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Each of these videos & DVD's are in color and invaluable in exposing your students to the Spanish language, culture and civilization. Additional instructional materials are available on line.
EDC9533 First Fun with Spanish DVD $12.95
ISBN: 9781580868181 ISBN10: 1580868185.
Color, 40min, Spanish and English.
Made to accompany the book, "First 100 Words in Spanish", this fun, animated video invites you to join Isabel and her family as they go about their day, from having breakfast, visiting their grandparents, trips to the park and stores, and finally, bathtime and off to bed
EVN023 Conocer Mexico $29.95
59 min Librarian's choice.
This Spanish introduction to an ancient land focuses on both the geography & people.
EVN024 Conocer España $69.95
64 min. Teacher's favorite.
The geography of Spain is diverse and wonderful, from mountains to beaches. This informative video is in simple Spanish.
EVN025 Introducing Spain $59.95
50 min..
From the towering Pyrenees to lush Galicia, from bleak highlands to fabulous beaches, the diverse geography of Spain are introduced to you in this video.
EVN027 Introducing Mexico $39.95
49 Min. Super Video!.
This program focuses on both the geography of Mexico and the people who live there
EVN032 Alhambra: Legacy of Moorish Spain $39.95
21 Minutes, Librarian's Choice, In English.
Alhambra was the stronghold of the last Moorish rulers in Spain. Explore the palaces of this sumptuous legacy.
EVN033 La fiesta Quinceañera $69.95
38 min Librarian's Choice.
The quinceñera celebration heralds a girls arrival into womanhood. Follow a young Mexican girl during this important transitional period of her life.
EVN034 Easter in Spain $39.95
22 Min. Librarian's Choice.
Spain's deeply religios people celebrate Easter with much pageantry and spectacle. Reverance and joy infuse this very special time of the year.
EVN035 Argentina $29.95
51 Minutes, Super Video!.
From the wind-swept desert and rocky coasts of Patagonia to tropical rain forests, from the world?s only growing glacier to the land of the gauchos, Argentina features geographical diversity.
EVN040 La Semana Santa en España $39.95
22 min. Super Video.
This simple Spanish video will help students with their language skills while it assists in increasing cultural awareness.
EVN044 Los Aztecas $19.95
This Spanish-language program chronicles the rise and fall of the last great native empire to dominate the central valley of Mexico, that of the Aztecs.
EVN045 Introducing Central America $29.95
14 Min. Teacher's Favorite.
Central American nations are alike in many ways, but they also claim distinct heritages. Experience these culture differences.
EVN046 Conociendo America Central $29.95
15 min. Super Video.
This Spanish-language tour of Central America provides practice in listening comprehension while it dispenses valuable background information.
EVN047 Lands of the Incas $29.95
60 Min. Teacher's Favorite.
The Incas are the most famous residents of the Andean region. Explore their origins and their subsequent rise and fall.
EVN050 Christmas in Spain $39.95
15 Minutes, Librarian's Choice, Bilingual.
Students will learn about Spanish food, art, music, and dance, as they experience holiday traditions.
EVN058 Christmas in Mexico $49.95
20 Minutes, Teacher's Favorite, In English.
Christmas in Mexico is a combination of Spanish and Native American traditions. Posadas, piñatas, and pastorelas are highlights of the season.
EVN059 La Navidad en Mexico $19.95
23 Min. Super Video!.
Presented in simple Spanish, this video reveals the Spanish, Native American, and North American influences that result in a distinctive, delightful celebration.
EVN063 Saber y Conocer $39.95
20 Min. Librarian's Choice.
The two 'to know' verbs are easy to use once you understand the differences between them. Illustrated examples use footage shot in Spain.
EVN074 History of Spanish Literature $49.95
30 min Teacher's Favorite.
Follow the development of Spanish literature from the Golden Age until the acclaimed legacy of the Generation of 98.
