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 Games & Posters  | Audio

BT6230 Un, Deux, Trois: First French Rhymes $12.95
ISBN: 9781845076238 ISBN10: 1845076230.
Written by: Opal Dunn.
Softcover, 24pp., with audio CD. Illustrated by Patrice Aggs.
These 25 simple songs and rhymes are an excellent way to familiarize young children with French. An illustrated vocabulary features simple words and phrases that are easy to learn. Children are encouraged to repeat the phrases and sing along with the rhymes. The lively illustrations and amusing rhymes make learning a new language fun, while a guide for parents translates more difficult phrases.
 Games & Posters  | French Laminated Posters

Bring France and the Francophone world into your classroom or home through these full color laminated photographic posters!
TD271 Sacre coeur Poster $10.95
Laminated Poster, 20 x 27 inches.
TD3 Paris Boutiques $10.95
TD309 La Boulangerie $10.95
French Shops.
TD311 Mont Blanc $10.95
Places in France.
TD313 Le Maroc $10.95
Laminated poster, 20x27 inches..
TD54 La Suisse Switzerland Poster $10.95
Francophone places.
TD64 Nine Regions of France $32.95
These beautifully illustrated poster sets, depicting various facets of French life, will brighten your classroom!
TD803 Martinique $10.95
Francophone places.
TD806 Le Centre Pompidou $10.95
Places in Paris.
TD807 Château de la Chèvre d'Or Poster $10.95
Places in France.
TD809 La Seine $10.95
Laminated Poster, 20 x 27 inches..
TD810 L'Arc de Triomphe (at night) $10.95
Places in Paris.
TD815 Versailles Poster $10.95
The hall of mirrors at Versailles poster.
TD820 Nice, Cote d'Azur Poster $10.95
Places in France.
TD846 Monte Carlo $10.95
Francophone places.
TD848 Le Carnaval de la Nouvelle Orléans Poster $10.95
Cultural Events & Art.
TD850 Timeline of French History $15.95
3 poster segments (about 4.5 ft long each).
Three posters show the history of France from the prehistoric era to 2000. Includes eras, images from each time period, famous people, political and social movements, and inventions. Segments are separate but could be displayed together around classroom walls.
TD852 Histoire du Jazz $10.95
TD853 Montmartre Poster $10.95
TD901 Fromagerie Poster $10.95
Cheese shop
TD902 Bourgogne Poster $10.95
Places in France.
TD910 Cathedrale Notre Dame $10.95
Places in Paris.
 Games & Posters  | Games

