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 Dictionaries  | Bilingual

BA0037 Barron’s German-English Pocket Dictionary $9.99
ISBN: 9780764140037 ISBN10: 0764140035.
Softcover, 976 pp..
This brand-new bilingual dictionary is a pocket-size edition—just the right size to fit in your backpack or briefcase. Abridged from Barron’s comprehensive, full-size German-English Dictionary, this new title contains approximately 70,000 words presented in two separate sections. American-style English to German and German to English. Each headword is listed with its translation, part of speech, and pronunciation. Phrases follow each definition using headwords in standard contexts. Separate bilingual lists present numerals, abbreviations, and more.
BA3407 Barrons Bilingual Dictionary $10.99
ISBN: 9780764103407 ISBN10: 0764103407.
Softcover, 180 pp.
Targeted for first year language students, this dictionary contains high frequency vocabulary, common idioms list, a phonetic pronunciation system and illustrative sentences to clarify meaning and usage. A bonus finders list, in English, allows the students to find words and expressions in German
BA7631 Barron's German English Dictionary $19.99
ISBN: 9780764137631 ISBN10: 0764137638.
Ger/Eng-Eng/Ger., s/c, 1264 pp..
Features 100,000 entries with translations, American-style English translations of all German entries, headwords are printed in a second color for easy reference with translations, parts of speech, and pronunciation guide printed in black, separate bilingual lists for numerals, phonetics symbols, abbreviations, and geographical names and much more.
BA9669 Barrons Dictionary of German Slang & Colloquial Expressions $11.99
ISBN: 9780764141140 ISBN10: 0764141147.
Great idiomatic tool for travelers or students at the intermediate level to advanced level. In an alphabetical index, more than 4,000 colloquial expressions and words not usually found in the standard dictionaries are defined
HC841 German Concise Dictionary Harper Collins $17.99
ISBN: 9780061998621 ISBN10: 0061998621.
Softcover. 195,000 Entries and translations.
Includes Clear color layout and alphabet tabs help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily, easy-to-use German grammar guide, cultural notes provide insight into life in German-speaking countries. Ideal for intermediate learners.
HM0147 Larousse Concise Dictionary $24.95
ISBN: 9782035400147 ISBN10: 2035400147.
Hardcover, 1290 pp Ger-Eng/Eng-Ger.
Newly revised, this dictionary offers users essential information on the new German spelling reform.
LN2044 Langenscheidt's Standard German Dictionary $22.99
ISBN: 9783468980466 ISBN10: 3468980469.
Thumb-indexed edition Ger-Eng/Eng-Ger. Hardcover, 1,200 pp.
120,000 words. With its increased grammar coverage and examples of modern and idiomatic use, it is an excellent choice for the classroom
LN2105 Langenscheidt's German Pocket Dictionary $13.99
ISBN: 9783468981432 ISBN10: 3468981430.
German-English/English-German. Flexible plastic binding, 671 pp., 55,000 words.
This dictionary, is in handy format that is designed for the intermediate language student or the tourist.
LN29018 Langenscheidt's New College Dictionary G/E - E/G $49.95
ISBN: 9781585735181 ISBN10: 1585735183.
German-English/English-German. 220,000 words, 1,791 pp.
The New College Dictionary offers extensive information on idioms and colloquial German. It emphasizes American English and gives full grammar and pronunciation information next to each entry. Ideal for the serious student of the German language
MGH2406 McGraw-Hill's German Student Dictionary $14.00
ISBN: 9780071592406 ISBN10: 0071592407.
Softcover, 512 pp..
This reliable bilingual dictionary contains 3,500 essential words, each with an easy-to-use pronunciation guide, verb conjugation (when appropriate), and an example sentence. It also contains grammar tips and hints, including common mistakes to avoid. Sub-entries explain shades of meaning and idiomatic expressions. common names in German, weights and measures, maps, numbers, and more. This dictionary has the basic words you need and not the advanced terms you don't.
MGH8801 Everyday German Dictionary $20.00
ISBN: 9780071768801 ISBN10: 0071768807.
