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 Literature for Classes  | A Survey of French Literature In Five Volumes

This newly revised edition of a classic anthology, has been updated for the modern student. Selections in French, with introductory material and notes in English, include time lines, introductions to each period and its culture, and short biographies of the authors. These five volumes, along with French Literature Student Edition Series, include all the material currently recommended by the Advanced Placement courses for French literature.
FOP1060 A Survey of French Literature Moyen-Âge - XVIè $24.95
ISBN: 9781585101061 ISBN10: 1585101060.
Written by: Morris Bishop, Kenneth T Rivers.
152 pp.
FOP1079 A Survey of French Literature XVIIè Siècle $24.95
ISBN: 9781585101078 ISBN10: 1585101079.
Written by: Morris Bishop, Kenneth T Rivers.
FOP180X A Survey of French Liturature XVIIIè Siècle $26.95
ISBN: 9781585101801 ISBN10: 158510180X.
Written by: Morris Bishop, Kenneth T Rivers.
FOP1818 A Survey of French Literature XIXè Siècle $31.95
ISBN: 9781585101818 ISBN10: 1585101818.
Written by: Morris Bishop, Kenneth T Rivers.
FOP1826 A Survey of French Literature XXè Siècle $31.95
ISBN: 9781585101825 ISBN10: 1585101826.
Written by: Morris Bishop, Kenneth T Rivers.
 Literature for Classes  | Advanced Placement

MN0551 Oh Les Beaux Jours $14.95
ISBN: 9782707300553 ISBN10: 2707300551.
Written by: Beckett.
Editions Minuit.
 Literature for Classes  | Annotated Classics

FLA2929 Les Fleurs du Mal $10.95
ISBN: 9782080712929 ISBN10: 2080712926.
Written by: Baudelaire.
  Literature for Classes  | Annotated Classics  | Belin Classico College

This annotated collection was created to introduce your students to classical and contemporary French authors through excerpts of their work. Each chapter contains questions to assure comprehension, vocabulary and writing exercises, an imaginary interview with the author, and explanations of the main themes. A teacher's guide can be downloaded from the Belin's site.
BE1624 Fables $7.50
ISBN: 9782701161624 ISBN10: 2701161622.
Written by: Jean La Fontaine.
Softcover, 128 pp..
BE1631 La Farce de maître Pathelin $7.95
ISBN: 9782701161631 ISBN10: 2701161630.
Written by: Jean-Philippe Marty.
Softcover, 160pp., Adaptation by Philippe Delpeuch..
BE2400 L'Appel de la forêt $11.95
ISBN: 9782701152400 ISBN10: 2701152402.
Written by: Jack London.
Softcover, 150pp..
BE3995 Le Roman de Renart $7.95
ISBN: 9782701153995 ISBN10: 2701153999.
Written by: Marianne Chomienne.
Softcover, 288pp..
BE4312 La Poésie lyrique $8.95
ISBN: 9782701154312 ISBN10: 2701154316.
Written by: Collective.
Softcover, 160pp..
G. Apollinaire, L. Aragon, Ch. Baudelaire, J. du Bellay, F. Cheng, M. Desbordes-Valmore, P. Eluard, V. Hugo, L. Labé, J. Laforgue, A. Lamartine, P. de Marbeuf, A. de Musset, G. Nerval, A. de Noailles, M. Noël, Ch. d’Orléans, Ch. Péguy, A. Rimbaud, P. de Ronsard, Rutebeuf, A. de Saint-Amant, G. Schéhadé, J. Supervielle, P. Verlaine, F. Villon.
BE4343 Le Lion $14.95
ISBN: 9782701154343 ISBN10: 2701154340.
