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 Civilization History Geography  | Civilization

AMC4968 Les Femmes Dans La Societe Francaise Au XXieme Siecle $59.95
ISBN: 9782200264963 ISBN10: 2200264968.
Written by: C Bard.
From World War I to the present day, women have struggled with their roles within society. Workplace discrimination, objectification, political marginalization, and juggling the demands of motherhood and work have plagued women. Through archives, novels, films, and interviews, this text specifically addresses the demographics, ideologies, economics, and cultural aspects of French women's lives throughout the past six decades.
BA0595 Getting to Know France and French $7.99
ISBN: 9780812015324 ISBN10: 0812015320.
Written by: N Wright.
paperback, 32 pp.
A great introduction to France and the French, this little book is packed with information about daily life, famous places and even includes useful words and phrases and a pronunciation guide
CID4880 En Provence Bk & CD $29.95
ISBN: 9788853009012 ISBN10: 8853009012.
Written by: R Boutégège, S Longo.
Book and CD Sets, pp. 128.
This collection of travel guides, each accompanied by a cassette, contains the regions geography, history, and sample dialogues to better understand both the area and the language. These books, beautifully illustrated, are designed for beginning to intermediate students and contain comprehension phonetic and grammatical exercises
CID5666 A L'Heure Actuelle: Dossiers de civilisation francaise $28.95
ISBN: 9788853000460 ISBN10: 8853000465.
Written by: Lucia Bonato.
Book and Audio CD. Softcover, pp. 128.
This book presents a series of nine thematic studies that develop elements of French civilization, such as cinema, food, sports, ways of life, designed for the comprehension level of high beginning students. Each study is introduced by a text and proposes a rich selection of articles. Comprehension and evaluation exercises allow the student to test his/her understanding of each section, and the accompanying audio cd allows for listening comprehension
CID7056 Tous a Bord: Quatre Amis a Paris DVD $79.95
ISBN: 9788853007056 ISBN10: 8853007052.
Softcover, 48 pp. & DVD.
This 13 episode DVD with 48 page booklet shows the daily activities of four friends living in Paris. Episodes include: Making new friends at school, shopping, taking the metro, cooking and many more. The accompanying booklet features two pages per episode with activities, transcriptions and answer key.
CID8589 A Vous La France $29.95
ISBN: 9788853008589 ISBN10: 885300858X.
Written by: Tiziana Cignatta.
Softcover + CD, 160 pp..
Join two French teenagers as they explore France and French speaking countries! Divided into thematic units, each section features photos, internet activities, written and oral exercises and games. The included CD contains listening exercises and comes with an answer key.
CID8596 A Vous la France Teachers Guide $5.95
ISBN: 9788853008596 ISBN10: 8853008598.
Written by: Tiziana Cignatta.
Softcover, 32pp..
Join two French teenagers as they explore France and French-speaking countries! Divided into thematic units, each section features photos, internet activities, written and oral exercises, and games. The included CD contains listening exercises.
CL2002 Une Annee En France $42.95
ISBN: 9782190332000 ISBN10: 2190332001.
Written by: C Descayrac.
Softcover, 95 pp.
From January to December, the sequence of French events comprise this entertaining book, and provide you with a view of contemporary French culture. All significant social, family and religious occasions are included from the New Year to the literary awards. Amusing cartoons, photos, charts, news articles and poems enhance the presentation. The format of this text creates an equilibrium between the language, the history, and the society
CL2146 Civilisation En Dialogues BK&CD Debutant $47.95
ISBN: 9782090352146 ISBN10: 2090352140.
Written by: Grand-Clement.
CL2153 Civilisation en Dialogues Intermediate BK & CD $50.95
ISBN: 9782090352153 ISBN10: 2090352159.
Written by: Odile Grand-Clement.
CL3198 Les Francais: Mentalites et Comportements $46.50
ISBN: 9782090331981 ISBN10: 2090331984.
Written by: N Mauchamp.
softcover, 159pp.
