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DAE0501 Venetian Palazzi $39.95
ISBN: 9783822870501 ISBN10: 3822870501.
Hardcover with dustjacket, oversized, 260 pp, full color illustrations, trilingual.
Featuring 19 acclaimed palaces of Venice, this book contains more than 120 excellent color photographs of the magnificent interiors and designs of these noble residences erected during the prosperous period in Venice and decorated by famous artists and craftsmen. The text in English, German and French describes these splendors. A valuable book for anyone interested in Italian architecture, design, or furnishings.
DAE0550 Enzo Sellerio:Photography in Sicily $29.95
ISBN: 9781860460555 ISBN10: 1860460550.
Hardcover, oversized with dust jacket, 174 pp.
Through 140 enthralling black & white photographs of many Sicilian towns and the people living there. Taken in the 50 and 60, including pictures of Partinico, Isnello and Palermo, this book introduces your students visually to the life and civilization in south Italy. A wonderful illustrative book for teaching Italian culture in the classroom
DAE745X Vatican Treasures $15.95
ISBN: 9780940717459 ISBN10: 094071745X.
R.P.Bergmann/D. De Grazia, 11 pp, softcover.
This book catalogues early Christian, Renaissance and Baroque Art from the Papal Collection ranging from sculpture and tapestries to artifacts. Detailed descriptions accompany 50 high quality, mostly color photographs and illustrations of the Vatican treasures explaining the history of the genre and significance of each work. An excellent resource for students studying or compiling a research paper on Vatican treasures.
TA8706 Rome $15.00
ISBN: 9783822858707 ISBN10: 3822858706.
Written by: D Montagnon, B Roland.
Softcover, 159 pp.
This volume is dedicated to Rome, the Capital of the Roman Empire, seat of the papacy and cultural metropolis during the Renaissance and the Baroque eras. With more than 160 color illustrations, the reader will experience enchanting views of Rome not usually viewed by tourists. The accompanying text invites you on a tour of this city of seven hills
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Cookbooks

DAE5476 Diary of a Tuscan Chef: Recipes and Memories... $35.00
ISBN: 9780385485470 ISBN10: 0385485476.
Written by: C Casella.
E. Daspin. Hardcover, 336 pp.
Recipes and Memories of Good Times and Great Food A native-born Tuscan and renowned executive chef at the famed Coco Pazzo restaurant in New York City, Cesare Casella arranged a cookbook for the Italian food lover. It features classic and original Tuscany region dishes while taking the reader on a journey through his life as a young cook using photographs and story excerpts
DAE7749 125 Million Traditional Italian Gourmet Menus $14.95
ISBN: 9788854407749 ISBN10: 8854407747.
Softcover, spiral bound, 160 pp..
This valuable resource will help you not only prepare Italian food, but put together full dinner menus. Start with stuffed calamari, move on to Baked Farfalle and Salt Cod, and enjoy Sweet Potato Pudding as dessert. Each recipe includes a color photo, shopping list and difficulty rating.
STK8801 Classic Italian Recipes $29.95
ISBN: 9780765108807 ISBN10: 0765108801.
Written by: J Bugg.
256 pp. Hardcover, Oversized.
An exciting selection of over 200 recipes from all over Italy. Chapters include recipes for Soups, Antipasto, Pasta Fish, Meat, Poultry, Rice, Polenta, Gnocci, Pizzas, Breads and of course, Desserts with emphasis on fresh ingredients, flavor and visual appeal. This practical and beautifully designed cookbook has easy to follow recipes with color photographs of the final presentation and the steps involved to arrive there. A classic guide to Italian cooking
STK9264 The Cooking of Parma $19.95
ISBN: 9780847819263 ISBN10: 0847819264.
Written by: R C Sidoli.
Hardcover, 190 pp.
Over 130 recipes will help you prepare and enjoy an array of dishes from antipasti to dolci. Torta de spinaci, risotto, polenta, tortellini di zucca, lasagna in bianco, osso buco, asparagi alla parmigiana, insalata di savoa, pasticini and tiramisu are some of the delectable dishes you will discover. Also offered are menus ranging from simple to classic, anecdotes, historical notes and many ideas to simplify the preparation of these dishes. A book perfect for the Chef or the apprentice!
 Art Culture Cookbooks  | Culture

BT2912 Heritage Italian-American Style $19.95
ISBN: 9780967532912 ISBN10: 0967532914.
Written by: Leon Radomile.
Bilingual, 2nd Edition, Softcover, 477 pp.
This newly revised second edition is now available in a bilingual format and has been expanded 1776 fact-filled questions. The five major categories (Food, Music, Entertainment; Art, Science, Literature; History, Geography, Business; Sports; Romans) cover 3,000 years of Italian genius and innovation, with an index of over 2,700 entries. It also contains six comprehensive internet address directories covering area's like language, genealogy, culture, organizations, food/wine, anti-defamation, etc. Also included is a special section listing over 50 major Italian-American magazines and newspapers printed in the United States, along with subscription information.
EDL6129 Sapore D'Italia $33.95
ISBN: 9789607706126 ISBN10: 9607706129.
Written by: M Zurula.
In Italian only.
Designed for advanced students of Italian, this book contains various authentic texts on Italian culture and civilization taken from the press and literature. Activities and exercises focus on the refinement of oral, writing skills, and reading comprehension skills, while expanding your students knowledge of the Italian culture
GUR5639 Civilta Italiana $45.95
ISBN: 9788877155634 ISBN10: 8877155639.
Written by: D. Sebastiani, O. Giacobbi.
Softcover , 192pp..
Created to familiarize students with Italian culture, this book is based on historical facts, quotes from dignitaries, and discussion of the arts and literature. The first part of the book gives a general insight into contemporary Italy, bringing to light the diversity between the cities and regions.and contain exercises to test understanding and develop grammar. The second part uses political documents as a base to stimulate student discussions of the geopolitical occurrence and their effects on Italian culture.
NTC0702 The Italian Way $15.95
ISBN: 9780844280721 ISBN10: 0844280720.
Written by: Mario Costantino, Lawrence Gambella.
Softcover, 128 pp..
This engaging handbook will help students understand how the Italian people interact with one another, celebrate holidays, eat, dress and do business. The book is organized alphabetically and completely indexed for ease of use with many illustrations and four commentaries


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