Written by: Joseph Kessel.
Softcover, 288pp..
BE4374 Dix métamorphoses d'Ovide $8.95
ISBN: 9782701154374 ISBN10: 2701154375.
Written by: Juliette Morando.
Softcover, 128pp..
BE4411 Mondo et trois autres histoires $13.50
ISBN: 9782701154411 ISBN10: 2701154413.
Written by: J. M. G. Le Clézio.
Softcover, 256pp..
BE5442 Histoires de vampires $9.95
ISBN: 9782701154428 ISBN10: 2701154421.
Written by: Stéphane Chomienne.
Softcover, 149pp..
BE6354 Tristan et Iseut $6.95
ISBN: 9782701156354 ISBN10: 2701156351.
Written by: Chomienne.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE6361 Vendredi ou la Vie sauvage $13.95
ISBN: 9782701156361 ISBN10: 270115636X.
Written by: Michel Tournier.
Softcover, 192pp..
BE6392 Le Livre de ma mère $12.95
ISBN: 9782701156392 ISBN10: 2701156394.
Written by: Albert Cohen.
Softcover, 192pp..
BE6408 Cyrano de Bergerac $8.95
ISBN: 9782701156408 ISBN10: 2701156408.
Written by: Edmond Rostand.
Softcover, 352pp..
BE6415 Alice au pays des merveilles $7.95
ISBN: 9782701156415 ISBN10: 2701156416.
Written by: Lewis Carroll.
Softcover, 224pp..
BE6422 Le Horla $7.95
ISBN: 9782701156422 ISBN10: 2701156424.
Written by: Guy de Maupassant.
Softcover, 128pp..
BE6437 Quatre courtes pièces $9.95
ISBN: 9782701156347 ISBN10: 2701156343.
Written by: Jean Tardieu.
Softcover, 160pp..
L’île des Lents et l’île des Vifs,Il y avait foule au manoir, Oswald et Zénaïde, Un mot pour un autre
BE6453 Le Colonel Chabert $7.95
ISBN: 9782701156453 ISBN10: 2701156459.
Written by: Honoré de Balzac.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE8700 Mateo Falcone & La Vénus d'Ille $8.95
ISBN: 9782701148700 ISBN10: 2701148707.
Written by: Prosper Mérimée.
Softcover, 149pp..
BE8717 Yvain ou le Chevalier au lion $7.95
ISBN: 9782701148717 ISBN10: 2701148715.
Written by: Chrétien de Troyes.
Softcover, 192pp..
BE8731 Romances sans paroles $8.95
ISBN: 9782701148731 ISBN10: 2701148731.
Written by: Paul Verlaine.
Softcover, 96pp..
BE8755 Meurtres pour mémoire $13.95
ISBN: 9782701148755 ISBN10: 2701148758.
Written by: Didier Daeninckx.
Softcover, 228pp..
BE8766 Knock : ou Le triomphe de la médecine $10.25
ISBN: 9782701148786 ISBN10: 2701148782.
Written by: Jules Romains.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE8779 Lettre à un otage $9.95
ISBN: 9782701148779 ISBN10: 2701148774.
Written by: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
Softcover, 96pp..
BE8816 Calligrammes $13.95
ISBN: 9782701148816 ISBN10: 2701148812.
Written by: Guillaume Apollinaire.
Softcover, 124pp..
BE8823 Histoire vraie et autres nouvelles $8.95
ISBN: 9782701148823 ISBN10: 2701148820.
Written by: Guy de Maupassant.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE9806 Le Petit Poucet et trois autres contes $7.95
ISBN: 9782701149806 ISBN10: 2701149800.
Written by: Charles Perrault.
Softcover, 128pp. adaptation by Charlotte de Bailliencourt.
Cette édition réunit quatre contes de Charles Perrault : La Belle au bois dormant, Le Petit Chaperon rouge, Le Petit Poucet et Le Chat botté.
  Literature for Classes  | Annotated Classics  | Belin Classico Lycee

