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AI004 Toro II $24.95
75 item cards, 30 large playing cards.
A popular bingo-like vocabulary game designed to help the player learn and review vocabulary. Players listen to statements, in present tense Spanish, which serve as cues for the information found on the playing cards. Your students can practice their listening and reading skills while enjoying themselves.
AI009 ¿Donde Esta? $12.95
108 cards, 2-6 players.
A game of matching cards that reviews 13 different Spanish locations and their related vocabulary. Players practice asking and answering questions. Fun for beginners!
AI011 Where Is It? $10.95
108 cards, 2-6 players.
The perfect card game for students of all languages. The players match drawings on item cards with drawings on location cards while answering two questions: Where is it? or Where are they? in the language of study. An enjoyable way to increase the vocabulary of your Spanish or ESL students
AI013 Me Gustan $13.95
108 Cards, 2-6 players.
Expressing likes and dislikes. The objective of this game is to practice using the necessary form of GUSTAR when indicating likes and dislikes
AI016 One on One Drill Cards for First Year Spanish $16.95
54 color coded, present tense question & answer cards are divided into 5 levels, which range from basic Ar verbs, basic Er/IR verbs, common verbs, irregular verbs, and 2 part verbs. The students are required to ask or answer the questions using proper intonation and verb form. It can be played by 16-24 students.
AI097 ¿Como Se Escribe? $10.95
108 cards, 3 levels of difficulty, 2-12 players.
The main objective of this game is to practice spelling in Spanish to prepare for real life experiences in the language. By learning the names of all the letters and practicing them aloud, one is able to become more proficient in correctly pronouncing the sounds and words of the language. This game offers those studying Spanish the opportunity to practice this much needed skill
AI808 Los Doce Meses 5 Game Variations $15.95
2-6 players, 70 item cards, playing cards.
A wonderful game to help your students remember the months of the year. It also introduces and reinforces related vocabulary. With vocabulary practice sheet and transparencies, it is perfect for your beginning students.
AI909 Es Mi Familia $15.95
2-8 players, beginning students.
Your students will enjoy learning and practicing the Spanish names for family members. A vocabulary transparency and family member cards will also familiarize your students with related vocabulary.
CP0564 Cuéntame: 286 Spanish Conversation Cards $29.95
ISBN: 9781603720564 ISBN10: 1603720561.
Written by: Cathy Díaz.
Enliven any class at any time! Easy conversation practice for all levels. Each playing-card-sized card contains a personal conversation-starting question. Pairs or small groups have cards with the questions for students to ask and answer
EDC7090 Spanish Flashcards $8.95
ISBN: 9780746037096 ISBN10: 0746037090.
This 50-word flashcard set is available for further practice
EDN6388 Juegos de Tablero y Tarjetas OP $84.95
ISBN: 9788495986382 ISBN10: 8495986388.
25 Games.
More than 25 colorful games designed for developing Spanish-speaking skills and to spice up your classes, encompass the contents of this binder. Levels range from beginning to advanced and an instruction manual in Spanish contains directions for each activity. Games focus on a variety of themes which range from parts of speech and conjugation, to the city, zoo and house. Participants will complete crossword puzzles in groups, move cards along a game board after answering questions, or participate in role plays & come up with responses to real life situations.
ELI734 ¿Quien es? $26.95
ISBN: 9788853611734 ISBN10: 8853611731.
Includes 66 people cards (2 of each person) and a teacher’s manual, for 2-4 players.
Two students pick cards and formulate questions about the physical appearance of the other’s mystery person – the first to guess the mystery person wins.
EM0777 El Juego de los Numeros $26.95
ISBN: 9788881480777 ISBN10: 8881480778.
100 Cards and 32 Bingo cards.
Encourage number retention with this classroom numbers game set in Spanish. 100 Cards and 32 Bingo cards enable students to play several numbers games to assists in learning Spanish numbers. A teachers manual is included.
EM0821 El Domino de las Horas $26.95
ISBN: 9788881480821 ISBN10: 8881480824.
48 cards, teachers manual.
Students match pictures of clocks on one end of each card with the time written out in Spanish on the other end to reinforce time-telling using the dominos game. Each game includes 48 cards, teachers manual, and is intended for 4-6 players.
EM0876 El Juego de los Oficios $26.95
ISBN: 9788881480876 ISBN10: 8881480875.