BN0420 Bafouiller (Baffle Gab) $44.95
300 Cards, 4 Answer Pads, 1 Score Sheet Pad, 4 Pencils, 1 Timer, 1 Set of Rules.
Great learning tool for teachers to reinforce French spelling, vocabulary, sentence-structure, grammar, reading, and word usage. A funny story in every game. Bafouiller gives you five word cards and 1 minute to write a sentence or story using them along with some of your own words. You'll earn bone bucks for your creativity! Get the most Bone Bucks and you win! It's a doggone good time.'
EDC3750 First French Flash Cards $6.95
ISBN: 9780794502713 ISBN10: 0794502717.
50 Flash cards illustrated by Stephan Cartwright.
Charmingly illustrated and accompanied by big, bold words, these flashcards are perfect for beginning students. Taking place on Apple Tree Farm, readers learn about life on a farm as well as basic everyday words and expressions.
ELI0753 Le Jeu des Nombres $28.95
ISBN: 9788881480753 ISBN10: 8881480751.
100 flashcards, 32 bingo cards, teacher's manual.
Each of the flash cards show the roman numerals on one side and the written word in French on the other. Although set up like traditional bingo, the teacher's manual gives additional ideas for using the game materials to facilitate learning. A quick and easy way to learn numbers!
ELI0852 Le Jeu des Metiers $28.95
ISBN: 9788881480852 ISBN10: 8881480859.
3 pack of 40 cards, teacher's manual.
Each set of cards has different arrangement of vocabulary words and illustrations to help students learn modern workplace terminology. The teachers manual has hints and tips for using the game in many different ways
ELI0968 Super Bis $28.95
ISBN: 9788881480968 ISBN10: 8881480964.
2 packs od 60 cards, instruction booklet .
This basic language game introduces learners to language structures. One set of cards has questions, the other answers, ans student are challenged to match them up. The instructions also includes teachers' notes and tips.
ELI1666 Questions/Reponses $28.95
ISBN: 9788853611666 ISBN10: 8853611669.
66 cards, poster, dice instruction booklet.
A creative way to teach pronouns and interrogative adverbs. The poster shows a fair, while the card shows items from the fair. Players choose cards and opponents have to guess items by asking questions shown on the dice.
ELI3013 Dominos de la Journee $26.95
ISBN: 9788881483013 ISBN10: 8881483017.
48 cards, teacher's manual.
Based on the traditional game of dominos, this game helps students learn regular and irregular verbs in their past, present and future tenses. Each card has an illustration on one side, and corresponding infinitive verb on the other side. Based around regular activities of a french family, students must match illustrations to words by tense.
ELI3068 Bingo Images $26.95
ISBN: 9788881483068 ISBN10: 8881483068.
100 flashcards, 32 bingo cards, intruction booklet.
With 100 flashcards of basic vocabulary words, this game helps students increase word recognition through playing bingo and easy word-picture association. The instruction booklet also has tips for teachers to expand upon the game.
ELI4644 Voyage en France $28.95
ISBN: 9788853604644 ISBN10: 8853604646.
4-6 players, 1 board, 2 packs of 66 cards, 2 dice, teacher’s manual.
Your students will take a linguistic voyage where they answer questions on grammar, culture, history, geography, idiomatic expressions, and riddles in French. The game includes 1 board, 2 packs of 66 cards, 2 dice, and a teacher’s manual, for 4-6 players.
ELI4699 Questions à la Chaîne $28.95
ISBN: 9788853604699 ISBN10: 8853604697.
2 packs of 66 cards, teacher’s manual, for 4-6 players.
Each player will have to build a chain of questions and answers as fast as possible en français! The game includes two packs of 66 cards and a teacher’s manual, for 4-6 players.
ELI4743 Faisons la fete! $28.95
ISBN: 9788853604743 ISBN10: 8853604743.
Includes 48 cards and a teacher booklet.
A garden party game - a domino game to facilitate learning and strengthening verbal skills. Following the usual domino rules, students have to combine the illustration on the card with the correct written description, conjugating the verb in the required tense.
ELI8311 Grand Jeu des Verbes $28.95
ISBN: 9788881483112 ISBN10: 8881483114.
100 cards, 3 dice, teacher's ,manual.
An innovative way to practice conjugation and speaking! The game comes with 100 verb cards for booth regular and irregular verbs. Three dice indicate what tense to conjugate, what pronoun to use, and which form (negative or interrogative). The teacher's manual gives ideas to different games and includes a complete list of verb conjugations.
HT5234 Bescherelle Super Defi $23.95
ISBN: 9782218965234 ISBN10: 2218965232.
110 Cards, 660 Questions.
This rapid grammar game will have students racing to conjugate verbs! The winner must obtain 10 cards by finding the correct conjugation. Each card has three levels, making it great for students with many ages and abilities.
KLO101F KLOO's Learn to Speak French Language Card Games Pack 1 (Decks 1 & 2) $28.95
Multi-award winning KLOO has turned learning a language into a game. Players make sentences and learn words in French to score points. The game is appropriate for beginners, within a few games players effortlessly learn hundreds of words and can make tens of thousands of sentences. This pack contains decks 1 & which include useful French words for making sentences about 'People' and 'Eating & Drinking'.
KLO102F KLOO's Learn to Speak French Language Card Games Pack 2 (Decks 3 & 4) $28.95
Contains useful French words for making sentences about places and everyday objects.
MZ3023 Magnetic Poetry Kids’ Magnetic French Kit $27.95
200 double-sided, magnetic word tiles..
Make learning a new language extra fun with this creative kit from Magnetic Poetry. Like mini flash cards each double-sided magnet has a French word on 1 side and the English translation on the other, great for kids or adults. Kit includes over 200 double-sided, magnetic word tiles. For ages 5 and up. Individual tiles are .5' tall. For ages 5 and up.
MZ4PW Scrabble En Francais! $42.95
Scrabble in French.
Build your students’ vocabulary, improve their spelling and watch as they have a great time! A French Club favorite! French Scrabble includes the game board, 100 wooden letters, letter storage pouch and 4 letter racks.
MZA4M Bananagrams French Version $19.95
Banagrams is a great way to develop your French vocabulary. This is a fast and fun, award-winning word game that needs no pencil, paper, or board, complete with French alphabet letters. Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles first.
MZJP6S Scrabble Slam French Card Game $21.95
Fast-playing, card-slapping word-changing fun Scrabble Slam en Francais a high-speed four letter word game, race against each other to change the existing word and get rid of your cards.
OB101F Spot it! Basic French $17.95
The 55 cards in this game feature universal images and French words. It's perfect for both foreign language learners and French-speaking emergent readers. There is always one matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it to win! The match may be between a word and its corresponding picture, between two pictures, or between two words. While the repetition trains word recognition, the pictures support reading comprehension. In a durable tin, it's an ideal classroom activity.
TD12 Le Moulin Des Verbes: French Verb Conjugation game $29.95
Softcover, 31 pp.
Le Moulin des Verbes is a game for students to have fun while learning how to conjugate verbs! This game is extremely competitive and encourages students to work together to learn. 10 -er verbs, 7 -ir verbs, 7 -re verbs and the 4 main irregular verbs are covered. Includes game cards, 2 white six-sided dice, a list of large and small group activities and a verb test for evaluation.
TD92S10 Student Clock Dial Set of 10 $14.95
This Set of 10, 4 inch dial clocks have adjustable hands and large numerals; they will help your students illustrate the time you call out. Have them hold the clocks for a quick beat, then you can move on to a different time!
  Games & Posters  | Games  | Photo Bingo