Each volume contains a presentation of the work with numbered lines for later reference and notes at the bottom of each page. The reader will also have the essential themes explained, questions at the end of each passage to assure comprehension, and essay questions are included at the end of the volume to improve writing skills. A teacher's guide can be downloaded from the Belin's site.
BE1397 Andromaque $7.95
ISBN: 9782701151397 ISBN10: 2701151392.
Written by: Racine.
Softcover, 192pp..
BE1410 La Cantatrice chauve $11.25
ISBN: 9782701151410 ISBN10: 2701151414.
Written by: Eugène Ionesco.
Softcover, 121pp..
BE1441 Manon Lescaut $7.95
ISBN: 9782701151441 ISBN10: 2701151449.
Written by: Abbé Prévost.
Softcover, 256pp..
BE1489 Les Fleurs du mal $8.95
ISBN: 9782701151489 ISBN10: 2701151481.
Written by: Charles Baudelaire.
Softcover, 288pp..
BE1502 Trois pièces contemporaines $9.95
ISBN: 9782701151502 ISBN10: 2701151503.
Written by: Grumberg, Minyana, Renaude.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE1518 Madame Bovary $11.95
ISBN: 9782701161518 ISBN10: 2701161517.
Written by: Gustave Flaubert.
Softcover, 352pp..
BE1525 Le Spleen de Paris $7.95
ISBN: 9782701161525 ISBN10: 2701161525.
Written by: Charles Baudelaire.
Softcover, 192pp..
BE1526 Alcools $8.95
ISBN: 9782701151526 ISBN10: 270115152X.
Written by: Guillaume Apollinaire.
Softcover, 224pp..
BE1532 L'Ingénu $7.50
ISBN: 9782701161532 ISBN10: 2701161533.
Written by: Voltaire.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE1549 Les Liaisons dangereuses $11.95
ISBN: 9782701161549 ISBN10: 2701161541.
Written by: Choderlos de Laclos.
Softcover, 544pp..
BE1563 On ne badine pas avec l'amour $7.95
ISBN: 9782701161563 ISBN10: 2701161568.
Written by: Alfred Musset.
Softcover, 160 pp..
BE1588 Bel-Ami $11.25
ISBN: 9782701151588 ISBN10: 2701151589.
Written by: Guy de Maupassant.
Softcover, 448pp..
BE1662 La Peste $15.95
ISBN: 9782701161662 ISBN10: 2701161665.
Written by: Albert Camus.
Softcover, 192pp..
BE1709 La Civilisation, ma Mère !... $14.75
ISBN: 9782701161709 ISBN10: 2701161703.
Written by: Driss Chraïbi.
Softcover, 224pp..
BE1847 Balzac et la Petite Taileeuse Chinoise $13.95
ISBN: 9782701151847 ISBN10: 2701151848.
Written by: Dai Sijie.
Softcover, 203 pp..
BE2646 La Vie devant soi $15.50
ISBN: 9782701152646 ISBN10: 270115264X.
Written by: Romain Gary.
Softcover, 256pp..
BE2874 La Petite Chartreuse $12.95
ISBN: 9782701162874 ISBN10: 2701162874.
Written by: Pierre Péju.
Softcover, 192 pp..
BE4336 Zadig $7.95
ISBN: 9782701154336 ISBN10: 2701154332.
Written by: Voltaire.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE4442 La Place $9.95
ISBN: 9782701154442 ISBN10: 2701154448.
Written by: Annie Ernaux.
Softcover, 128pp..
BE4473 Le Tartuffe $7.95
ISBN: 9782701154473 ISBN10: 2701154472.
Written by: Molière.
Softcover, 224pp..
BE4497 L'Île des esclaves $7.95
ISBN: 9782701154497 ISBN10: 2701154499.
Written by: Marivaux.
Softcover, 108pp..
BE4503 Les Bonnes $12.95
ISBN: 9782701154503 ISBN10: 2701154502.
Written by: Jean Genet.
Softcover, 128pp..
BE5609 Le roi se meurt $11.50
ISBN: 9782701155609 ISBN10: 2701155606.
Written by: Eugène Ionesco.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE6286 Œuvres poétiques $7.95
ISBN: 9782701156286 ISBN10: 2701156289.
Written by: Arthur Rimbaud.
Softcover, 288pp..
BE6293 Bérénice $7.95
ISBN: 9782701156293 ISBN10: 2701156297.
Written by: Racine.
Softcover, 192pp..
BE6316 Fahrenheit 451 $13.95
ISBN: 9782701156316 ISBN10: 2701156319.
Written by: Ray Bradbury.
Softcover, 256pp..
BE6378 Le Mariage de Figaro $8.95
ISBN: 9782701156378 ISBN10: 2701156378.
Written by: Beaumarchais.
Softcover, 320pp..
BE6385 Le Jeu de l'amour et du hasard $7.95
ISBN: 9782701156385 ISBN10: 2701156386.
Written by: Marivaux.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE6439 Pierre et Jean $8.95
ISBN: 9782701156439 ISBN10: 2701156432.
Written by: Guy Maupassant.
Softcover, 256pp..
BE6446 Supplément au Voyage de Bougainville $7.95
ISBN: 9782701156446 ISBN10: 2701156440.
Written by: Denis Diderot.
Softcover, 160pp..
BE8024 Un barrage contre le Pacifique $15.95
ISBN: 9782701158204 ISBN10: 2701158206.
Written by: Marguerite Duras.
Softcover, 352 pp..
BE8082 La Princesse de Clèves $9.95
ISBN: 9782701158082 ISBN10: 2701158087.
Written by: de Lafayette.
Softcover, 256pp..
BE9706 Candide Nouvelle édition $7.95
ISBN: 9782701159706 ISBN10: 2701159709.
Written by: Voltaire.
Softcover, 192pp..
  Literature for Classes  | Annotated Classics  | Classiques Hachette

