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 Dictionaries  | Audio

MGH2352 McGraw-Hill's Italian Student Dictionary for your iPod (MP3 CD-ROM & Guide) $12.95
ISBN: 9780071592352 ISBN10: 0071592350.
At school, at home, or on the go, this beginner's dictionary gives you what you need quickly and easily. With each entry, you will hear the word in Italian and in English, with pauses so you can perfect your pronunciation. This dictionary for Your iPod also lets you personalize your learning experience in these ways: Quick look-up, See and hear 4,000 Italian to English, English to Italian entries, Master 800 basic words grouped by 25 common themes. Using the iPod playlist feature, you can create your own list of troublesome words, terms to study for next week's exam-the possibilities are endless!
 Dictionaries  | Bilingual

AM178P Amscos Italian Dictionary $24.95
ISBN: 9780877205920 ISBN10: 0877205922.
R. Melzi, Flexicover, 736pp.
Containing 60,000 entries based on both spoken and written sources, this dictionary gives the gender of the Italian nouns in both sections of the book, plural forms of irregular nouns and adjectives, and uses English definitions based upon American usage. This dictionary also contains pronunciation and grammatical tables and 191 model verbs with irregularities keyed to the irregular verbs listed in the dictionary
BA0044 Barrons Italian-English Pocket Dictionary $8.99
ISBN: 9780764140044 ISBN10: 0764140043.
This brand-new bilingual dictionary is a pocket-size edition is just the right size to fit in a carry-on flight bag for international travel. Abridged from Barron's comprehensive, full-size Italian-English Dictionary, this new title contains approximately 70,000 words presented in two separate sections. American-style English to Italian and Italian to English. Each headword is listed with its translation, part of speech, and pronunciation. Phrases follow each definition using headwords in standard Separate bilingual lists present numerals, abbreviations, and more. Compiled and edited by a team of native speakers of both English and Italian, this book is an up-to-date and virtually indispensable linguistic tool for students and travelers.
BA2826 Italian Bilingual Dictionary / While supplies last $8.95
ISBN: 9780764102820 ISBN10: 0764102826.
Written by: G. C. Lipton, J. Colaneri.
Softcover, 180pp..
Designed for the beginning learner of Italian this illustrated basic dictionary offers approximately 1,400 words with their English translations, including high-frequency vocabulary and idioms, phonetic pronunciation, example sentences to help understand the use of the word. Illustrations are used where possible to facilitate comprehension. It also contains a reference section with a introduction to regular and irregular Italian verbs.
BA7648 Barron’s Italian-English Dictionary $19.99
ISBN: 9781438007106 ISBN10: 1438007108.
Softcover, 1320 pp.,.
Includes a FREE downloadable bilingual electronic dictionary! 100,000 entries with headwords printed in a second color for easy reference, parts of speech, and pronunciation guide printed in black. There are separate bilingual lists for numerals, phonetics symbols, abbreviations, and geographical names. A free downloadable bilingual electronic dictionary is available for downloading on your PC, the Kindle e-reader, and nearly all PDAs and smartphones. This all-inclusive dictionary features full-color atlas-style maps, a concise grammar guide, a regular verb conjugation list, and many more language learning aids.
HC771 Harper Collins Italian Concise Dictionary $17.99
ISBN: 9780061141850 ISBN10: 0061141852.
Softcover. 195,000 Entries and translations.
This dictionary has a simple primary function: to facilitate easy, rapid and reliable translation between Italian and English. Emphasis is placed on current usage. Full definitions accompany important basic words, and numerous examples are included
HM0547 Larousse Concise Dictionary Italian/English Dictionary $16.95
ISBN: 9782035420541 ISBN10: 2035420547.
It/Eng-Eng/It Softcover, 1230 pp..
An up-to-date vocabulary includes information technology, business, and economics entries, along with numerous idioms and grammatical information, makes this dictionary perfect for students, professionals and travelers. Included are over 90,000 words and phrases with more than 120,000 translations, hundreds of abbreviations, acronyms, and proper nouns, special boxed entries on Italian history and culture, a clear, user-friendly layout, and Italian verb-conjugation tables.
KF7157 Larousse Pocket Dictionary Italian/English English/Italian $6.95
ISBN: 9782035410078 ISBN10: 203541007X.
Softcover, 800 pp.
A new edition of this very popular dictionary has been developed to offer clear and complete coverage of the Italian language, at an affordable price. Containing over 55,000 references and 80,000 translations, this dictionary also includes abbreviations, proper nouns, grammatical construction, idioms and pronunciation
MB8583 Meriam Webster Bilingual Dictionary Ital/Eng, Eng/Ital $6.99
ISBN: 9780877798583 ISBN10: 0877798583.
Ital/Eng, Eng/Ital Dictionary 448 pp, Softcover.
Developed with Harper Collins in 2010, this pocket dictionary with 55,500 translations will prove invaluable for your classes.
MGH8818 Everyday Italian Dictionary $25.00
ISBN: 9780071768818 ISBN10: 0071768815.
Softcover, It/Eng - Eng/It,.
This easy-to-use reference specifically meets the needs of beginning students, with a focus on the most useful Italian terms and phrases. Included in the book are abbreviations, phonetic transcription, Italian pronunciation and verb tables.
MM5405 Cassells Italian Dictionary $24.95
ISBN: 9780025225404 ISBN10: 0025225405.
Hardcover, 1434 pp.
Thumb indexed. Almost any word you need to translate can be found in this comprehensive bidirectional dictionary. A large selection of contemporary words, technical, scientific, political and literary terms comprise this work. To make usage easier, idiomatic phrases and conjugations are included. A great dictionary for all levels
MW2918 Merriam Webser's Compact 5 Language Dictionary $29.95
ISBN: 9780877792918 ISBN10: 0877792917.
Full Color Illustrations.
2,600 detailed pictures illustrate the meaning of 9,500 terms in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Perfect for work, school or college study.
NTC4440 NTC's Beginner's Italian and English Dictionary / while supplies last $11.95
ISBN: 9780844284446 ISBN10: 0844284440.
Softcover 602 pp.
A great reference work for the beginning student. The entries included match the word lists used in first and second year Italian classes
OX3132 Compact Oxford Italian Dictionary $15.95
ISBN: 9780199663132 ISBN10: 0199663130.
Softcover, 976 pp..
With over 90,000 words and phrases, and 120,000 translations, this compact dictionary has all the words you need based on findings in both English and Italian from the Oxford Languages Tracker, part of Oxford's renowned language research program. A grammar supplement provides full information on key points of Italian grammar and information on essential vocabulary of Italian and English. 12 months of access to Oxford Language Dictionaries Online included.
 Dictionaries  | Children

