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German Civilization History Geography
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 Civilization History Geography  | Atlas

KL491 Alexander Schulatlas $49.95
ISBN: 9783623496108 ISBN10: 3623496103.
170 pp. with 131 maps of Germany, Europe and the World.
Ideal for secondary school students. It has clear and easy-to-read colorful maps which are interesting and realistic. The Atlas is well organized and accessible
 Civilization History Geography  | Civilization

AB503 Short History of German Place Names $7.95
ISBN: 9783925744068 ISBN10: 3925744061.
Written by: Harry Davis.
35 pp. Illustrated.
This booklet gives the story behind the names of many places, as well as an historical background of each.
YU2007 Berlin and its Culture $24.95
ISBN: 9780300072006 ISBN10: 0300072007.
Written by: Ronald Taylor.
Hardcover, 416 pages, in English.
Offering a detailed portrait of Berlin, this volume is dedicated to the culture produced in this city from its medieval beginnings to the reunification of 1990. Generously illustrated with 50 color and 160 b&w illustrations, the book surveys the literature, philosophy, music, theater, visual and decorative arts and architecture that emerged from, and were expressive of, the developing society of the city. A beautiful book for teaching the history and culture of Berlin.


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