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 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Art

DAE0622 City Fashion Berlin $14.95
ISBN: 9783833160622 ISBN10: 3833160624.
Written by: C Bierhals.
Softcover, 215 pp.
Dive into Berlin's creative fashion scene in this illustrated guide to 40 leading designers in the city. The book features fresh, up-and-coming designers rather than the established ones already on the scene. Each label has a brief profile in German and English which showcases designer inspirations and work. Brilliant photos appear on every page.
DAE8195 German Modern: Graphic Design from Wilhelm to Weimar $18.95
ISBN: 9780811818193 ISBN10: 0811818195.
Written by: Heller, Fili.
Softcover, 132 pp.
Germany, during the calm of the first World War, initiated and excelled in the art of commercial graphic design. The Germans participated in European artistic movements such as Expressionism, New Typography, and Dadaism further advancing the graphic design fad known as German Modern. The colorful, bold pictures scattered throughout each page offer a glimpse into the art Deco world of the German graphic design
STK1728 German Photography: 1870-1970 $34.95
ISBN: 9780300071726 ISBN10: 0300071728.
Written by: K Honnef.
Hardcover, black & white photography. 323 pp.
This beautifully illustrated volume shows the different fields and objectives of German photography from 1870 to 1970 including art, photojournalism, propaganda, advertising, architectural and fashion photography through more than 240 photographs and illustrations. Numerous essays analyze the development of German photography
  Art Culture Cookbooks  | Art  | Famous German Artists

We are pleased to share this collection of famous German artists. The books are in a softcover edition.
TV0701 Munch $16.95
ISBN: 9783822859711 ISBN10: 3822859710.
Oversized. (contains artistic frontal nudity).
TV0732 Max Ernst $19.95
ISBN: 9783822865941 ISBN10: 382286594X.
Oversized. (contains artistic frontal nudity).
TV2802 Paul Klee $16.95
ISBN: 9783822863619 ISBN10: 3822863610.
Contains artistic frontal nudity..
TV2805 Egon Schiele $16.95
ISBN: 9783822863732 ISBN10: 3822863734.
Contains artistic frontal nudity.
TV2896 Gustav Klimt $16.95
ISBN: 9783822859803 ISBN10: 382285980X.
Softcover, contains artistic frontal nudity.
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Cookbooks