This set of 40 cards with professions vocabulary and expressions comes with a teachers manual that suggests different games, exercises and activities that can be done with the cards. The set is meant for the entire classroom.
EM0982 Super Bis $26.95
ISBN: 9788881480982 ISBN10: 8881480980.
For 2-4 players, with instructions.
In this game, two packs of 60 cards contain questions and answers that students match to build vocabulary and learn basic question structures generally taught in first year Spanish.
EM1680 Preguntas y Respuestas $26.95
ISBN: 9788853611680 ISBN10: 8853611685.
Poster, 66 cards, dice.
Students ask and answer questions about a day at the park based on cards they draw. It includes 1 poster, 1 six-sided dice, and 66 object and people cards. 4-6 players
EM3037 El Domino de Cada Dia $26.95
ISBN: 9788881483037 ISBN10: 8881483033.
4-6 players.
In the classic Dominos style, students match illustrations on one end of the cards with statements on the other end. Students must also conjugate verbs in the past, present and future tenses in order to match the dominos. The game comes with 48 cards and a teachers manual.
EM3082 Bingo Ilustrado $26.95
ISBN: 9788881483082 ISBN10: 8881483084.
For students who need reinforcement in basic vocabulary, Bingo Ilustrado offers 100 flashcards and 32 bingo cards to build assurance. A teachers manual is included, perfect for first year students.
EM3136 El Gran Juego de los Verbos $26.95
ISBN: 9788881483136 ISBN10: 8881483130.
Reinforce and build verb conjugation skills with over 100 infinitives, Students form a sentence after drawing a card with a verb infinitive and trowing the dice to determine the outcome. A teachers manual is included, for 4-6 players.
EM4668 Viaje Por España $26.95
ISBN: 9788853604668 ISBN10: 8853604662.
Includes 1 board, 2 packs of 66 cards, 2 dice, and a teacher’s manual. Perfect for 4-6 players. Students take a linguistic trip where they answer questions on grammar, culture, history, geography, idiomatic expressions, and riddles.
EM4712 Preguntas Encadenadas $26.95
ISBN: 9788853604712 ISBN10: 8853604719.
Includes 2 packs of 66 cards and a teacher’s manual Perfect for 4-6 players. Students build a chain of questions and answers as fast as possible.
EM4751 El Reloj $35.95
ISBN: 9788881484751 ISBN10: 8881484757.
Brightly colored and easy to assemble, this desk clock will help your beginning students learn how to tell time in Spanish. The clock comes with cards which show time, day of the week, dates ans month of the year.
EM4767 ¡Todos de fiesta! $26.95
ISBN: 9788853604767 ISBN10: 885360476X.
Includes 48 dominos and an instruction booklet.
For 2 - 4 players, A game that makes learning, reinforcement and the proper use of verb forms fun with the theme of a garden party. The game contains 48 'domino' cards divided in two and an instruction booklet with rules of the game, a list of the verbs in the game, recipes and some related websites. The instructor can change the game depending on the student's level by conjugating the verbs in different tenses.
EM7493 El Juego del Pozo $37.95
ISBN: 9788881487493 ISBN10: 8881487497.
Students will refine their command of the prepositions a, de en, por and para with this board game. The 100 cards included have sentences too.
EM7547 El Juego del ZigZag $37.95
ISBN: 9788881487547 ISBN10: 8881487543.
Students practice beginning Spanish vocabulary with this board game. 30 cards with eight words per theme provide a wide range of words to learn while enhancing response skills. The game includes the board, cards, timer, counters and a teachers manual for 2-4 players
EM7592 El Juego de ¿Que Es? $35.95
ISBN: 9788881487592 ISBN10: 8881487594.
An illustrated list of items helps students learn how to ask and respond to questions in Spanish. The set of 30 playing cards with counters, dice, and a teachers manual will enable 2-5 players to enhance their question-making skills.
GT1979 GeoPuzzle World in Spanish - Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle $15.99
66 piece World puzzle..
GeoPuzzle World (or El Mundo) is a Spanish language version of the bestselling World GeoPuzzle. All country and other labels on the puzzle are in Spanish, perfect for Spanish speakers or students who want to learn Spanish as well as geography!