A new way to approach the classics, each book contains a chronological table, a literary preface, notes, questions, documents, critical reviews and of course the text. A teacher's guide is available for each title for $10.50
HA1933 Le Mariage de Figaro $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691880 ISBN10: 2011691885.
Written by: Beaumarchais.
Full text.
HA1934 Le Barbier de Séville $8.95
ISBN: 9782010193842 ISBN10: 2010193849.
Written by: Beaumarchais.
HA1958 Le Cid $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691750 ISBN10: 2011691753.
Written by: Corneille.
full text.
HA1966 Fables $10.95
ISBN: 9782011693099 ISBN10: 2011693098.
Written by: La Fontaine.
HA1982 Phèdre $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691767 ISBN10: 2011691761.
Written by: Racine.
Full text.
HA1990 Andromaque $7.95
ISBN: 9782011693020 ISBN10: 2011693020.
Written by: Racine.
full text.
HA2006 Tartuffe $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691781 ISBN10: 2011691788.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA2014 L'Avare $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691712 ISBN10: 2011691710.
Written by: Molière.
HA2022 Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691743 ISBN10: 2011691745.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA2030 Le Malade Imaginaire $8.95
ISBN: 9782011693044 ISBN10: 2011693047.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA2048 Les Fourberies de Scapin $7.95
ISBN: 9782011691729 ISBN10: 2011691729.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA2287 Candide $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691699 ISBN10: 2011691699.
Written by: Voltaire.
HA2303 Contes Normands et Parisiens $8.95
ISBN: 9782011692986 ISBN10: 2011692989.
Written by: Maupassant.
HA2304 Le Horla et Autres Contes Fantastiques $8.95
ISBN: 9782011693051 ISBN10: 2011693055.
Written by: Maupassant.
HA2311 Le Médecin Malgré Lui $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691736 ISBN10: 2011691737.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA2329 Les Femmes Savantes $8.95
ISBN: 9782011693112 ISBN10: 201169311X.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA2337 Dom Juan $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691705 ISBN10: 2011691702.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA3335 Carmen $8.95
ISBN: 9782011694805 ISBN10: 2011694809.
Written by: Mérimée.
full text.
HA3350 Le Jeu de l'amour et du hasard $8.95
ISBN: 9782011692979 ISBN10: 2011692970.
Written by: Marivaux.
full text.
HA3392 Les Fleurs du Mal $8.95
ISBN: 9782010190810 ISBN10: 2010190815.
Written by: Baudelaire.
HA3459 Le Misanthrope $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691873 ISBN10: 2011691877.
Written by: Molière.
full text.
HA3509 Lécole des Femmes $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691774 ISBN10: 201169177X.
Written by: Molière.
HA4085 Britannicus $7.95
ISBN: 9782011693075 ISBN10: 2011693071.
Written by: Racine.
full text.
HA4358 Contes fantastiques $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691804 ISBN10: 201169180X.
Written by: Gautier.
HA5033 Cinna $7.95
ISBN: 9782010205330 ISBN10: 2010205332.
Written by: Corneille.
full text.
HA5034 L'illusion comique $8.95
ISBN: 9782011692993 ISBN10: 2011692997.
Written by: Corneille.
full text.
HA5058 On ne badine pas avec l'amour $8.95
ISBN: 9782011692955 ISBN10: 2011692954.
Written by: Musset.
full text.
HA5462 Zadig $8.95
ISBN: 9782011692962 ISBN10: 2011692962.
Written by: Voltaire.
full text.
HA6194 Lettres de Mon Moulin New ED. $8.95
ISBN: 9782011694898 ISBN10: 2011694892.
Written by: Daudet.
Full Text.
HA6229 Pantagruel, Gargantua $8.95
ISBN: 9782011693846 ISBN10: 2011693845.
Written by: F Rabelais.
HA6559 Germinal $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691859 ISBN10: 2011691850.
Written by: Zola.
HA6725 Trois Contes $8.95
ISBN: 9782011694911 ISBN10: 2011694914.
Written by: Flaubert.
HA6729 Le Père Goriot $8.95
ISBN: 9782011695734 ISBN10: 2011695732.
Written by: Balzac.
Full Text.
HA6730 Colonel Chabert $8.95
ISBN: 9782011694881 ISBN10: 2011694884.
Written by: Balzac.
Full text.
HA6731 Eugénie Grandet $8.95
ISBN: 9782011696861 ISBN10: 2011696860.
Written by: Balzac.
Full text.
HA6743 Les Misérables $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691842 ISBN10: 2011691842.
Written by: Victor Hugo.
HA6750 Essais $7.95
ISBN: 9782011694812 ISBN10: 2011694817.
Written by: Montaigne.
HA6994 Manon Lescaut $8.95
ISBN: 9782011696854 ISBN10: 2011696852.
Written by: Prévost.
Full text.
HA7278 Ruy Blas $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691811 ISBN10: 2011691818.
Written by: Victor Hugo.
full text.
HA7453 Cyrano de Bergerac $8.95
ISBN: 9782011667458 ISBN10: 2011667453.
Written by: Rostand.
full text.
HA7607 Pierre et Jean $8.95
ISBN: 9782011691798 ISBN10: 2011691796.
Written by: Maupassant.
full text.
LA7013 Zadig 5 Pack $25.00
ISBN: 9782038717013 ISBN10: 203871701X.
Written by: Voltaire.
Package of 5. Softcover, 223pp..


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