Add fun and games to your classroom with these Bingo sets. Each set of 36 game card relates to a different topic to help your students learn vocabulary, and improve their comprehension skills. Call-out cards are in French, German and Spanish
TD183 Professions Bingo $25.95
28 cards.
TD187 Time Photo Bingo (2nd Edition) $25.95
36 Cards.
Add fun and games to your classroom with these Bingo sets. Each set of 36 game card relates to a different topic to help your students learn vocabulary, and improve their comprehension skills. Call-out cards are in French, German and Spanish
TD187B Time Photo Bingo $25.95
28 cards.
TD869 Reflexive Verbs Bingo $25.95
36 game cards.
Add fun and games to your classroom with these Bingo sets. Each set of 36 game card relates to a different topic to help your students learn vocabulary, and improve their comprehension skills.
  Games & Posters  | Games  | Photo Flash Cards

These large, durable, brightly colored flash cards are perfect for classroom vocabulary drills! Each clear, 7x 7 photograph depicts a precise object or action. On the reverse of each object card, the word appears in German, French, Spanish, and English. Number of flash cards in each set is noted in parenthesis
TD107 Body Parts Flashcards $21.95
28 cards. French, Spanish, German and English.
Body parts vocabulary includes: ankle, arm, back, beard, bottom, cheek, chest, chin, ear, elbow, eye, eyebrow, eyelashes, feet, finger, fingernail, forehead, hair, hand, head, heart, knee, lips, mouth, neck, nose, shoulder, legs, teeth, toe, tongue and wrist.
TD110 Photo Flash Cards Reflexive Verbs $21.95
TD122 Photo Flash Cards - EMOTIONS $21.95
TD866 Photo Flash Cards Emotions $21.95
These large, durable, brightly colored flash cards are perfect for classroom vocabulary drills! Each clear, 7x 7 photograph depicts a precise object or action. 28 cards.
TD870 My City Flashcards $25.95
36 game cards.
 Games & Posters  | Songbook

BE0512 Aux Sources Des Chansons Populaires $27.95
ISBN: 9782701105123 ISBN10: 2701105129.
Written by: M David.
Co-written by A-M. Delrieu, softcover, 319 pp.
The popular French songs, those which belong to the people, all have a story which often ties in with the history of the times. Even if the author remains anonymous, the trip to the origins is always fascinating and full of surprises
HA3140 Les plus Belles Comptines Anglaises $49.95
ISBN: 9782278053148 ISBN10: 2278053140.
Book & CD Set..
Perfect for beginning French and English learners, these 31 traditional nursery rhymes will captivate and charm listeners. The book includes French and British English lyrics surrounded by amusing illustrations. A reference page describes the songs' origins, variations, game ideas, and translations.
MB8425 Le Livre Dor De La Chanson Traditionnelle Française $13.50
ISBN: 9782501018425 ISBN10: 2501018427.
Written by: P Moulou.
Paperback, 255 pp.
A collection of 100 traditional French songs, melody lines with guitar chords and fingering charts. Includes nursery rhymes,counting songs, rounds, childrens songs and traditional folk songs


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