KLO103S KLOO's Learn to Speak Spanish Language Card Games Pack 1 (Decks 1 & 2) $28.95
Multi-award winning KLOO has turned learning a language into a game. Players make sentences and learn words in Spanish to score points. The game is appropriate for beginners, within a few games players effortlessly learn hundreds of words and can make tens of thousands of sentences. This pack contains decks 1 & which include useful Spanish words for making sentences about 'People' and 'Eating & Drinking'.
KLO104S KLOO's Learn to Speak Spanish Language Card Games Pack 2 $28.95
(Decks 3 & 4).
Contains useful Spanish words for making sentences about places and everyday objects.
MFP0700 Ser y Estar Super Q-Cards lvls 1&2 $19.95
ISBN: 9780982170700 ISBN10: 098217070X.
Help your students practice the forms and uses of Ser y Estar with this workbook. it includes 320 ilustrated cards and 2,400 questions, which teachers can use for homework assignments all year long. The first half of the workbook promotes the uses of Ser y Estar and in the second half are questions cards with answers and defenitions. Created for paired speaking, your students will fins these tools invaluable in the learning of these difficult verbs.
MONOS Monopoly $29.95
Spanish Edition.
This exciting and long time favorite game is now available in Spanish. Students will practice their reading and vocabulary skills, while becoming rich landlords.
MZ0570 Fluxx en Espanol $10.95
Grades 3 & up, 56 cards, full color illustrations, 2-6 players.
By playing cards, you change numerous aspects of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win. This Spanish version, with new full-color artwork, is perfect for any Spanish class.
MZ07K Manzanas con Manzanas $49.95
840 Cards, Upper-level Spanish.
Fast-moving and refreshing, Manzanas is a perfect class activity that will strengthen and increase your students' Spanish vocabulary! This award-winning card game provides instant fun for up to 10 players! Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events. It's as easy as comparing apples to apples.
MZ5112 Spanish Magnetic Poetry Kids Kit $18.25
200 magnetic word tiles, Ages 5 and up.
Created with the help of native speakers and educators. This is a friendly way to help immerse your students in Spanish. Each tile is printed with a Spanish word on one side and its English translation on the other.
MZA101 Fluxx in Spanish $17.95
ISBN: 9781929780570 ISBN10: 1929780575.
For 2-6 players, ages 8-108.
For 2-6 Players, Ages 8-108, Contains 56 cards plus instructions. It's the card game of ever-changing rules, in Spanish! It has the same crazy rule-changing, goals-shifting game-play that's made Fluxx so popular, All the cards are in Spanish, including La Fiesta, and La Siesta. With full-color artwork, it is a great addition to any Spanish class, making learning Spanish fun!
MZA103 Monopoly Mexico Special Edition $24.95
Monopoly Mexico has a unique style of play where you will have to own the most beautiful and emblematic places in the country, divided into four representative bands: Magic Mexico, Extreme Mexico, Blue Mexico and Legendary Mexico. You can buy, exchange and rent these with the other players. Collect the most property cards and become the winner!
MZA105 Ingenio Spellable Bilingual Spelling Game $18.99
A fun new puzzle game to learn the alphabet and spell 3 letter words! Learn the alphabet and beginning sound words. Color coded letters for learning phonics (Consonants are green and vowels are violet). Play self-checking spelling game and learn to spell 3 letter words in English/Spanish. Includes 22 Spelling cards (English/Spanish) and 68 letters.
MZA106 Everyday Words in Spanish: Photographic Flash Cards: Palabras de todos los días $14.95
ISBN: 9781936022830 ISBN10: 1936022834.
104 set cards (6"x3" each)and 1 resource card..
Flash cards are an excellent way to introduce new skills, reinforce memorization, and support good study habits. This two-sided card set features rounded corners for easy sorting and includes 104 set cards (6' x 3' each) and 1 resource card.
MZB001 Spanish Bananagrams $19.95
1-8 players, all levels..
Banagrams is a great way to develop your students' Spanish vocabulary. This is a fast and fun, award-winning word game that needs no pencil, paper, or board, complete with Spanish alphabet letters. Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles first.
OB102S Spot it! Basic Spanish $21.95
The 55 cards in this game feature universal images and Spanish words. It's perfect for both foreign language learners and Heritage Spanish emergent readers. There is always one matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it to win! The match may be between a word and its corresponding picture, between two pictures, or between two words. While the repetition trains word recognition, the pictures support reading comprehension. In a durable tin, it's an ideal classroom activity.