This advanced civilization text discusses the mentality and behavior of the French population. Through the use of numerous articles and illustrations, we see their social relations, legal relations, beliefs and taboos, etc. You will discover in this study, the continuity of certain traditions as well as the changes in others. A teachers guide at the end of each chapter allows you to work with the students on vocabulary and issues presented
DB8408 FRENCH OR FOE? Getting the most out of visiting, living, and working in France $16.95
ISBN: 9780964668423 ISBN10: 0964668424.
Written by: Polly Platt.
Softcover, 292 pp.
Will time in France prove to be a successful or an infuriating experience? Polly Platt deciphers the codes of acceptable behavior in France, through the use of anecdotes and examples of real situations in daily life and the business world. An entertaining and insightful analysis of French-American communication or miss-communication
DM2002 L'Epopee des Bleus 98 - Champions du Monde $19.95
CD Rom for PC only.
EDC1P First Book of France $7.95
ISBN: 9780746003220 ISBN10: 0746003226.
Written by: L Somerville.
softcover, 32 pp.
An entertaining book full of attractive color illustrations and maps of France. An easy guide, in English, which provides information on how the French live, their history, geography and the historical sites of France. It also serves as a regional guide which includes detailed maps showing local sites and specialties, with suggestions for activities and tours
EL6925 Les Francais et la Table $29.95
ISBN: 9782729826925 ISBN10: 2729826920.
Written by: Alain Drouard.
Softcover, 152pp..
What were the foods and drinks of the French during the middle ages? Did nutrition change during the Renaissance? When did the current food techniques become set? What were the consequences of the industrialization of the agricultural production on the nutrition of the French? When did the nouvelle cuisine emerge? This brief historic synthesis on Les Français et la Table answers these questions and many others while discussing the parallels in the evolution of French nutrition, cooking and gastronomy from the Middle ages until contemporary times.
ELI4411 Reseaux Dans La Civilisation Francaise et Francophone $33.95
ISBN: 9788853613769 ISBN10: 8853613769.
Written by: Nielfi di Fanara.
Softcover, 224pp..
Reseaux contains a wide variety of authentic documents and diversified exercises for comprehension, production, interaction, as well as individual and group research projects. The French and Francophone documents are rich in information and incentives to induce the students to reflect, and express themselves on the current events of these countries. The modular chapters can be used at the teacher’s choice which allows flexibility. The book is accompanied by a reproducible card with pertinent facts and an audio CD of documents read by native speakers.
EMC9304 La France en Poche $31.95
ISBN: 9788853609304 ISBN10: 8853609303.
Softcover, 143pp audio CD.
Written entirely in French, La France en Poche introduces the civilization of France and the french-speaking world for intermediate students. The book and CD combination help students refine their reading, writing, and oral skills. Twenty units cover such topics as cultural events, customs, and environmental concerns while reinforcing language and vocabulary of the topics. Comprehension activities, games and quizzes accompany the text.
HA7360 Cles Pour La France $49.95
ISBN: 9782011557360 ISBN10: 2011557364.
Written by: Dennis C Meyer.
Softcover, 192 pp..
Clés pour la France can be used as a base for both a civilization or conversation class. It consists of 80 images presenting national icons followed by a brief explanation. The structure is simple, the activities accompanying each topic focus on the development of reading and verbal skills. The 80 illustrations are grouped into six thematic chapters which include: food and cuisine, celebrities, history, education and employment, language, media and culture, and daily life.
HT4571 France aux cent visages Workbook $18.95
ISBN: 9782278045716 ISBN10: 2278045717.
Written by: Annie Monnerie.
softcover, 223 pp.
A new approach to French Civilization; this text is divided in five units which allow you to review the historical development of the country, to explore the image of France yesterday and today, to accompany the French in their social environment, to discover the variety of traits in the different regions of France, and to understand the moralistic fiber of the society. An excellent book geared for the advanced students who want to refine their understanding of French civilization through the use of articles, studies, and statistics. This text also helps prepare students for parts A3 and A5 of the DELF certification
INT0407 Nous Sommes La France $34.95
ISBN: 9782259230407 ISBN10: 2259230407.