Softcover, 448 pp., English/German - German/English.
This easy-to-use reference specifically meets the needs of beginning students, with a focus on the most useful German terms and phrases. featuring 42,000 headwords and 65,00 translations, 70 essential keywords, their meanings and usage, abbreviations, German pronunciation and verb tables.
MM921 Cassell's Pocket Dictionary German/English $7.99
ISBN: 9780020248507 ISBN10: 0020248504.
German-English/English-German. Softcover. 540 pp. Over 35,000 entries and translations.
For fast, easy reference and comprehensive coverage, Cassell's is unbeatable. With entries covering daily conversation as well as technical and professional terms, this handy pocket-sized dictionary is the only reference you need while traveling, studying, or working.
MW2918 Merriam Webser's Compact 5 Language Dictionary $29.95
ISBN: 9780877792918 ISBN10: 0877792917.
Full Color Illustrations.
2,600 detailed pictures illustrate the meaning of 9,500 terms in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Perfect for work, school or college study.
MW8576 Merriam Webster Bilingual German/English Dictionary $6.99
ISBN: 9780877798576 ISBN10: 0877798575.
Softcover, 419 pp..
This German-English bilingual dictionary features over 40,000 headwords, 48,000 references, and 62,000 translations.
OX9744 Oxford German Dictionary $55.00
ISBN: 9780199545681 ISBN10: 0199545685.
This new dictionary has been completely updated to include the very latest vocabulary, with over 320,000 new words, 520,000 translations in each language. The new edition includes cultural notes, information on language usage and construction, and a revised and updated center section on correspondence which includes sample letters, CVs, and emails. Additionally, new sections on text messaging and using the telephone are now available.
 Dictionaries  | Children

BI117 Meyers Kinderlexikon $31.50
ISBN: 9783411078158 ISBN10: 3411078154.
With 1000 colored pictures and extensive categories, this is an attractive picture book as well as an informative reference book. Brief, easy to understand texts explain the most important aspects of daily life
CSP1540 My First German Phrases $25.99
ISBN: 9781404871540 ISBN10: 1404871543.
Library Bound, 32 pp., Interest Level: K-3, Reading Level: 1-3.
EDC289X German Dictionary for Beginners While supplies last $13.95
ISBN: 9780794502898 ISBN10: 079450289X.
Written by: H Davies.
softbound, 128 pp.
A colorful, humorously illustrated dictionary devised to make German language learning easy and fun. It contains about 2,000 everyday words grouped thematically and illustrated with amusing pictures so that beginners are introduced to them in context. Each thematic section is followed by a simple guide to grammar, new German spelling and an English-German glossary. Internet linked, it will allow students to practice their pronunciation
EDC365X First Hundred Words in German $9.00
ISBN: 9780746003657 ISBN10: 074600365X.
Beautifully illustrated for young children to learn new words. An English translation accompanies each word, with an easy pronunciation guide at the back of the book
EDC682 First Thousand Words in German $20.95
ISBN: 9781580866255 ISBN10: 1580866255.
This book is for children who are starting to learn German. By looking at the pictures it will be easy to assimilate the words underneath. At the back of the book is a pronunciation guide for all the words in the pictures and an alphabetical German/English Dictionary
  Dictionaries  | Children  | Meyers Kleine Kinder Bibliothek

Written entirely in German, each beautifully illustrated with transparent pages for a dramatic and entertaining effect. This is an extensive collection covering many subjects. While supplies last!
MY010 Das Flugzeug / The Airplane $22.95
ISBN: 9783411085019 ISBN10: 3411085010.
MY012 Im Krankenhaus / In the Hospital $22.95
ISBN: 9783411096015 ISBN10: 3411096012.
MY013 Die Zahlen / The Numbers $22.95
ISBN: 9783411087013 ISBN10: 3411087013.
MY016 Die Feuerwehr / The Fire Department $22.95
ISBN: 9783411095018 ISBN10: 3411095016.
MY017 Der Baum/ The Tree $22.95
ISBN: 9783411086023 ISBN10: 3411086025.