EVN075 Celebrating Cinco De Mayo $49.95
22 Minutes, Librarian's Choice, In English.
On May 5, 1862, a Mexican army defeated French invaders, thereby establishing a national holiday.
EVN076 Learning the Spanish Alphabet $49.95
30 Min. Teacher's Favorite.
Learn the letters of the Spanish alphabet, and hear how they sound whrn they're used in words. Footage shot in Spain contributes a wonderful cultural element.
EVN090 Introducing South America $39.95
22 Min. Super Video!.
From the Caribbean to tierra del Fuego and from the Amazon to the Andes, the history, cities, geographical features, and people of south America are investigated.
EVN199 Ser y Estar $49.95
13 Min. Teacher's Favorite.
Which Spanish 'to be' verb is right for the situation? A clever rhyme and amusing drawings will give students the answer
EVN200 El Mercado $19.95
13 min. Librarian's Choice.
Experience the local flavor of the market and its role as the hub of life in Latin American villages.
EVN205 Cantemos En Español $69.95
50 min super video.
This enjoyable learning experience for all presents favorite Latin American songs in a sing-along format.
EVN226 Teotihuacan: City of the Gods $19.95
18 Min. Super Video!.
When the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico 600 years ago, they found a mysterious city of great pyramids.
EVN241 Christmas Customs in Latin America $29.95
11 Minutes, Super video!.
Watch the people of Latin America celebrate christmas, where Christian and native American customs exist harmoniously.
EVN274 Comerciales De España $29.95
29 min. Teacher's Favorite.
See what products are sold and learn how they are advertised in Spain. Listen closely for words that you can recognize.
EVN279 Numeros y Colores en Español $49.95
41 Min. Teacher's Favorite.
This great introduction to essential Spanish words lets students increase their vocabulary in an easy, systematic fashion.
EVN375 Goya $29.95
ISBN: 9781589506374 ISBN10: 1589506375.
54 Min. Teacher's Favorite DVD.
The brilliant Spanish master's most prominent works are featured,including etchings, tapestries, portraits, frescoes, and the'blackpaintings' from his own home.
EVN439 Foods of Latin America $39.95
23 min Teacher's Favorite.
Students will learn about the delicious ingredients that are used to obtain that unique 'Latin' fl avor.
EVN441 Comidas Latinoamericanas $39.95
31 min. Librarian's Choice.
This look at Latin American cooking is presented in simple Spanish. What a delicious assignment!
EVN701 Anuncios Comerciales $19.95
45 Minutes, Super video, Teacher's Favorite.
Look at some television ads from the spanish-speaking world and learn new vocabulary and understand the culture.
EVN703 Understanding Don Quixote $49.95
21 min. Librarian's Choice.
Learn about the beautiful life of Miguel de Cervantes in this video, which also examines the major themes of this masterpiece, Don Quixote.
EVN709 Bullfight: La Fiesta Brava $89.95
51 Minutes, Librarian's choice, In English.
Explore the history of bullfighting as footage is used to illustrate each step of the fiesta brava!
EVN755 Xochimilco $19.95
17 min..
The people of the Valley of Mexico have long used artificial islands in their lake to meet agricultural needs and to escape urban congestion.
EVN758 Colombia de Hoy $19.95
25 min. Great value!.
Here is a solid information about the geography and culture of Colombia. the narration is in spanish.
EVN763 Cuentos Populares Latinoamericanos $79.95
43 min Super Video.
Latinoamericanos Super Video! 43 Min.Full of good-natured humor and illustrating moral lessons, these six charming fables, told in simple Spanish, will delight and educate.
EVN767 Comerciales Mexicanos $19.95
25 min. Great Value.
Spanish-language commercials as they appear on Mexican television will give students a head start toward understanding the messages being presented.
EVN797 Arts and Crafts of Mexico $29.95
28 Min Techers favorite.
The indigenous native artistic traditions have been merging with Spanish traditions for nearly 500 years. The results are stunning!