Written by: N Polony.
Softcover, 216 pp..
After the Charlie Hebdo attacks of January 2015, 4 million French people took to streets with the slogan Nous sommes la France: We are France. But who exactly was marching and how do they define France? In this book, Figaro columnist Natacha Polony addresses the possible fragmentation of French society following the recent attacks, and argues that now is a crucial time for the country to affirm its unity.
INT5249 Le Tour de France, 100 Ans de Passion : Les 100 plus Belles Histoires du Tour de France $37.95
ISBN: 9782951895249 ISBN10: 2951895240.
Written by: Eric Delanzy.
Hardbound, 240pp.
The great adventure of the Tour de France has been going on for over 100 years! Within the pages of this book filled with color photographs, you will cross paths with all it?s stars from Eugène Christophe to Lance Armstrong. Through 100 fascinating anecdotes, one more astonishing than the next, you will travel from the Alps of Huez to the Champs Elysees and relive the astounding speed and accomplishments of the ? Maillots Jaunes.?
IPG0925  Au Contrairer! Figuring out the French $29.95
ISBN: 9781931930925 ISBN10: 1931930929.
Written by: G Asselin.
Softcover, 308 pp.,.
What makes the French, so French; with their independent personality, romantic qualities, yet avant-garde. This revised edition addresses work, education, romance, friendships, and includes updated information about the French's changing culture and political climate. You will gain a perfect perceptive to understanding French cultural beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes.
LA5030 Francoscopie 2013 $76.95
ISBN: 9782035876485 ISBN10: 2035876486.
Written by: G Mermet.
Softcover, 592 pp.
This newest edition includes information on present French civilization. Based on opinion polls and statistics, this book demonstrates prevailing ideals and intellectual currents which comprise French society today. Well known in France as a reference tool, Francoscopie can be used in the classroom, or library, to enhance cultural knowledge and for research projects. Photos, drawings and graphs add dimension to this one volume text
ML3443 Les Partis politiques en France $13.50
ISBN: 9782745927699 ISBN10: 2745927698.
Written by: R Platone.
Softcover, 64 pp.
An impartial discussion of the political parties in France, their insurgence, ideas and actions and impact is found in the study. These groups have found strong roots in the formation of all French institutions and continue to direct this countries development
NA0858 Les Institutions de la France Ve Republique $29.50
ISBN: 9782091631257 ISBN10: 2091631256.
Written by: Bernard de Gunten.
Softcover 158 pp.
Written entirely in French, this guide will educate the reader as to the governmental institutions of France. Subjects covered include the state and its organization, elections and electoral bodies, administration, local governments, the justice system and international organizations in relation to France. Abundant diagrams, illustrations, maps, graphs and charts help the student absorb details about France's government.
NT1495 The French Way $15.00
ISBN: 9780071428071 ISBN10: 0071428070.
Written by: Ross Steele.
paperback, 128 pp.
This engaging handbook will help students understand how the French people think and act in their daily lives. It discusses the varying ways they interact with one another, celebrate holidays, eat, dress and do business. Many illustrations and 85 commentaries cover topics of interest to students, including Americanization, ecology, food, humor, the media, religion, sports, and style. The book is organized alphabetically for ease of use, and is completely indexed
NT2725 French Speaking World: An Anthology of Cross-Cultural Perspectives $37.95
ISBN: 9780844212722 ISBN10: 0844212725.
Written by: L Fiber Luce.
softcover, 361 pp.
This book is an anthology of 19 readings in English. It is divided into 4 sections. Section I introduces readers to the concept of cross-cultural studies through readings. Section II focuses on the culture of France, while Section III contains insights on the francophone cultures of Africa, the Caribbean and North America. Finally, Section IV takes on the problems that face French speaking cultures today and in the decades to come. At the end of each section, you will find a set of discussion questions and activities.
PG4629 Pardon My French : Unleash Your Inner Gaul $15.00
ISBN: 9781592404629 ISBN10: 1592404626.
Written by: Charles Timoney.
Softcover, 256pp..