MY118 Die Ritterburg / The Castle $22.95
ISBN: 9783411085118 ISBN10: 3411085118.
MY213 Die Kuh / The Cow $22.95
ISBN: 9783411097210 ISBN10: 3411097213.
MY215 Die Blume / The Flowers $22.95
ISBN: 9783411085217 ISBN10: 3411085215.
MY217 Die Baustelle / Construction $22.95
ISBN: 9783411096213 ISBN10: 3411096217.
MY21X Der Löwe / The Lion $22.95
ISBN: 9783411098217 ISBN10: 341109821X.
MY312 Der Vogel / The Bird $22.95
ISBN: 9783411085316 ISBN10: 3411085312.
MY315 Die Pyramide / The Pyramid $22.95
ISBN: 9783411087310 ISBN10: 3411087315.
MY316 Der Marienkäfer / The Ladybug $22.95
ISBN: 9783411084319 ISBN10: 3411084316.
MY411 Der Frosch / The Frog $22.95
ISBN: 9783411096428 ISBN10: 341109642X.
MY412 Der Bär / The Bear $22.95
ISBN: 9783411087426 ISBN10: 3411087420.
MY415 Der Wal / The Whale $22.95
ISBN: 9783411095414 ISBN10: 3411095415.
MY511 Die Ente / The Duck $22.95
ISBN: 9783411098514 ISBN10: 3411098511.
MY512 Das Eichhörnchen / The squirrel $22.95
ISBN: 9783411095513 ISBN10: 3411095512.
MY515 Die Schildkröte und die Schnecke / The Turtle and the snail $22.95
ISBN: 9783411097517 ISBN10: 3411097515.
MY517 Die Maus/ The Mouse $22.95
ISBN: 9783411085521 ISBN10: 3411085525.
MY519 Die Indianer / The Indians $22.95
ISBN: 9783411096510 ISBN10: 3411096519.
MY541 Der Apfel / The Apple $22.95
ISBN: 9783411085422 ISBN10: 3411085428.
MY611 Der Pinguin/The Penguin $22.95
ISBN: 9783411096114 ISBN10: 341109611X.
MY612 Die Katze / The Cat $22.95
ISBN: 9783411097623 ISBN10: 3411097620.
MY716 Der Hund / The Dog $22.95
ISBN: 9783411098712 ISBN10: 3411098716.
MY810 Der Affe/ The Ape $22.95
ISBN: 9783411096817 ISBN10: 3411096810.
MY812 Unter Der Erde/ Underground $22.95
ISBN: 9783411084814 ISBN10: 3411084812.
MY815 Der Biber / The Beaver $22.95
ISBN: 9783411086825 ISBN10: 3411086823.
MY817 Fussball / Soccer $22.95
ISBN: 9783411097814 ISBN10: 3411097817.
MY871 Das Werkzeug / Tools $22.95
ISBN: 9783411087112 ISBN10: 3411087110.
 Dictionaries  | Commercial

HU6212 Technisches Taschenwörterbuch Ger/Eng $22.95
ISBN: 9783190062126 ISBN10: 3190062129.
Written by: Henry G Freeman.
A handy reference guide with over 13,000 technical terms from the fields of machinery and tool manufacturing, iron and steel manufacturing, materials science, instrumentation and electrical engineering, electronics, computer, internet, quality assurance and management, production technology, automation, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, Automotive Technology, etc.
 Dictionaries  | Encyclopedias

BK1677 Der Brockhaus in einem Band $71.95
ISBN: 9783765316821 ISBN10: 3765316822.
Hardcover, 1,024 pp.
More than 3,500 mostly color illustrations, 16 pages of maps, surveys and graphs. The Brockhaus in one volume provides information dealing with many timely subjects from A-Z.
BK3100 Die Enzyklopädie in 24 Bänden $2,995.00
ISBN: 9783765331008 ISBN10: 3765331007.
24 luxurious volumes with 23 carat gold lettering and rimmed pages. 17,500 pp.