EVN811 Brazil: Heart of South America $29.95
55 Min. Super Video! VHS.
Visit resource-rich, Portuguese-speaking Brazil. Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Manaus offer excitement, and the Amazon is incomparable.
EVN830 Spanish Speaking World $39.95
17 Min. Award Winner.
Discover the lands and people of widely diverse cultures, and witness the sights and sounds of some fascinating places.
EVN853 Spanish Regular AR Verbs $39.95
17 Min. Librarian's Choice.
Enjoy glimpses of Spanish life while learning more than 70 regular AR verbs. Practical sentences will show you how these verbs are conjugated.
EVN854 Spanish Regular ER Verbs $39.95
15 Min. Teacher's Favorite.
Familiarize your students to Spanish life while they learn more than 30 regular ER verbs. Practical sentences demonstrate them how these verbs are conjugated.
EVN855 Spanish Regular IR Verbs $39.95
15 Min. Librarian's choice.
Practical sentences will show you how more than 40 regular IR verbs are conjugated
EVN908 El Mundo Hispanohablante $29.95
17 min. Teacher's Favorite.
Spanish is spoken by many people who live in countries other than Spain. We'll visit some of these places where spanish is spoken and witness what life is like in the Hispanic world.
EVN914 Spanish Adjectives and Adverbs $59.95
20 Min. New Release!.
Become familiar with the rules that govern the usage of Spanish adjectives, and learn how to form adverbs from adjectives.
EVN928 Gaudi's La Familia Sagrada $19.95
29 Min. Great Value!.
Catalán architect, Antonio Gaudi, created controversy as easily as he created strange master works for Barcelona. His most famous work, the great cathedral, still dazzles the world.
EVN938 Monuments of Spain $39.95
52 min. Librarian's Choice.
Spain's many monuments tell the story of a land that has experienced moments of glory tempered by periods of painful subjugation from the prehistoric age to the present.
EVN9533 Anuncios, Señales y Carteles $19.95
17 Minutes, Librarian's Choice.
Test your reading comprehension skills and have fun looking at a wide variety if signs found in the Spanish speaking world.
TDV1383 El Dia de los Muertos DVD $39.95
Eng/Sp, Middle-HS level.
Filmed entirely in Oaxaca, Mexico, this great video explains the preparations, celebrations, and meaning of the holiday to the people of Mexico. 2006 Emmy Award Winner
 Videos  | Popular

CLX1582 The Sea Inside- Activity book $16.95
 Videos  | Popular Films

AMF53A Flamenco, Flamenco $24.95
2015, 97 min, NR Directed by legendary Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura, Flamenco, Flamenco is an evolutionary musical journey through the light, song and dance of a dynamic and alive art form. Beautifully photographed by famed Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now), and showcasing a powerful new Flamenco through dazzling musical and dance performances by emerging talents, and the greatest living Flamenco masters, this unique musical odyssey reaches beyond the borders of Flamenco and Spanish culture toward a universal artistic expression.
AMX0202 La Bamba $14.95
1987, English/Spanish, 109 Min., PG 13.
The life of rock and roll legend Richie Valens bursts across the screen as La Bamba . It depicts the 17 year old Mexican - Americans rise to fame. From field laborer to rock star with a string of hit singles and a date with destiny.
AMZ0006 Real Women Have Curves $9.95
2002, English & Spanish , PG 13.
Should Ana leave home, go to college and experience life? Or stay home, get married, and keep working in her sister's dress shop? For 18 year old Ana, every choice she makes this summer will change her life. Ana is about to discover that real women take chances, have flaws, embrace life and above all have curves.
AMZ003 Las Travesuras Navidenas de Manolito Gafotas $19.95
ISBN: 9786309673190 ISBN10: 630967319X.
2005, Color, 92 Minutes, NR.