The entries are organized by subjects including food, getting about, education, and many others. Each word is followed by a short explanation and usually an anecdote The writer's style is straight forward, humorous, and presented in context. Anyone planning to be in France for some extended time should find the book enjoyable, as it will help you understand the various nuances of French language and culture. Appropriate for beginner to advanced learners.
PUG2119 La France Des Institutions $35.95
ISBN: 9782706112119 ISBN10: 2706112115.
Written by: R Bourgeois, P Terrone.
Softcover, 144 pp..
This study of French institutions starts with a brief historic review to facilitate understanding its complexity. It continues by defining who is considered a citizen and his role in contemporary society, which is followed by a definition of the administrative and political construction of France: the town, the departments, the regions, the country. The working world, and justice system are also covered. Review exercises and thematic questions allow the students to deepen their knowledge with comparisons to institutions all over the world. A glossary defines the more difficult expressions or vocabulary of the political world.
PUG5615 La France des Regions $36.95
ISBN: 9782706115615 ISBN10: 2706115610.
Written by: Roesch, Rolle-Harold.
Softcover, 141pp..
Newly published, this manual will teach your students the different cultural aspects of France. La France des régions is a systematic study of the French regions grouped into eight large sectors: Ile-de-France, Centers, North, etc. Each chapter consists of a general presentation with pictures, topographical information, the arts and culture and typical native dialect. More than 250 color illustrations and maps will help your students develop a good knowledge of the physical and human landscapes of the regions as required by the B1-B2 levels of the CECR.
RA7695 My Life in France $14.95
ISBN: 9780307277695 ISBN10: 0307277690.
Written by: Alex Prud'homme.
Softcover, 368 pp.
The transformation of Julia Child from American transplant to French chef is chronicled in this collection of her memoirs. She arrived in Paris in 1948 with her American husband and discovered a passion for cooking and teaching that led to her best-selling cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking and her TV show, The French Chef. Her experiences with both French and American culture are sure to provide insight and entertainment to any student.
SBP0455 Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong: Why We Love France but not the French $21.99
ISBN: 9781402200458 ISBN10: 1402200455.
Softcover, 351 pp.
The French smoke, drink and eat more fat than anyone in the world, yet they live longer and have fewer heart problems. They take seven weeks of paid vacation per year, yet have the world's highest productivity index. From a distance, modern France looks like a riddle. But up close, it all makes sense. Decrypting French ideas about land, food, privacy and language, the authors weave together the threads of French society from centralization and the Napoleonic code to elite education and even street protests giving us, an updated understanding of France and the French.
ISBN: 9788415640301 ISBN10: 8415640307.
Written by: Youmna Tohme.
The biographies of Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet, two major figures in the history of French music in the forties are found here in a unique comic-strip format. This intriguing book will entertain your students with interesting historical, political and biographical facts and 2 audio CD's which contain the 20 best known songs of each singer. Tasks and activities are included to help you create lesson plans.
SO5270 Je Vis en France $23.95
ISBN: 9782706125270 ISBN10: 2706125276.
Written by: M Barthe.
Softcover, 228 pp.
Aimed at level A1 beginners, this book gives a perspective of daily life in France. Through 20 easy texts, Students will adjust to reading in French and learn about cultural customs and institutions. Context, illustrations, speaking activities and writing activities accompany each text.
SO9072 La France au Quotidien 2 Audio CDs $48.50
ISBN: 9782706109072 ISBN10: 2706109076.
Written by: Rolle-Harold.
  Civilization History Geography  | Civilization  | Civilisation Progressive du Francais  | Beginning

Authentic documents, colorful photographs, maps, and tables pepper this fascinating study of French culture. Topic headings include regional geography, historical and political landmarks, social and cultural life. Comprehension questions are given at the end of each chapter to help reinforce students' learning
CL7559 Civilisation Progressive du Francais Tests Book $26.95
ISBN: 9782090337556 ISBN10: 2090337559.
Written by: C Carlo, M Causa.
CL9896 Civilisation Progressive du Francais Textbook $53.95
ISBN: 9782090381207 ISBN10: 2090381205.
