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BK6733 Brockhaus Multimedial 2009 $119.95
ISBN: 9783411067275 ISBN10: 3411067276.
We are proud to carry this comprehensive multimedia German encyclopedia which contains 255,000 articles, more than 330,000 entries, an Atlas and the Duden Oxford dictionary in English/German with 120,000 words. It also includes an interactive planetarium with over 120,000 object in the universe.
 Software  | Die Rechtscreibung

A new software program which contains more than 120,000 key words, with the new grammar and spelling in red highlights for quick reference. Filled with more than 500,000 examples, it provides you with explanations and etymology, syllabification, pronunciation, and grammar. Network capabilities are available; please contact us for pricing
BI0922 Die Rechtschreibung CD & BK $49.95
ISBN: 9783411709229 ISBN10: 3411709227.
(Hybrid CD-Rom - Windows/ Macintosh).
 Software  | Language & Culture

SOC0930 Learn to Speak German CD-ROM PC ONLY $31.95
Designed for beginning learners of German who wish to progress at their own pace, this fun and informative program offers lessons in speaking, reading, and writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, and much more. Students can easily acquire two-years of real-world German material through various games and lessons which are enhanced by native speakers presented in the program. Additional features include speech recognition, simulated conversations, practice games, and cultural movies to help students have fun while developing basic conversation skills.


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