A hilarious Christmas tale about one wacky family through the eyes of a mischievous boy. When Uncle Nico and his quirky fiancee come to visit, the household is thrown into chaos, leading to outrageous adventures and disastrous situations. Somehow Manolito will maneuver his way through the madness to make sure he comes out on top!
AMZ0036 Bella $14.95
2006 English w/Spanish Subtitles, 91 Min., Rated PG13.
An international soccer star is on his way to sign a multimillion dollar contract when something happens that brings his career to an abrupt end. A beautiful waitress, struggling to make it in New York City, discovers something about herself that she's unprepared for. In one irreversible moment, their lives are turned upside down...until a simple gesture of kindness brings them both together, turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable experience.
AMZ004 Angelito Mio $14.95
ISBN: 9786308764653 ISBN10: 6308764655.
2006, Color, 93 Minutes, NR.
When God decides to visit Earth for renewed faith in humanity, San Wichon is left in control of the Celestial Senate and sends the powers that be into disarray. A disillusioned angel, Mary of the Stars, goes in search of her boss and, in the process, uncovers a world of mystery, joy, and wonder she could never have imagined. It's a musical, dancing, emotional treat for the whole family!
AMZ090 The Class - Entre Les Murs $14.95
DVD, 128 Minutes, Rated PG13, François Bégaudeau, Agame Malembo-Emene.
The film centers on a single school year, where teacher, Mr. Marin, attempts to reach some of his students the best way he knows how. He is sincere and earnest and yet the apathy around him has certainly tainted his actions. This is a film strictly about the public school system and the film brilliantly layers itself with questions that present a great debate for the audience. A very powerful movie .
AMZ0993 Maria Full of Grace $11.95
2004, Spanish with English/Spanish/French subtitles, R.
Maria accepts a lucrative offer to transport packets of heroin-which she must swallow-to the United States. The ruthless world of international drug trafficking proves to be more than Maria bargained for as she becomes ultimately entangled with both drug cartels and immigration officials.
AMZ0996 Machuca $29.95
Spanish with English Subtitles, 2004, 115 Min., Unrated.
Set in 1973 Santiago, during Salvador Allende's socialist government and shortly before General Augusto Pinochet's military coup The film tells the story of two friends, one of them the poor Pedro Machuca who is integrated into the elite school of his friend Gonzalo Infante. The social integration project is headed by the director of the school, Father McEnroe.
BT0545 I, The Worst of All $34.95
ISBN: 9786307495084 ISBN10: 6307495081.
1995, Color, 107 Minutes, R.
Based on Octavio Paz's true story, Sor Juana, this film tells the story of Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz in 17th century Mexico who enters the convent to pursue her love of writing. However, the clashes with the Archbishop of Mexico not only threaten her writing, but her life.
BT4260 La Casa de Bernarda Alba $29.95
ISBN: 9781565804265 ISBN10: 1565804260.
Color, 1987, 103 min., NR.
Based on the renowned play by Garia Lorca, this movie will allow your students to finally view this tragic story. Since the film is shot in Spain, the audience will be exposed to the country, the culture and the language.
BT8479 Calle 54 $34.95
ISBN: 9780788828478 ISBN10: 0788828479.
Written by: F Trueba.
Color, closed-captioned, widescreen, G.
The vibrant ?Calle 54? offers an incredible glimpse into the lives of Tito Puente and some of the greatest Latin Jazz artists of our time! Whether it?s created in clubs or recording studios, the pulsating sounds of Latin Jazz capture the heart and soul of an entire culture!
BT8779 The Motorcycle Diaries $14.95
Written by: G Garcia Berna.
2005, Color, 127 Minutes, R.
lBased on the journals of Che Guevara, leader of the Cuban Revolution, these memoirs recounts the adventures he, and best friend Alberto Granado, had while crossing South America by motorcycle in the early 1950s.