Written by: C Carlo, M Causa.
CL9918 Civilisation Progressive du Francais Answer key $23.95
ISBN: 9782090381214 ISBN10: 2090381213.
Written by: C Carlo, M Causa.
  Civilization History Geography  | Civilization  | Civilisation Progressive du Francais  | Intermediate

Authentic documents, colorful photographs, maps, and tables pepper this fascinating study of French culture. Topic headings include regional geography, historical and political landmarks, social and cultural life. Comprehension questions are given at the end of each chapter to help reinforce students' learning
CL7672 Civilisation Progressive du Francais Tests Book $26.95
ISBN: 9782090337679 ISBN10: 2090337672.
Written by: C Carlo, M Causa.
CL9357 Civilisation Progressive du Francais Textbook $49.95
ISBN: 9782090333589 ISBN10: 2090333588.
Written by: C Carlo, M Causa.
Softcover, 191pp.
CL9365 Civilisation Progressive du francais Intermediate answer key $23.25
ISBN: 9782090333220 ISBN10: 2090333227.
  Civilization History Geography  | Civilization  | Collection Tests Cle Civilization

"CLE Collection Tests", complete with answers, allows your students to gauge their knowledge of French civilization. This simple and precise method will definitely help your students to improve their skills in French. The CLE tests contain a large variety of activities, including multiple choice questions, crosswords, combination exercises, true/false and more! Available for beginning to advanced students.
CL3645 Civilization Tests CLE Intermediate $22.25
ISBN: 9782090336450 ISBN10: 2090336455.
Written by: Stéphanie Anthony.
'CLE Collection Tests', complete with answers, allows your students to gauge their knowledge of French civilization. This simple and precise method will definitely help your students to improve their skills in French. The CLE tests contain a large variety of activities, including multiple choice questions, crosswords, combination exercises, true/false and more! Available for beginning to advanced students.
CL3646 Civilization Tests CLE Advanced $18.95
ISBN: 9782090336467 ISBN10: 2090336463.
Written by: Stéphanie Anthony.
'CLE Collection Tests', complete with answers, allows your students to gauge their knowledge of French civilization. This simple and precise method will definitely help your students to improve their skills in French. The CLE tests contain a large variety of activities, including multiple choice questions, crosswords, combination exercises, true/false and more! Available for beginning to advanced students.
  Civilization History Geography  | Civilization  | Cours de Langue et de Civilisation

This solidly based, grammatical approach has found years of successful use by professors worldwide. It has been used alone or to enrich other textbooks
HA5000 Cours de Langue et de Civilisation 1 $38.95
ISBN: 9782010080548 ISBN10: 2010080548.
Written by: G Mauger.
HA5100 Cours de Langue et de Civilisation 2 $38.95
ISBN: 9782010079443 ISBN10: 2010079442.
Written by: G Mauger.
  Civilization History Geography  | Civilization  | Lire et Voyager

This collection of travel guides, each accompanied by a audio CD, contains the region's geography, history, and sample dialogues to better understand both the area and the language. These books, beautifully illustrated, are designed for beginning to intermediate students and contain comprehension phonetic and grammatical exercises.
CID8183 Lire et Voyager: A Paris Book/CD $29.95
ISBN: 9788853008183 ISBN10: 8853008180.
Written by: R Boutegégè, S Longo.
Softcover, 160pp..
 Civilization History Geography  | Geography

ISBN: 9782010111068 ISBN10: 2010111060.
Written by: Y Gilbert.
M. Kerveadou, and M. Devrand. Hardcover,144pp.
53 chapters comprise this text, 27 on the history and 26 on the geography of France. A multitude of illustrations and a limited simple text, make this book perfect for your beginning students. Questions and activities allow you to test your students comprehension of the material presented
ISBN: 9782010117671 ISBN10: 2010117670.