Over 260,000 keywords, 35,000 colorful pictures, maps and tables. This 1998 edition contains a world of knowledge from A-Z. Brockhaus has been renowned over generations for its excellence in meticulous, detailed and exhaustive reference work. Its exceptionally easy to read print, superb organization and articulation make this a very user friendly tool, perfect for all your research papers.
BK5362 Das Große Kreuzworträtsel Lexikon $24.95
ISBN: 9783411053650 ISBN10: 3411053658.
Over 160,000 definitions to aid the crossword addict, with more than 500,000 new words added
  Dictionaries  | Encyclopedias  | Duden

This internationally respected twelve volume series of reference books for the correct usage of the German language is an indispensable tool for all translators, educators, professionals and students aiming to master German
BI751 Die Rechtschreibung $59.95
ISBN: 9783411046508 ISBN10: 3411046503.
Der Duden in 12 Bänden. Hardcover. (Vol. 1) A guide to orthography.
The 25th Edition of this comprehensive reference work is as reliable as ever. Around 135,000 keywords, including 5,000 new words, more than 500,000 examples, explanations and information about word division, pronunciation, grammar, etymology, and style leave no questions unanswered. More doubtful cases will be explained in detail in 400 concise information boxes. Several acceptable spellings are highlighted in yellow.
BI7510 Das Bedeutungswörterbuch $52.95
ISBN: 9783411041046 ISBN10: 3411041048.
Der Duden in 12 Bänden. Hardcover. (Vol. 10) Semantic dictionary.
The basic building blocks of our vocabulary this Duden explains linguistic relationship and promotes the creative use of the German language.
BI7512 Zitate und Aussprüche $52.95
ISBN: 9783411041237 ISBN10: 3411041234.
Der Duden in 12 Bänden. Hardcover. (Vol. 12) Quotations and famous sayings.
BI753 Das Bildwörterbuch $52.95
ISBN: 9783411040360 ISBN10: 341104036X.
Der Duden in 12 Bänden. Hardcover. (Vol. 3) Picture dictionary.
This book contains some 30,000 terms that are described by around 400 pictures- separated by subjects. Includes a detailed alphabetical index.
BI754 Die Grammatik $52.95
ISBN: 9783411040490 ISBN10: 3411040491.
Der Duden in 12 Bänden. Hardcover. (Vol. 4) Grammar.
A scientifically accurate and comprehensive representation of the structure of the German language. This book clearly and systematically describes the use of grammar and properties of the spoken language.
BI756 Das Aussprachewörterbuch $52.95
ISBN: 9783411040674 ISBN10: 341104067X.
Der Duden in 12 Bänden. Hardcover. (Vol. 6) Foreign words and places.
The dictionary of German pronunciation - a guide to understanding the entire German-speaking world. Includes a vivid introduction to the rules of standard German pronunciation and numerous tables and graphs.
BI758 Das Synonymwörterbuch $52.95
ISBN: 9783411040865 ISBN10: 3411040866.
Hardcover. (Vol. 8) Synonyms and antonyms, 1136 pp..
Around 300,000 synonyms for more than 20,000 keywords help you to always find the right word. With many useful usage examples with words and phrases to numerous information boxes.
BI759 Richtiges und gutes Deutsch $52.95
ISBN: 9783411040971 ISBN10: 3411040971.
Der Duden in 12 Bänden. Hardcover. (Vol. 9) Guide to correct usage.
Dictionary of difficult linguistic cases. Grammatical and stylistic questions, formulation aids, and explanations for the use of the German language are all included in this.
BK40117 Die Deutsche Rechtschreibung $59.95
ISBN: 9783411046508 ISBN10: 3411046503.
Hardcover, 1216 pp..
The long awaited orthography book, with the new rules in red next to the old in black. Students can see the changes at a glance.
  Dictionaries  | Encyclopedias  | Duden Taschenbücher

A series of German language usage books in softcover, which will help you perfect your letters, papers and presentations. Softcover
BK0501 Redensarten $28.95
ISBN: 9783411705016 ISBN10: 3411705019.
Idioms and idiomatic phrases. 320 pp.