R2 Who is Oscar Lake? $64.95
CD Rom Windows 95, 98.
A unique way to teach a foreign language. This software program will immerse your students in Spanish and teach them vocabulary, pronunciation and simple grammar, while they solve a mystery using the Spanish language. Instead of repetitive drills, this program plunges the users into Spanish and teaches them to use their eyes, ears and minds to learn and remember the language. The reason? If they do not solve the mystery of the stolen diamond, they will find themselves in Prison and Oscar Lake will be enjoying himself at their expense. Buena Suerte!
SCR72 Scrabble $21.95
Spanish Edition.
Scrabble is one of Americas favorite games. Now, students of foreign languages can have hours of enjoyment while increasing their vocabulary skills, by playing this absorbing game.
SGS0639 Jugamos: Juegos de Siempre para la clase de Español OP $33.50
ISBN: 9788497780636 ISBN10: 8497780639.
Written by: Sanchez.
112 pp.
You will find an excellent compilation of 112 fun games to promote the use of Spanish among students, in this practical book. The activities presented will not only compliment any Spanish course but they will also make the Spanish class fun and entertaining
STK8057 La Hora Tarjetas Ilustradas $11.95
This set contains 104 color flash cards to teach students how to tell time with both words and numbers, perfect for Spanish learners or heritage Spanish speakers. The process will also reinforce math comprehension, while learning to tell time.
TD92S10 Student Clock Dial Set of 10 $14.95
This Set of 10, 4 inch dial clocks have adjustable hands and large numerals; they will help your students illustrate the time you call out. Have them hold the clocks for a quick beat, then you can move on to a different time!
TDB03042 Wicked Cool Game Shows & Board Games Spanish Book $39.95
All levels, Reproducible,8X11 inches. Three-ring binder, 150pp.
Playing board games and watching goofy TV games are now a part of Spanish class! Take a break from the routine and play 20 different games using the formats of popular game shows and board games. Complete instructions show how to prepare. Essentials include question grids, student handouts, visuals, and teacher-tested tips. Included in the games are Concentration, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Password, Battleship, Operation, Connect Four and Outburst.
TDG105 Spanish Estallido Game $25.95
Get ready for an EXPLOSION! This entertaining activity, based on the popular game 'Outburst', was created to be a diversion for your classes. You can feel comfortable in taking the time to 'play' because this activity is built around reviewing basic vocabulary, grammar, and Spanish culture and language. It includes 10 topic cards that list ten common items for each category.
TDG112 Señor Cuerpo Game $29.95
Señor Cuerpo! contains 3 games and 2 activities which will help students in grades K-8 with body parts vocabulary. They can play it as a card Game, as the Name That Body Part!, or as 'Simon Says', 'Simon Dice'. The game inludes: 22 body parts (2 complete Señor Cuerpos), 14 Spanish term cards, 1 teacher's guide, 1 packet of tack tabs, 2 activities, instructions for 3 games.
TDG12 Spanish Cultural Trivia with English Cards & Board $24.95
A Cultural Trivia Game for the whole class. The class is divided into 6 teams who move the runners from country to country by answering trivia questions! The game includes a card set of 600 questions which encompass the topics of Geography, Life, History, Food & Drink, Famous People, Sports & Arts.
TDG22 Spanish Speaking Countries Geo Football Game $29.00
With the questions in English, this game will prove to be very popular with your students. If they answer easy questions they gain yardage, if they answer harder questions they can pass and if they chose the most difficult they can score a field goal. Perfect for substitutes and as a fun activity for your classes.
TDS612 Trivia Sobre Paises de Habla Hispana $49.95
2-6 players, beginning students.
Cards, laminated board, 6 pieces, die, timer. Topics covered include geography, sports and arts, history, food and drinks, famous people, and life. The questions are in English, highlighting vocabulary and phrases in Spanish. Designed for whole class participation! High school level.
THF07 Bilingual Zingo $31.95
8 players, 8 double-sided Zingo! cards and 72 pictures tiles in English and Spanish.
8 players. 2 levels of play. 8 double-sided Zingo! cards and 72 picture tiles in English and Spanish. Students get a kick out of pulling the Zinger forward to reveal two mystery tiles and attempting to be the first to call out the tiles that match the images on their cards. The first player to fill his or her card wins!