BT2023 The New German Cookbook $31.00
ISBN: 9780060162023 ISBN10: 0060162023.
Written by: Anderson, Wurz.
English, Hardcover, 416 pp..
More than 230 contemporary and traditional recipes from Germany's best chefs and home cooks, including those for Hessian paprika-beef stew, potato pancakes with smoked salmon, bacon dumplings, potatoes with rosemary, and cherry tortes are found in this well illustrated cookbook. Readers who look for sauerkraut and schnitzel will not be disappointed either. It contains explanations of ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions that will inspire you to try each of these delicious recipes. A chapter on wine and beer completes the picture of Germany's gastronomic treasures.
DAE1286 Culinaria Germany $39.95
ISBN: 9783833151286 ISBN10: 3833151285.
Written by: C Metzger.
Softcover, 468 pp.
Discover all the hearty, sophisticated and sweet dishes Germany has to offer. Authentic recipes like sauerkraut, stuffed goose and mosel wine are presented with pictures and step-by-step instructions. As much a cultural reference as a cooking guide, this large volume also includes the regions, specialties and history of German cooking.
DV2204 Austrian Cooking and Baking $9.95
ISBN: 9780486232201 ISBN10: 0486232204.
Written by: Gretel Beer.
English, Softcover, 220 pp.
Authentic recipes offer the best in Austrian home cooking: beef broth with dumplings, potato soup, kalbsgulash, four kinds of schnitzel and more, including 171 dessert recipes—apricot dumplings, Linzertorte, Sachertorte, apple strudel and much more.
HPB2517 German Cooking $18.95
ISBN: 9781557882516 ISBN10: 1557882517.
Written by: M Heberle.
English, Softcover, 313pp..
From soups to desserts, the more than 200 recipes found in this book reflect contemporary German cuisine: heavy traditional dishes and lighter modern meals
HPP0582 Cuisines of the Alps: Recipes, Drinks, and Lore from France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, $24.95
ISBN: 9780781810586 ISBN10: 0781810582.
Written by: Kay Shaw Nelson.
English, Hardcover, 197 pp.
The Alps form an arc spanning almost 750 miles from the Mediterranean Sea through northern Italy and southeast France, Switzerland, southern Germany, and Austria and into the northwest part of the Balkan Peninsula. Cuisines of the Alps takes a culinary tour through this region with stops in Northern Italy for risotto a la Milanese and osso buco; in Austrian for goulash and linzer torte; for dumplings in Bavaria; raclette in Switzerland; French truite au bleu, and in Slovenia for eggplant stew and walnut cake. Cuisines of the Alps will enhance your knowledge of the region’s cookery, bringing the snow-capped peaks, with their robust, dishes into your kitchen.
OE276 Das Beste Dr. Oetker Backbuch $41.95
ISBN: 9783767003248 ISBN10: 3767003244.
Written by: Dr Oetker.
In German, Hardcover, 292 pp..
Tortes, cakes, fruity and creamy, cream cakes and traditional cakes, cakes in different shapes, sheet cakes, cookies, delicate gourmet cookies, petits fours and chocolates.
OE364 Dr. Oetker German Cooking Today $45.95
ISBN: 9783767017146 ISBN10: 3767017148.
Written by: Dr Oetker.
English, Hardcover, 240 pp..
In Germany Dr. Oetker is a household word, and his popular cookbooks are also available in English with a glossary of basic terms, a weights and measures table in both conventional terms and metrics, as well as full color photographs to aid in the preparation of dishes
RH1387 The German Cookbook : A Complete Guide to Mastering Authentic German Cooking $40.00
ISBN: 9780394401386 ISBN10: 0394401387.
Written by: Mimi Sheraton.
Hardcover, 560 pp.
The German Cookbook is complete, from the most elegant to the most basic, with every recipe tested for the American kitchen. It uses American measures, ingredients, temperatures, etc. However, all of the recipes are authentic and astonishingly traditional. The recipes are explained through all-inclusive texts that depict the objectives of the German chef, as well as invaluable techniques that will result in perfect dishes each time. Be prepared to create authentic German appetizers, soups and garnishes, casseroles, fish, chicken and meat dishes, both domestic and wild, vegetables, noodle and potato, desserts and drinks. You will be pleased to find both a complete English and German recipe index to simplify your searches.
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Culture

AB4096 These Strange German Ways and the Whys of the Ways $18.95
ISBN: 9783925744099 ISBN10: 3925744096.
Written by: Susan Stern.
Softcover, 238 pp..
Written in English, this is a cultural guide to Germans and their customs. Included are sections on traditions, transportation, religion, gender roles, education, hotels, restaurants, shopping, recreation, a major section on doing business with the Germans and many more.
AB501 German Holidays & Folk Customs $8.95
ISBN: 9783925744044 ISBN10: 3925744045.
Written by: Dieter Kramer.
60 pp.
This little booklet written in English gives the answers to questions such as 'Why is the Karneval celebrated in late winter and Easter in spring?' 'What is the origin of the Munich Oktoberfest and of the Weihnachtsmann, a relative of Americas Santa Claus? It shows in a fascinating way how deeply the old customs are rooted in the cultural and social history of a people.
KL6753 50 Praktische Tips zum Deutsch lernen $22.95
ISBN: 9783126753401 ISBN10: 312675340X.
Written by: Rus, Neumann, Tomaszewski.
Softcover, 55 pp.
Divided into five categories, this helpful collection of contemporary German Do's and Don'ts is an excellent tool for the student of the living language. A condensed Deutsch in Deutschland creates a greater understanding of the culture as well.
MGH5533 When in Germany, Do as the Germans $15.95
ISBN: 9780844225531 ISBN10: 0844225533.
Written by: H Flippo.
Softcover, 176 pp.
Enjoy Germany and its culture without feeling like a Dummkopf. On entering a restaurant, should you find your own table or wait to be seated? What is a suitable topic for small-talk with a stranger? With fun quizzes, cool Internet addresses and up-to-date insights into all aspects of German culture, this fun and intriguing book teaches you about Germany's culture, language, and people.
NTC5134 The German Way $22.50
ISBN: 9780844225135 ISBN10: 0844225134.
Written by: H Flippo.
Softcover, 138 pp.
Organized alphabetically, this book is an indispensable guide to the cultural traits of the Germanic people. Included are 77 key cultural and social traits representing people from all walks of life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You will gain insights into their rich variety of customs and attitudes which will help you break the culture barrier and understand how things are done in these countries. Ideal for travelers, business people, students and teachers.


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