CLX0241 Entre Nos DVD $31.95
81 Min., Color, Inspired by true events, Not Rated.
Follow one devoted mothers quest to provide for her two children after being abandoned in a strange new land. Mariana and her young children learn to make it on their own in New York City.
CLX0992 Walk Out $19.95
2007, Color, 110 Minutes, A. Vega, NR.
Paula Crisostomo coordinates a multi-school walkout of students to protest academic prejudices. Students will learn about famous Hispanics serving in the Armed Forces, and cultural impact of Hispanics in the U.S.
CLX1242 Cesar Chavez Activity Guide $14.95
CLX1531 Gringuito Activity Guide $14.95
CLX1537 Viva Cuba Activity Book $16.95
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1538 El Viaje de Carol Activity Book $16.95
67 pp.
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1545 Selena Activity Book $15.95
64 pp.
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1547 La Bamba Activity Book $15.95
49 pp..
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1550 Casi Casi Activity Book $15.95
42 pp.
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1553 Goal! The Dream Begins Activity Book $17.95
69 pp..
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1554 Princess & the Barrio Boy Activity Book $17.95
72 pp.
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1558 La Misma Luna Activity Book $17.95
80 pp.
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX1574 Which Way Home Activity Book $18.95
Activities include mapping, thoughtful and provocative questions, news reports and many other wonderful ideas to help you teach, Which Way Home to your High School Spanish Class.
CLX1743 Bella Activity Guide & Hispanic Culture Unit $17.95
63 pp..
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX3003 Goal! The Dream Begins DVD $12.95
2006, Color, 118 Min., PG.
Filled with memorable characters, great heart and real-life soccer legends, this movie tells a triumphant story about believing in your dreams.
CLX5042 Cautiva Activity Book $17.95
CLX5400 Entre Nos Activity Book $17.95
72 pp..
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX5998 Walk Out Activity Guide $19.95
85 pp.
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
CLX7728 Maria Full of Grace Activity Guide & Colombia Unit $17.95
68 pp.
Includes vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, writing, speaking, listening and additional activities and cultural information to assist your students in understanding the language.
ETD4230 Selena $14.95
ISBN: 9780790732763 ISBN10: 0790732769.
Color, 1996, 128 Minutes, In Spanish with English subtitles, PG.
Tejano has developed in the Latino community from a base of pop, rock, polka, R&B, and Latin influences. Selena was its leader and took it into mainstream America. This is her musical biography
FA0880 Great Day in Havana $29.95
ISBN: 9781565803756 ISBN10: 1565803752.
Director: Laurie Ann Schag, & Casey Stoll, Color, 73 min., Full-screen Documentary (NR).
Documentary in which musicians, painters, sculptors, writers and film makers discuss their works and reflect on Cuba's political climate. In this documentary they impart their personal feelings toward Fidel Castro and the U.S. embargo against Cuba.
FA7562 Felicidades $21.95
ISBN: 9781565804852 ISBN10: 1565804856.
Written by: Lucho Bender.
Color, 100 min., PG 13.
In this comedy-drama, four characters, a comedian an important writer a father and a doctor will accidentally come together and spend Christmas eve in some very peculiar circumstances. Lucho Bender reveals a style and sensibility that evokes Robert Altman's genius for interweaving plot lines and Jim Jarmush's depictions of surviving alienation.
FA955 Marcelino Pan Y Vino $16.95
Black and white, 1955, 98 Minutes, NR.
This great classic of Spanish literature is now available in video. It is the story of an orphan raised in a monastery by 12 Franciscan friars
FA9621 The Mystery of Eva Peron $29.95
Written by: J Carlos Descanzo.
1996, Color, 114 Minutes, full screen, PG.
View the biography of Evita Peron and her rapid ascension to power, where a poor girl from the streets becomes the wife of the famous dictator Juan Peron. The movie depicts her more gentle side showing how she brought hope to the people during a historical and political period of struggles, bloody coups, military oppression, and economic depression.