BER3909 Berlitz Kid's Italian Picture Dictionary $12.95
ISBN: 9789812463906 ISBN10: 9812463909.
Softcover, 128 pp..
A children's dictionary that includes 1,000 words important to everyday life such as animals, flowers, people, colors, numbers and activities. Even the youngest readers can learn Italian. Each word is illustrated and accompanied by a phonetic transcription and phrase.
ELI1635 Vocabolario Illustrato Italiano & CD-Rom $43.95
ISBN: 9788853611635 ISBN10: 8853611634.
96 pp & CD-ROM.
This lively dictionary features 43 illustrated theme pages that introduce well known topics such as at home, family, school and work, as well as specific topics such as the environment and astronomy. More than 1000 words are listed alphabetically in the Wordlist, indicating on which theme page you can find them. The CD-ROM contains all of the illustrated words and a recording to allow listening comprehension and pronunciation practice
GUR5085 Dizionario per Immagini $19.95
ISBN: 9788877155085 ISBN10: 8877155086.
Written by: Marco Mezzadri.
Softcover, 144 pp.
The 'Dictionary for pictures' has about 2000 words of the Italian language divided into 72 units. Each unit covers a specific theme, seen in typical Italian life.
MGH8266 Let's Learn Italian Picture Dictionary $10.95
ISBN: 9780071408264 ISBN10: 0071408266.
Bilingual, Hardcover, 80 pp..


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