BK10 Komma, Punkt und alle andere Satzzeichen $31.95
ISBN: 9783411049141 ISBN10: 3411049146.
Punctuation. 156 pp.
BK13 Lexikon der Vornamen $28.95
ISBN: 9783411049448 ISBN10: 3411049448.
First names. 239 pp.
BK17 Wie sagt man in Österreich? $28.95
ISBN: 9783411049837 ISBN10: 3411049839.
Austrian usage. 252 pp..
BK20 Wörterbuch der Abkürzungen $28.95
ISBN: 9783411050154 ISBN10: 3411050152.
Softcover, 320 pp. Dictionary of abbreviation.
BK2312 Jiddisches Wörterbuch $28.95
ISBN: 9783411062416 ISBN10: 341106241X.
Yiddisch Dictionary. 204 pp.
BK2517 Geographische Namen in Deutschland Vol. 25 $28.95
ISBN: 9783411062522 ISBN10: 3411062525.
Geographical names in Germany. 296 pp.
BK7517 Wie verfaßt man wissenschaftliche Arbeiten? $28.95
ISBN: 9783411027514 ISBN10: 3411027517.
Written by: Klaus Poenicke.
Efficiency. 216 pp.
How to write scientific papers
  Dictionaries  | Encyclopedias  | Schülerduden

BK215X Rechtschreibung und Wortkunde $39.95
ISBN: 9783411042180 ISBN10: 3411042184.
Hardcover, 575 pp..
This student Duden contains approximately 17,000 keywords in old and new spelling. All the new spellings are emphasized in the numerous examples of application, by red print. The main rules of spelling, word division and punctuation are generally compiled in a separate part. The chapter of word origin is tailored to students and deals with the subjects of word formation, word families, related terms, etc., and provides an introduction to the history of our vocabulary.
BK2200 Die Kunst $39.95
ISBN: 9783411022007 ISBN10: 3411022000.
Hardcover. (Art).
Von der Gotik bis zu Grafito: die wichtigsten Epochen und Stilrichtungen in Text und Bild. 582 Seiten, rund 3000 Stichwörter, 96 Farbtafeln, zahlreiche Abbildungen, Register
BK2205 Die Astronomie $39.95
ISBN: 9783411022205 ISBN10: 3411022205.
Hardcover. (Astronomy).
Supernova, Rote Reissen, Schwarzes Loch: die Welt der Astronomie in einem Band. Auf 418 Seiten, rund 2000 Stichwörter, 200 Abbildungen, zahlreiche Tabellen und Übersichten, Literaturverzeichnis
BK2207 Die Biologie $39.95
ISBN: 9783411054268 ISBN10: 3411054263.
Hardcover. (Biology).
Auf dem neuesten Stand der Forschung: von den Aminossäuren bis zum Zwischenwirt. 484 Seiten, rund 2500 Stichwörter, zahlreiche Abbildungen, 16 mehrfarbige Schautafeln
BK2215 Die Geschichte $39.95
ISBN: 9783411054152 ISBN10: 3411054158.
Hardcover. (History).
Dieses Sachlexikon vergegenwärtigt Daten, Fakten und Zusammenhänge der Geschichte. 504 Seiten, rund 2400 Stichwörter, 150 Abbildungen, Literaturverzeichnis, Personen-und Sachregister
BK2218 Die Chemie $39.95
ISBN: 9783411022182 ISBN10: 3411022183.
Hardcover. (Chemistry).
Von Ammoniak bis Zucker werden Stoffe,. Reaktionen und Gesetze auf eine Formel gebracht 442 Seiten, rund 1800 Stichwörter, 900 meist zweifarbige Abbildungen und chemische Formeln
BK2219 Die Physik $39.95
ISBN: 9783411053759 ISBN10: 3411053755.
Methoden, Begriffe und Ergebnisse werden präzise und leicht verständlich erklärt. 490 Seiten, mehr als 1500 Stichwörter, rund 450 Abbildungen, Register, Übersichten
BK2236 Die Pflanzen / Plants $39.95
ISBN: 9783411022236 ISBN10: 341102223X.
