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EVN1431D Iliad & The Trojan War $129.95
Homer's Iliad and the accompanying epics about Troy are made accessible and interesting to successfully introduce students to the Greek epic tradition, the myths and legends that are the foundation of western culture. 79 min.
EVN1693 Foods of Italy: La Cucina Italiana $59.95
29 Minutes.
Whether it is mouth watering lasagna, or crisp pizza baked in a wood burning over, Italian food tastes wonderful! It's no wonder that Italian cooking, or 'La Cucina Italiana' is one of the most popular culinary styles in the world.
EVN1694 Christmas in Italy $19.95
Distinctive markets, bagpiping shepherds, the legend of Befana, and the presence of the Pope make Christmas in Italy unique.
EVN1696D Gods & Heroes of Greece & Rome $89.95
Set of 2 Videos. 50 min total.
Western literature is based on the pantheon of Greek and Roman gods and the heroes who once consorted with them.
EVN1735D Who's Who in Greek and Roman Mythology $79.95
34 min. Award Winner.
Learn about the gods, heroes, and weird creatures that provided Greek and Roman mythology with a bizarre but interesting cast of characters. Hear about their rather complicated interactions and understand why myths were important to ancient people.
EVN1796 Dante: Divine Poet & Wandering Exile $99.95
Examine the life of the great Italian poet, Dante Alighierei, whose exile was the influence for his epic poem, The Divine Comedy. Students learn about the Italian countryside as they follow Dante's wanderings.
EVN1798 Monuments of Ancient Rome $59.95
51 Minutes.
The legacy of the empire can be explored through many of the ancient monuments that manifest the magnificent history of Rome. This three part video is convenient for class use.
EVN1799 Pompeii $59.95
44 Minutes, Award Winner.
The ruins of Pompeii are an important source of Roman architecture, mosaics, murals and statues. This video is split up into two parts for convenient usage in the classroom.
EVN1982 Discovering Italy $29.95
79 minutes.
Visit many beautiful sites in Italy, including the Isle of Capri, Naples, Siena, Florence, Milan, Venice & Rome.
EVN2015 Florence: Birthplace of the Renaissance $39.95
34 Minutes.
The art and historical treasure of Florence, birthplace of the renaissance, are revealed in this video.
EVN2016 History of Roman Civiization $129.95
38 Minutes, Librarian's Choice.
Learn about the beginning of Rome's history and how it became the empire that ruled over the entire Mediterranean world. This video is split up into three parts for convenient use in the classroom.
EVN2017 The Etruscans $79.95
31 minutes.
Explore the origins of the Etruscan people, and learn how their society flourished, the structure and interaction of the city-states.
EVN2044 Life in an Italian Hill Town $19.95
30 Minutes.
Find out about the people and their life in Gioviano, a medieval town in the hills of Tuscany.
EVN3831 Ancient Greek Art & Architecture $19.95
21 Minutes.
The development of Greek classical art, from local traditions and from outside influences, is examined. The orders of Greek temples are explained. 21 Min
EVN3935D Odyssey $39.95
32 min..
Retrace the steps of Odysseus to the sites of his adventures, and gain insights about Homer's epic.
EVN623V Rome : The Eternal City $29.95
ISBN: 9781589505254 ISBN10: 1589505255.
55 min.
The ruins of ancient Rome are just a starting point for a tour of one of the world's great cities. For centuries, Rome has been a city that inspires awe.
EVN9830D Aeneid $89.95
Virgil's epic of the founding of Rome begins with the fall of Troy and the journeys of the Trojan prince, Aeneas.
 Videos  | Popular Films

AMZ070 Golden Door $34.95
DVD, 2008, 118 min., PG-13.
Salvatore yearns for a better life, one he believes exists only in the fabled land known as America. He sells everything he owns to make the trans-Atlantic passage with his two sons and elderly mother. On the perilous steamship crossing, he meets a mysterious, worldly Englishwoman, Lucy and an unexpected romance unfolds.
AMZ3403 Mid-August Lunch $29.99
DVD, 2010, 75 min., Italian, Not Rated.
Gianni Di Gregorio plays the primary caretaker for an elderly mother. Money is tight and they face eviction from their condo in Rome. To keep the debt collectors away, they agree to take in the condo representative’s senior mother for the holiday weekend.
AMZ5982 Baarìa $27.97
2009, 150 min., Italian, Not Rated.
“Peppino” works as a shepherd to support his family in the Sicilian town of Bagheria, nicknamed 'Baaria' by it's residents. Over the next 50 years he experiences the passionate love of his life, Mannina, joins the Communist Party, undergoes a powerful awakening and discovers a destiny he could have never imagined.
BT4309 Pinocchio DVD $39.95
2002, Color, 100 minutes, Rated G..
Academy-Award winner Roberto Benigni stars as Pinocchio in this live-action adaptation in which a young puppet magically comes to life, and encounters the joys, sorrows, and quirks of living. The two-disk set includes both the Italian version and the English dubbed version.
BTV4499 La Strada $34.95
Fellini, Italy 1954, 107 min. Not Rated.
This masterpiece of director Federico Fellini, is the story of Gelsomina, a young girl sold to play clown in a traveling circus at the side of show man Zampano (Anthony Quinn). A beautiful tale on loneliness.
FA2603 Cinema Paradiso $29.95
ISBN: 9786310537153 ISBN10: 6310537156.
1989, 125 min. Italian with English Subtitles.
A tribute to the magic of movies. Philippe Noiret plays the role of the projectionist for a movie theater in a small Sicilian village where he introduces a young child to the mesmerizing world of film.
FA3185 Life is Beautiful DVD $24.95
ISBN: 9780788816208 ISBN10: 0788816209.
DVD: Italy, 1997, 116 min. Italian with English Subtitles.
Roberto Benigni stars in this film honored as Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. This is the story of an Italian family whose happiness is shattered during the World War II when they are placed in a concentration camp.
FA68826 Bread and Chocolate DVD $35.95
ISBN: 9786306785674 ISBN10: 6306785671.
This comedy with an profound ambiance of pathos is the story of an Italian immigrant battling to make a life in Switzerland. Although he finds himself pressured into ever more degrading situations, he never gives up. A humorous and moving illustration of cultural controversy
FA7378 Il Postino (The Postman) VHS $19.95
ISBN: 9781558904255 ISBN10: 1558904255.
Video: 1995, Color. Italian with English Subtitles.
Directed by Michel Radford. A comedy and love story about a mailman who is furiously in love, but too shy to tell it. But Pablo Neruda, moves into town and befriends him, helps the mailman to find the right terms to conquer the woman of his dreams.
MZ1EAS La Tigre e La Neve DVD $24.95
Written by: R Begnini.
(The Tiger and the Snow) 2007, Color, 110 min, Dir. Begnini Not Rated.
Soon after the start of hostilities in Iraq, Rome-based, poet and lecturer Attilio heads to Baghdad when he learns from his friend, an Iraqi poet, that the woman he loves has been critically injured in a bomb explosion. Attilio does everything in his power to save her, risking his own life amidst the chaos of war. A winning blend of comedy and tragedy.


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