  Games & Posters  | Games  | Photo Bingo

Add fun and games to your classroom with these Bingo sets. Each set of 36 game card relates to a different topic to help your students learn vocabulary, and improve their comprehension skills. Call-out cards are in French, German and Spanish
TD183 Professions Bingo $25.95
28 cards.
TD187 Time Photo Bingo (2nd Edition) $25.95
36 Cards.
Add fun and games to your classroom with these Bingo sets. Each set of 36 game card relates to a different topic to help your students learn vocabulary, and improve their comprehension skills. Call-out cards are in French, German and Spanish
TD187B Time Photo Bingo $25.95
28 cards.
TD188 Spanish-Speaking Country Bingo $25.95
36 game cards.
TD199 Mexican Cultural Christmas Bingo $21.95
Vivid, colorful photographs bring to life the rich culture of Mexico and its Christmas traditions. This game includes 28 playing cards, and call-out cards in both Spanish and English. A great game for the holidays!place blurb here
TD869 Reflexive Verbs Bingo $25.95
36 game cards.
Add fun and games to your classroom with these Bingo sets. Each set of 36 game card relates to a different topic to help your students learn vocabulary, and improve their comprehension skills.
  Games & Posters  | Games  | Photo Flash Cards

These large, durable, brightly colored flash cards are perfect for classroom vocabulary drills! Each clear, 7x 7 photograph depicts a precise object or action. On the reverse of each object card, the word appears in German, French, Spanish, and English. Number of flash cards in each set is noted in parenthesis
TD107 Body Parts Flashcards $21.95
28 cards. French, Spanish, German and English.
Body parts vocabulary includes: ankle, arm, back, beard, bottom, cheek, chest, chin, ear, elbow, eye, eyebrow, eyelashes, feet, finger, fingernail, forehead, hair, hand, head, heart, knee, lips, mouth, neck, nose, shoulder, legs, teeth, toe, tongue and wrist.
TD110 Photo Flash Cards Reflexive Verbs $21.95
TD122 Photo Flash Cards - EMOTIONS $21.95
TD866 Photo Flash Cards Emotions $21.95
These large, durable, brightly colored flash cards are perfect for classroom vocabulary drills! Each clear, 7x 7 photograph depicts a precise object or action. 28 cards.
TD870 My City Flashcards $25.95
36 game cards.
 Games & Posters  | Spanish Laminated Posters

Decorate your classrooms or your homes with these enchanting posters with a Spanish flavor. Enjoy the cities, the ruins, the beaches and the sun! Each poster is 20 x 28 and laminated. ¡Bienvenidos al mundo Espanol!
TDP016 El Golfo de Viscaya $10.95
TDP017 Mayans de Guatemala $10.95
TDP13 Guatemala Los Indios $10.95
TDP22 Arte Molas $10.95
Laminated Poster, 20 x 28 inches..
TDP289 Picasso's Don Quijote Laminated Poster $10.95
Decorate your classrooms or your homes with these enchanting posters with a Spanish flavor. Enjoy the cities, the ruins, the beaches and the sun! Each poster is 20? x 28? and laminated.
TDP41 Costa Rica Parrot $10.50
TDP432 Teotihuacan $10.95
Decorate your classrooms or your homes with these enchanting posters with a Spanish flavor. Enjoy the cities, the ruins, the beaches and the sun! Each poster is 20' x 28' and laminated.
TDP45 Molinos de la Mancha Poster $10.95
TDP48 Juramento a la Bandera (Pledge of Allegiance) Poster $10.95
Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish
TDP49 Mexico City $10.95
TDP50 Snapshot of Spain $10.95
TDP51 Vistas de Espana Poster $10.95
Long Poster
TDP52 Senor Cuerpo Poster $10.95
TDP53 Art of Mexico $10.95
Art of Mexico.
TDP59 Mayan Pyramid $10.95
TDP901 Mariachi $10.95
TDP904 Ballet Folklorico $10.95
TDP905 Gaucho $10.95
TDY8 Sights Of Spain $32.95
11 x 16 on cardboard stock. These 9 posters have a picture and a 5 - 6 line explanation of the landmark. Take your class to Pamplona, Sagrada Familia, El Alcazar, Andalucia, Alhambra, Cibeles, Cordoba, La Mancha and Madrid through these color photographs. Buen Viaje!


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