This almanac-like book covers diverse subjects from the creation of the earth to the development of modern French geography, including the environment, natural resources, communication, industry and social services. Interspersed with highlighted texts and full color pictures are periodic testing exercises to help the intermediate student study and understand the data presented
HA6807 Atlas du Monde $14.95
ISBN: 9782011668073 ISBN10: 2011668077.
Hachette Education, softcover, 48 pp., 8x 11.
This colorful atlas offers quality information for those who wish to better understand the geography of the world. An index of over 8,000 names graphically pinpoints the desired location. A brief introduction to each country begins this reference work, and thematic maps of the planisphere indicate natural resources, agriculture, population, and physical relief
LA0448 Atlas Historique Mondial $69.95
ISBN: 9782035826497 ISBN10: 2035826497.
Written by: G Duby.
Softcover, 350 pp.
A panorama of the world?s history is displayed in this atlas through more than 400 commented maps. Included are: the world, Europe and the European countries since the year 1000, Asia, Africa, America, and the world since 1990. It also contains a chronology of historical events.
LA0820 Atlas Des Pays du Monde 2010 $34.95
ISBN: 9782035840820 ISBN10: 2035840821.
Written by: de Nadine Martrès et Collectif.
Hardcover, 352pp..
This Larousse atlas is rich and compact and submits for each country a description of the natural environment, demographic data, economical data, historic indicators, and general cultural information. Atlas des Pays du Monde will be useful to students and adults who need to quickly discover essential world data.
NA2579 La Geographie De France: Les Reperes Pratiques Nathan $29.95
ISBN: 9782091630762 ISBN10: 2091630764.
Written by: G Labrune.
Softcover, 160pp..
With the same format as L'histoire this book will introduce your students to the geography of France.
 Civilization History Geography  | History

CA1224 Dictionnaire des Rois et des Reines $42.95
ISBN: 9782203131224 ISBN10: 2203131225.
Written by: Coppin, Joly.
Learn about the royalty of France through 430 entries in this dictionary. Voyage back in time via the texts, maps and colorful illustrations and photographs. A dynamic way to learn how the kings and queens controlled France for 14 centuries.
HA01 Histoire de France Collection Outils $24.50
ISBN: 9782011550767 ISBN10: 2011550769.
Written by: J Mathiex.
Softcover, 111 pp.
This concise history of France, from prehistoric through modern times, is written expressly for students of French as a second language. The books clearly outlined format is supplemented with interesting articles on famous people and events, a chronology and an historical index
HA584 Histoire CM Pour Connaitre France $35.50
ISBN: 9782010111105 ISBN10: 2010111109.
Written by: J L Nembrini, P Polivka, J Bordes.
Hardcover, 160 pp.
HT8546 Bescherelle Chronologie de l'Histoire de France $36.95
ISBN: 9782218998546 ISBN10: 2218998548.
Softcover, 432 pp..
This richly illustrated chronology of the history of France covers everything from settlements in the 7th century BC to the terrorist attacks of 2015. Each event is detailed with text, images, and context to explain the main actors, circumstances and impacts of the event. At the end of the book, a detailed chronology compiles 1,000 significant dates and an index allows for easy research by person, place or event.
NA7660 L'Histoire de France: Les Repères Pratiques Nathan $28.95
ISBN: 9782091630601 ISBN10: 2091630608.
Written by: G Labrune, PH Toutain.
Softcover, 142 pp.
This book introduces each topic in a clear and precise manner unique to this series. Each double page presents one topic; the left side is a chronology of historical events, including a paragraph on the topic with important points underlined, the right side presents a magazine page on a certain person or event important to that time. An index on the top left corner of each page identifies the event being discussed to facilitate usage. An excellent tool for the study of French history
  Civilization History Geography  | History  | Hatier Ecole

HT6167 Histoire-Geographie CM2 with Atlas & Manual $34.95
ISBN: 9782218713071 ISBN10: 2218713071.
HT6651 Histoire-Geographie CE2 with Atlas $36.95
ISBN: 9782218935275 ISBN10: 2218935279.
In this text history starts with prehistoric times and continues on till Charlemagne's reign. Geography covers world perspective and French topography. An easy to read introduction to French history and geography.


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