MOM002 El Viaje de Carol DVD $24.95
Color, 2002, 100 Minutes, PG13.
Set in 1938, the film explores what happens when a young girl born and raised in NYC must leave the comforts of home for the tradition of Spain. Dropped into the middle of a politically divided family, and a civil war, through her friendship with a local teacher and boy, Tomiche, Carol settles into village a life and inspires change in the community around her.
MX132 Gringuito $27.95
2006, 97 mins, Unrated Gringuito is the story of a young child that is uprooted from his New York home and forced to move back to Chile with his parents. He has always lived in New York and feels totally out of place the day his parents settle in to their new apartment in Santiago, Chile. Ivan, the Gringuito, considers his parents return very disappointing and feels that his mother's pregnancy will also take attention away from him and cause him to lose his 'exclusivity'. Shortly after moving in, he decides to runaway and gets involved with 'El Flaco', who looks after Ivan and for whom he develops a true friendship. Ivan’s experiences develop into a young boy’s rite of passage and lead him to a poignant encounter with Chile.
MX1V2 Gringuito $32.95
Color, 97 Minutes, 1998, Unrated.
Gringuito is the story of a young child, Ivan, who is uprooted from his NY home and forced to move back to Chile with his parents. He feels totally out of place and the day his parents settle in to their new apartment in Santiago, Ivan, the Gringuito, he decides to runaway and gets involved with 'El Flaco.' He looks after Ivan and they develop a true friendship. A good movie for 3rd and 4th year Spanish students.
MZ000R Viva Cuba DVD $24.95
Color, 2005, PG 13.
Enjoy this story of two friends from different social and political backgrounds. When Malu learns that her mother wants leave Cuba, she runs away with her friend Jorgito to try and prevent her father from signing the documents permitting her mother to take her out of Cuba.
MZ002F Sin Nombre $19.95
Paulina Gaitan, Marco Antonio Aguirre, 2009, Rated R, 60 min..
Seeking a new life in America, a young woman, Sayra, joins her father on a journey across Latin America. Along the way, she crosses paths with a teenage Mexican gang member, El Casper, who is attempting to outrun his violent past. They must rely on each other to survive their perilous journey towards the hope of new lives.
MZ0042 Which Way Home $29.95
2011, 90 Minutes, NR.
Chronicling the harrowing journey of thousands of migrant children, which illuminate a powerfully human side of immigration. Often traveling for months or even years at a time, these courageous and determined children each have stories of hope, resilience, disappointment, and sorrow.
MZ0712 Neruda $19.95
Color, 103 minutes, 2006 R.
Neruda is an engaging film about a poet and the creation of his poetry. Neruda who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971, led an extraordinarily full and passionate life. The links between his political engagement and his writing are very visible. An enjoyable film about a great poet.
MZ0JPF Cesar Chavez $24.95
2014, Color, 102 Min., English/Spanish, PG13.
After years of watching the abuse suffered by Mexican farm workers at the hands of their California employers, Cesar Chavez begins his crusade to secure a living wage and better working conditions for the itinerant farmhands. Along the way to forming the United Farm Workers of America, he becomes a hero of the laborers and a beacon of hope for the oppressed.
MZ131 The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo DVD $29.95
Color, 62 minutes, In English.
This is an exciting video which offers a unique look at Frida Kahlo's story and her art. Her paintings well photographed in this video reflect her constant struggle with her ravaged body. She was hailed as a surrealist by the artist Andre Breton and for her husband, the cubist and muralist Diego Rivera, her painting 'was the greatest proof of the renaissance of the art of Mexico'. A mesmerizing assortment of this artist's best works.
MZ170 Coco $29.95
Color, 2018,120 min., PG.
An aspiring young musician named Miguel embarks on an extrodinary journey to the magical land of his ancestors. There, Miguel uncovers the mysteries behind his family's stories and traditions.
MZ4CL Even the Rain $14.95
103 min., E Bollain, Color, 2012, NR.