Written by: Wolfgang Lathe.
Hardcover, 436 pp..
From daisies to the sequoia. Some 5000 words, 168 color photos of 32 full-page charts.
BK2241 Die Musik $39.95
ISBN: 9783411053940 ISBN10: 3411053941.
Hardcover. (Music).
Was ist Farbenhören, was weißes Rauschen? 488 Seiten mit rund 2500 Stichwörten, Notenbeispielen, 250 Bildern und Zeichnungen, Literaturverzeichnis. Register
BK2242 Literatur $39.95
ISBN: 9783411054046 ISBN10: 3411054042.
Hardcover, 502 pp..
Absurdes Theater, Naturalismus, Einakter: Dieses Sachlexikon definiert die zentralen Begriffe der Literatur. 512 Seiten, rund 2000 Stichwörter, ein tabellarischer Abriß der abendländischen Literatur, zahlreiche Abbildungen und Personenregister
BK2243 Grammatik $39.95
ISBN: 9783411056354 ISBN10: 3411056355.
Hardcover. (Grammar). 509 Seiten.
Die Sprachlehre mit Übungen und Lösungen, speziell für den Deutschunterricht entwickelt. 509 Seiten
BK240X Die Ökologie $39.95
ISBN: 9783411022403 ISBN10: 341102240X.
Hardcover, 368 pp..
BK2477 Die Richtige Wortwahl $39.95
ISBN: 9783411022472 ISBN10: 3411022477.
Hardcover, 553 pp..
The right word choice.
BK3699 Die Religion und Ethik $39.95
ISBN: 9783411013692 ISBN10: 3411013699.
Hardcover, 464 pp. (Religions).
Von alten Naturreligionen bis zu modernen Sekten. Ursprung und Geschichte aller Religionen. Rund 4000 Stichwörter, 200 Abbildungen, Literaturverzeichnis, Register
BK4205 Die Mathematik I $39.95
ISBN: 9783411042074 ISBN10: 3411042079.
Hardcover. (Math I).
Mathe leicht verständlich für die Sekundarstufe I. 539 Seiten, über 1000 meist zweifarbige Abbildungen, zahlreiche Beispiele, Register
BK4222 Die Geographie $39.95
ISBN: 9783411042227 ISBN10: 3411042222.
(Geography). 447 Seiten, rund 1800 Stichwörter, 120 Abbildungen.
Von Abbruchküste bis Zylinderprojection: das aktuelle Fachlexikon für den Geographieunterricht.
BK4273 Mathematik II $39.95
ISBN: 9783411042753 ISBN10: 3411042753.
Hardcover. (Math II).
Höhere Mathematik auf einen einfachen Nenner gebracht. Sekundarstufe II. 478 Seiten, über 500 meist zweifarbige Abbildungen, zahlreiche Beispiele, Register
BK4723 Politik und Gesellschaft $39.95
ISBN: 9783411047253 ISBN10: 3411047259.
Hardcover, 460 pp.(Politics and Society).
Politik und Gesellschaft: Ein Lexikon zum politischen und gesellschaftlichen Grundwissen. Die grundlegenden Fakten, Entwicklungen ... Gesellschaft. Für die Sekundarstufe 1 und 2
BK4892 Die Wirtschaft $39.95
ISBN: 9783411048946 ISBN10: 3411048948.
Hardcover, 480 pp. (Business).
Ein Lexikon für Schule, Ausbildung und Beruf. Das Grundwissen aus Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitik. Für Unterricht, Berufspraxis und Alltag. ABC - Analyse. Break-even-point, Joint-venture das Lexikon des wirtschaftlichen Lebens. Rund 2500 Stichwörter, zahlreiche Diagramme und Abbildungen.
BK5143 Fremdwörterbuch (neue Rechtschreibung) $39.95
ISBN: 9783411051441 ISBN10: 3411051442.
Hardcover. (Words of non-German origin). 480 Seiten.
Dieses Fremdwörterbuch ist ganz auf die Anforderungen in Schule und Ausbildung und auf die Interessen junger Menschen abgestimmt.


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