IBC0872 The Most Beautiful Country Towns of Provence $39.95
ISBN: 9780500510872 ISBN10: 0500510873.
Written by: H Attlee.
Hardcover, 208 pp.
From the Alps and the Luberon, to the rich vine-growing country of the Var, and the delightful resorts of the coast, you will find these communities to be special places. This over-sized coffee table book is filled with stunning photography that will captivate you.
MV4614 Cathedrales de France $69.95
ISBN: 9782830706420 ISBN10: 2830706420.
Hardcover, oversized with dustcover, color illustrations 180 pp.
MZ1621 Splendor of Versailles $29.95
ISBN: 9781577171621 ISBN10: 1577171624.
Written by: Constans.
Softcover. 224 pp.
Many of the treasures of Versailles are detailed within this detailed, full color tome. From royal portraits and tapestries to porcelain and chinaware, these artifacts provide a glimpse into the grand court life of years past. A visual treat for students, classes or the casual reader.
SM8629 Provence: A Country Almanac $24.95
ISBN: 9781556708626 ISBN10: 1556708629.
Written by: L Jones.
Hardcover, 176 pp. Full-color photography.
Here is a wealth of information about the interesting facts and fables of Provence, organized by season. You will explore local history and geography, learn about customs and culture, recipes, museums, and gardens. It includes a directory with street, Internet, and E-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the regional interests
SM8939 Postcards From The Basque Country $19.95
ISBN: 9781556708930 ISBN10: 1556708939.
Written by: S Nelson.
Hardcover, 99 pp.
A fascinating selection from the authors journal written in the Basque Country that give an intimate view into this region at the border of Spain and France. Each page is a unique collage, a postcard that captures a sense of the country
SOR2164 1001 Photos Voitures de Rêve $25.95
ISBN: 9782263055645 ISBN10: 2263055649.
Written by: Corinne Targat, Gilles Targat.
Hardcover, 463pp..
STK0195 France: A Picture Book to Remember Her By $9.95
ISBN: 9780517250198 ISBN10: 0517250195.
Written by: D Gibbon.
Hardcover, 64pp.
The unique beauty of France’s regions is superbly illustrated by the many magnificent color photographs in this memorable book. Let your students see the beauty behind the language.
STK0893 Mont Saint-Michel & Chartres $19.95
ISBN: 9780831760892 ISBN10: 0831760893.
Written by: Henry Adams.
Hardcover, oversized, 192pp..
In this beautifully illustrated book, the author captures not only the architecture of Mont-Saint Michel and Chartres, but also conducts a detailed examination of poetry, religion, science, art and philosophy of the 12th century.This well respected classic is perfect for your library.
STK1062 Chateaux of the Loire $19.95
ISBN: 9782035231062 ISBN10: 203523106X.
Written by: Sabine Melchior-Bonnet.
Hardcover, 146pp. Translation by Angela Armstrong.
The Loire region encompasses the world renown and picturesque castles of Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, Blois, Cheverny, Chaumont, Azay-le-Rideau, Villandry, Chinon, Brézé, Saumur, Angers. Come and discover these castles and nearby towns, villages, museums, parks of the Valley, through beatiful color photographs and entertaining commemtaries.
STK114 Que Voir en France? Guide des 400 Plus Beaux Monuments $39.95
ISBN: 9782035235114 ISBN10: 2035235111.
Written by: A Toqueville.
STK121 What to see in France? Guide to the 400 Finest Monuments $39.95
ISBN: 9782035235121 ISBN10: 203523512X.
Written by: A de Tocqueville.
A travel guide and introduction to the great monuments of French architecture, this book presents more than 400 monuments and sites, from the Pont du Gard to the Arche de la Defense. Includes numerous colored photographs and drawings.
STK6313 France $29.95
ISBN: 9782909450759 ISBN10: 2909450759.
Written by: T des Ouches.
Oversized hardcover, 235 pp.
A stunning collection of black & white and color photography ranging from landscapes, sculptures, buildings, people, animals, flowers offers you a personal vision of the photographer of today's France. The pictures offer rich panorama of the beauty of France and seem to speak their own language without requiring any commentary or explaining text
STK6708 Insiders Paris $29.95
ISBN: 9782850186707 ISBN10: 2850186708.
Written by: Demachy, Baudot.
Hardcover, 288pp.
For years, Elle Decor magazine has been exploring the little-known treasures, luxuries and joie de vivre behind the walls of the French capital. Intimate Paris finally reveals the mystery by taking you on an intimate tour of the city to explore each nuance, from the Left Bank to the Right. Filled with information and anecdotes that only an insider could know, you will see everything from the apartments of glamorous celebrities to the most secluded Parisian dwellings and you will be personally guided through cloistered gardens, ancient brasseries, architectural masterpieces and much more!!
TXB6151 Mardi Gras $39.95
ISBN: 9782080136152 ISBN10: 2080136151.
Written by: H Schindler.
Text in English. Hardcover, 192 pp.


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