Inspired by the real-life Water Wars in Bolivia this movie explores the lasting effects of Spanish imperialism, still resonating some 500 years later in the continued struggle of indigenous people against oppression and exploitation.
MZ4XV Butterfly $12.95
2011, 96 Min, NR.
Acclaimed by critics and featuring legendary star Fernando Fernan Gomez (All About My Mother), Butterfly is a heartwarming tale about a young boy growing up in a small Spanish town in 1936. The focus of the film is set on the relationship between the younger brother Moncho and his retiring old teacher, and the people of his village during the Spanish civil war.
MZ530 The Sea Inside $15.95
2015, Color, 125 min., PG-13.
Spaniard Ramón Sampedro who fought a 30-year campaign to win the right to end his life with dignity. The story also explores Ramón’s relationships with two women and his ability to inspire them through his gift of love. A truly joyous experience. The Sea Inside celebrates the nature of freedom and love, and the mystery and beauty of life.
MZ6Y McFarland, USA $17.95
2015, 129 min rated PG. This heartwarming drama follows novice runners who strive to build a cross-country team under Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) in their predominantly Latino high school. Everyone has a lot to learn about each other, but when Coach realizes the boys' exceptional running ability, things change. Beyond their talent, it's the power of family, commitment to each other and work ethic that transform them into champions -- helping them achieve their own American dream.
MZ8ZW Alamar $24.95
79 min, NR Jorge has only a few weeks with his five-year-old son Natan before he leaves to live with his mother in Rome. Intent on teaching Natan about their Mayan heritage, Jorge takes him to the pristine Chinchorro reef, and eases him into the rhythms of a fisherman's life. As the bond between father and son grows stronger, Natan learns to live in harmony with life above and below the surface of the sea.
MZ952 Book of Life $16.95
2015, Color, 96 min., PG.
Book of Life encourages us to celebrate the past while looking forward to the future. It is the animated , journey of Manolo, a young man who is torn about which path to follow. Great visuals and music.
MZIBY El Estudiante $19.95
2010, 95 Min, NR.
A 70 year old man Chano decides to enroll in a university literature course. Chano tries to break the gerneration gap using his passion for El Quijote. Great acting, beautiful scenery, an inspiring story. Perfect for your Spanish classes.
MZIPM6 La Misma Luna $15.95
106 Minutes, P. Riggen, Color, 2007, PG-13.
Under the Same Moon puts a human face on the dilemma of Mexican 'illegals' living and working clandestinely in the United States and the loved ones back home they're supporting.
MZIW4 Latino Americans $34.95
2013, 330 mins, PG Latino Americans chronicles the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos, who have for the past 500-plus years helped shape what is today the United States. It is a story of people, politics, and culture, intersecting with much that is central to the history of the United States while also going to places where standard U.S. histories do not tend to tread.
MZQZN2 Ballplayer: Pelotero $29.95
English/Spanish, Subtitles in English, 2012, NR.
Miguel Angel Sano and Jean Carlos Batista are among 100,000 teenagers vying for a handful of coveted contracts with MLB teams. As they turn 16 years old and become eligible to sign, each must navigate the fiercely competitive and frequently corrupt system if they are to lift their families out of poverty and achieve their dream: to one day play in the Major Leagues.
MZSU6K Casi Casi $29.95
93 Minutes, T. Valles, Color, PG-13.
This teen comedy from Puerto Rico makes you laugh from beginning to end, with the stereotypical, mean high school principal, unsuspecting teachers, and of course, your “group” of unforgettable friends. The added bonus is great footage of the Island and a catchy musical score
MZYG2 The Perfect Game $15.95
2011, 118 min, PG Cesar returns to his native Mexico after his major league career is cut short. Impoverished baseball-loving kids recruit him to coach their team. Together, they beat the odds and overcome hardships and bigotry to compete in the 1957 Little League World Series.


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